Check, Mate.

WARNING: “Conspiracy Theories” Abound, Ahead!

“Things are gonna slide, slide in all directions…”


Global pandemic, huh..?  Total planetary lockdown?  With second and third waves?  Maybe even a fourth? And fifth?  And now we’re talking long-dreaded mandatory vaccines

Well, golly-gosh darnit! I never saw that coming.  Did you..?  

Actually, to be totally honest…I really did not see that coming.  A virus, that is. I was expecting something else.  I mean, I was certainly pondering, wondering and worrying…what it was going to be.  What will they come up with next?  I asked myself.  What will be the next (global) 9/11 calamity to come along…and take alll our attention away from the numerous, salient, pressing, critical issues of the day…and place it elsewhere.

Critical issues like…the numerous corporate and government scandals ballooning out there.  Or the trial of the century criminalizing journalism.  Or the endless illegal wars in the Middle-East, and imminent new wars.  Or the endless demonizing and provocation of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Or the Pentagon’s missing trillions – again.  Or Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book and “suicide“.  Or Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview.  What would they conjure, I wondered, to distract us from scandalous shit like that…and put the whole world’s focus on ONE common threat?  And boom, here we are.  Global pandemic and lock-down – and all that comes with it.  As Green Day put it, “Welcome to a new kind of tension…”

Because, let’s face it, nothing else was doing the trick.  None of the other “existential threats” were working anymore.  WMD and chemical weapons are passé.  Head-chopping terrorists don’t cut it these days.  Russiagate is a dog that don’t hunt no more.  Nothing else was working.  The world was starting to wake up.  More and more people were starting to question, refute and outright reject the endless lies and propaganda we’re constantly being force-fed by the establishment – through their corporate-owned, government-controlled, mainstream media weapons of mass distraction and disinformation.  So they, the Puppet/Chess Masters, needed something new.  Something BIG.  Something that would make 9/11 look like Sandy Hook.  Something we didn’t see coming.  But, then again, we did.


You know…I’m starting to believe I’m becoming psychic.  Either that, or an expert at extrapolation.  When they first announced a 21-day lockdown, back in early 2020, my immediate, instinctive, reflexive thought – which I blurted out to the room, was; “It’s not going to last 21 days.  Just watch.  They’re going to extend it, indefinitely.”  And they did.  When they first announced this pandemic (maybe it’s because I had just watched Outbreak), I said; “This is Act 1. In Act 2 they will say the virus is now “airborne” or “mutated” into a new, deadlier SUPER strain.”  And, they did.  When they first announced the curfews, I said, “I bet they’re going to use this opportunity to clampdown on dissent, free speech and freedom of info and movement.”  And they did (all rolling out big time).  In fact, ICYMI, Australia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic are all locking down the unvaxxed, as we speak. (Fascism comes full circle.  Looks like some Nazi habits die hard, huh? Just ask Arnie Schwarzenegger.)  With more countries set to follow.  And back then, I said; “They’re eventually going to use this pandemic as an excuse to mandate vaccines.”  And they are.  (Despite world leaders assuring us that vaccines would not become compulsory.)  You know…I believe it was Churchill who once said; “The government never lets a good crisis go to waste.”

Are we learning yet..?

But, seriously…I really did not see a virus coming.  Despite all the “warnings“.  And all those foreshadowing pandemic movies. And all the trial runs – from HIV to Ebola, SARS to Swine Flu.  I mean, I was certain some kind of global, state-of-emergency, martial law clampdown was in the works.  We all felt it, it was in the air.  But, somehow I still didn’t see it coming through a pandemic.  Did you?  No, I was expecting another war.  You see, they had me, us, looking the other way.  They had us watching all those wars and rumours of wars.  So, I was expecting another BIG war. The big war. WW3. With Russia, or China, or Iran, or North Korea.  Or all of the above.  (And the jury’s still out on that one.)  Instead…this virus pops up.  Instant global pandemic and panic.


In his excellent essay, The Coronation, Charles Eisenstein wrote; “For most of my life, I have had the feeling that humanity was nearing a crossroads. Always, the crisis, the collapse, the break was imminent, just around the bend, but it didn’t come and it didn’t come. You keep walking. Sometimes it comes into view, sometimes it disappears from sight and it seems like this road goes on forever. Never is it here. Now, all of a sudden, we go around a bend and here it is.”

Yeah, we know the feeling, Charles. You weren’t the only one. For at least the past two decades I’ve been watching this coming on…and trying to warn people about it. And now my reputation of playing Chicken Little, Crying Wolf, and spewing “Conspiracy Theories” has just been vindicated.  (I can only imagine how David Icke must feel…the guy must be laughing his Anglo ass off…at us.  The totalitarian clampdown he’s been warning us about…for thirty years…is finally here.)

I knew, the moment they announced the pandemic and lockdowns that this was just the beginning. A first step towards a brave new dystopia. I knew it for sure, because…I was getting that feeling again.  Like that 9/11 feeling…when I watched those towers collapse globally, symmetrically, at free-fall speed…and instantly, instinctively knew…that cannot happen – not without explosives.  Or, that WMD in Iraq’ feeling.   That ‘Gaddafi is a tyrant feeling.  That ‘White Helmets are heroes’ and ‘Assad is a brutal dictator feeling.  That ‘Iran has a nuke feeling.  That ‘Assange is a rapist and hi-tech terrorist feeling.  That ‘Russians are coming feeling.   That ‘China is a global threat feeling.  That…more propaganda bullshit feeling.  Yes, I was getting that old familiar feeling that they, the corrupt, imperial, warmongering, mass-murdering, ruling “elite“…through their puppet politicians and stenographer media…were lying to us.  Again.

That’s right.  I smelled a rat.  A predatory-capitalist, military-industrial, conspiratorial rat.

In late March, on an episode of Crosstalk, two guest speakers pointed out the extent of the power grab and the rights people have given up under forced lockdown – particularly in the US; Land of the Free.

First, US Constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, said; “The number one thing that’s been quarantined in the US is the constitution itself. Right now about 200 million Americans are under house-detention and house arrest. They do not have a 1st Amendment right to public protest any more. They do not have a right of public association.  They don’t even have a right to go to church.  If they do, they could be arrested.  The 2nd Amendment has been suspended effectively by gun shops being closed down. The 4th Amendment has effectively been suspended as both medical privacy and privacy rights are being invaded routinely and regularly. The 5th Amendment is completely gone, as people’s property is being taken away without any form of meaningful compensation, and any due process of law.  This is a power grab. Totally unprecedented, totally unparalleled, like something out of a conspiracy theory film.”  

Later, Barnes pointed out, “Now we’re escalating it.  The DOJ has asked permission to detain people without probable cause of a crime or whether they’re a clear danger to any person.  And then they escalated it again saying they’re going to prosecute anyone making “terroristic threats” about the virus.  They could include, in that, people spreading information that they consider “misinformation” and thus a “terroristic threat.”, and thus outside First Amendment protections.”   

Get it..? 

The second guest, Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute (recently suspended from  Twitter) said; “When there’s a crisis, the government grabs power, ratchets more power, and it never ratchets back when the crisis is done While everyone is terrified of a flu virus, we renewed the Patriot Act for the umpteenth time, we let the government spy on us for the umpteenth time.  Remember back, after 911? They said, “Oh, this is a temporary measure. Don’t worry, as soon as we deal with this immediate crisis, you’ll get all your rights back, your freedoms back.” It didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen this time.  And what’s utterly devastating is how willingly Americans have walked, with their heads down, to the slaughter of the constitution and their civil liberties.”

McAdams also said, “It’s actually post-911 on steroids now. This is a brilliant psyop, in a way.  It induces panic.  And there are goodies in this for everyone; the MIC, the corporate thieves, the government power-grabbers, the justice department, the snoops. This is Christmas in March for all of these people. It’s frightening.”

And that was back then in 2020.  Note how far we’ve fallen since, and how quickly.  While we frogs lounge in bubbling water, sipping martinis, thinking we’re in a fkn Jacuzzi.

Frogs Kermit


And, what do you know…the 21 days of lockdown has just become 21 months…and counting.  Who woulda thunk it!  So, how much longer do we tolerate the restriction of breathing, speech, information and movement?  And don’t be fooled by those “easing of restrictions”.  That was just them, our handlers, releasing steam…like the valve on a pressure cooker…for a while.  Predictably, easing restrictions was soon followed by a “second wave”, then a “third wave”, until we got what happened in India.  And, of course, western MSM used India’s covid crisis to scare the shit out of world governments…against further easing of restrictions. And, gullible, malleable, lackey leaders…like SA’s Ramaphosa, fell for it.

Now, anyone questioning the official narrative about this pandemic are the new terroristsSound familiar?  Yes, and anti-vaxxers are the new holocaust deniers. Except, this new, fascist, divisive discourse didn’t take decades to cement, it only took a few months.  See how quickly things are moving? And they’re using Big Tech and MSM to shut down dissent and demonize anti-vaxxers.  Remember that “fake news” purge a while back? That was the exercise. This is the operation. First they came for Snowden, Manning, Assange, Jones, Icke…to name a few.  Now they’re coming for the rest of us.  

As I write this, Dr. Robert Malone, the virologist who helped invent mRNA vaccines, has just been banned by Twitter – for his professional opinion . A day later he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, and that interview, posted on New Year’s eve, has been removed by Youtube. Why? Partially because of comments Malone made comparing modern day America – under this pandemic state of emergency – to Nazi Germany. He described the condition as “mass formation psychosis.” And the comparisons he drew are pretty fkn frightening. YouTube also removed Rogan’s interview with cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough. That’s two of the world’s top authorities on vaccines, banned by Big Tech – and smeared by MSM. On the 2nd of Jan, Twitter also suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for allegedly spreading Covid “misinformation.”

Are we learning yet…?

However, these latest bans by the Big Tech bullies could come back to bite them in the ass. In response to the bans, Rogan has moved to GETTR – and called on his 7.8 million Twitter followers to join him on the alt soc-med app. And they’re following him in droves. I, for one, will be right behind them. Hopefully, this could be the beginnings of a mass online migration that will spell the end of Big Tech’s monopoly over social media. (Hope, hope, fingers crossed...)

Yes, dissenters who contradict the “official” narrative about this pandemic are the new pariahs, comparable to terrorists. Which means I might be branded a terrorist just for writing this.  (So, my cock’s on the chopping block…who’s with me?)

That’s right. The party…is…over.  Say goodbye to what’s left of your freedoms and rights; movement, speech, information, peaceful protest, self-defense and bodily integrity.  All of it.  Say goodbye to it all.  The global village…just became a global gulag.

You doubt that?  Ask Austria and Germany…and Australia.

Yip, they’ve  got you…under their control.  (“You are free, to do what we tell you.”)  And that iron grip has just tightened.   Guess who’s next…?  This new forced lockdown will give them, the Grand Puppet/Chess Masters, the time and opportunity to roll out their next, big, cataclysmic, geopolitical, chess move.  In other words, take comfort in the likelihood there’s something bigger down the road that will upstage this virus.  But…how do you top 9/11, ISIS and a global pandemic, I wonder?  Killer robots on the streets?  False flag alien invasion?  We can only imagine.  Like the Satanist, Roman Castavet said to Rosemary, “We shall see, we shall see.”


Like I said before…the likes of Orwell and Huxley must be chuckling at us from their cold dark graves. They must be laughing their skeletal asses off.

Let’s just cut the crap…

We are at war.  And this is just the prologue.  No, I’m not talking about our “war” with the virus.  I’m talking about the real war…that’s coming. Or possibly already under way.  Even before this pandemic popped up, we were already, ostensibly at the beginning of WW3 – at least in the Middle-East and North Africa.  And now that war is expanding…and coming to a town and country near you, right soon.  And who is the enemy this time?  Well, unlike the Nazis or Isis who were somewhere over therrre on the other side of the world, the new enemy is now…us.  Not us versus the virus,  Not us vs each other…(which is exactly what they want).  I mean Us vs Them: they who would destroy and enslave us.  They who would cull the global population…to make it easier to subjugate and control the rest.  They, the psychopathic, mass-murdering, warmongering ruling elite.  And in case you haven’t being paying attention to recent events, that war just got ramped up to Defcon 1. 

Problem is…they’ve got us all believing that the real enemy is…each other.

And, of course, the only proposed antidote to this killer virus is…(ta-dahhh)…mandatory vaccines. Something Bill Gates has been pushing and investing a LOT of money in, over the years.  And with the vaccine comes the ID2020 digital “passport“.  So Gates finally gets his micro-chipped population.  Fits like a glove, wouldn’t you say?  No wonder the masses are growing increasingly suspicious and skeptical of this fucking guy.  Demonstrated most notably by how Gates, and his host, Trevor Noah, took a beating on Twitter.

Yip, war is here. Sure as shit in a long drop. And we can’t say we never saw it coming.

Let’s hypothesize how this could all roll out, going forward.  Here’s 6 steps to WW3:

  1. Corona ”kills millions” – apparently.

  2. The Ruling Elite, Big Pharma and Bill Gates mandate vaccines – and microchips.

  3. Me, the Christians and millions of others say; “Fuck you!”  And resist.

  4. World Governments amass their armies and quell the uprising.

  5. Anti-Vaxxers join the Rebel Alliance and go underground.

  6. We’re officially at global civil war.

And that was WW3.

Now, I wrote that list back in 2020.  And, guess what..? 


In 2020 they said, “There will be no mandatory vaccines or vaccine passports.”  And now it’s here.

Gina C 1

Sadly, precious few are resisting.  Most of the planet just seems to be rolling over and going along quietly. Wtf?

Check it out…

  • As far back as 2010 Bill Gates and Big Pharma were pushing vaccine passports.
  • In response, most of the world, especially the Christians, said; “Fuck you! Shove your Number of the Beast vaccine up your Satanic, Technocratic, Oligarch, Anti-Christ ASSS!”
  • 2019. Along comes Corona – allegedly “from China” (two birds, one stone).
  • People start dying wholesale – not categorically proven they all died (only) from Corona.
  • 2020. Fauci, Bill Gates and Big Pharma, again, push mandatory vaccines and passports.
  • 2021. Practically the whole fucking world, including Christians, are now saying, “Me first!  Vax me first!”

Get it..?  Wakey, wakey…humanity.  



And this biblical plague has got the bible-thumpin’, happy-clappin’ Christians, and the whacky, tin-foiler, conspiracy theorists giggling at us, rubbing our noses in it, and yelling, “Told ya!”  Until they positively froth at the mouth. Christians are quoting Matthew or Mark or John’s Revelations.  Conspiracy theorists are quoting Icke, Orwell, Huxley and Alan Moore. Some are blaming the Zionists and their NWO protocols.  Others are citing the Georgia Guidestones and calling this a long-overdue natural culling of the real virus: us humans.

Ah, I see some of you recoil at my mentioning The Number. I guess I must be some kinda bible-thumping, happy-clapping, conspiracy theorist, huh?  Probably think I’m a huge Alex Jones fan too?  And a David Icke disciple, to boot?  Well, kinda.  Only in that I believe in free speech – for all. Including fantastic, unpopular speech.  But, it goes beyond that…to biblical realms.  You see…I was raised a Christian. (Not a very good one, apparently…) And, in one Christian school after another, I’ve had the bible (and the holocaust) shoved down my throat, for more than a decade.  Which is why, for most of my life, I’ve rejected the bible, Christianity – and any kind of organized, orthodox, franchised religion.  But lately, I’m forced to admit, I’m starting to see the Holy Scriptures in a whole new light.  

The troubling thing that keeps me up at nights, is this…

For centuries people have been reading about and predicting a future age where we would be marked…with a “Number”…and be forbidden from buying, selling, or moving about freely, without that Mark.  And now…that future is hereYou don’t find that a little disturbing..?  Okay, we don’t have barcodes on our palms or foreheads, just yet, but we certainly seem to be moving in that direction. 

So, when the bible-thumping, happy-clappers sound the alarm about nano-tech vaccines and digital “passports”, maybe they have good reason.  Because, it’s starting to look like Bill Gates could actually turn out to be the fucking Anti-Christ after all.  (Maybe South Park had the right idea.)  But we don’t want to talk about things like the Beast, the Anti-Christ, and other la-la land “fairytale” biblical bullshit, do we?  Because, then…we would have to talk about the possibility that the devil, and hell, do actually exist.  And we don’t want to go there…do we?  Unless it’s through fantasy escapism like Event Horizon or Hellbound.


A while back, Noam Chomsky said; “Climate Change and Nuclear War are the two biggest threats facing mankind.”  Well, now even those two “threats” have now been upstaged by the virus. And it’s on every fkn news channel, every media outlet, every online platform, 24/7.  It’s buried any other prominent news, all other big stories have been moved to deep background. Now, nobody is talking about anything else anymore.  At least, not on western MSM. 

Nobody is talking about global warming, climate change (until recently) or Greta Thunberg (until recently). 

Nobody is talking about the un-ending wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen…or the coming war with Iran, Russia and China.

Nobody is talking about the apartheid state of Israel’s brutality against the Palestinians, or that shitty “Deal of the Century” Trump foisted upon the Arab world.

Nobody is talking about the renewed destabilization of Latin America by the US – particularly the interference and intervention (again) in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, to name a few.

Nobody is talking about the India/Pakistan standoff, or the India/China standoff, or the genocide in Burma of Royhinga Muslims.

Nobody is talking about the civil war in Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and other African countries, or Africom’s expanding shadow wars and military footprint on the continent.

Nobody is talking about that fascist madman, Bolsanaro destroying and burning half the Amazon while selling out the other half to predatory corporate interests.

Nobody is talking about the corruption case of Nethanyahu and countless other crooked politicians out there.

Nobody is talking about Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide”…or the names in his little black book. 

Nobody is talking about McAfee.

Nobody is talking about contrails and weather engineering.  Or the hazards of 5, 6 and 7G.  Or, how all those Gs, along with AI, connects to these guys.

Nobody is talking about the ballooning Pentagon budget, or their 800+ military bases  worldwide, or the trillion dollar upgrade to the nuke arsenal, or the coming space force.

Nobody is talking about the malfeasance of Monsanto, the opioid epidemic created by Big Pharma (which is booming under this pandemic), or the destruction of Borneo for palm oil.

And, of course, nobody is talking about the war on journalists, publishers and whistle-blowers, or the Trial of the Century against Julian Assange.

Nobody is talking or thinking about pretty much anything else any more, except surviving the virus – under global lock-down. 

Manufactured consent gives way to manufactured panic and containment.


And yet…we have countless doctors, virologists, biologists, immunologist and other experts telling us that this virus is just another flu – albeit a more powerful strain – being spun and weaponized to terrify and control the herd.  These doctors are saying all flu strains contain traces of Corona, most of which is being misdiagnosed as Covid-19.  And, in the time that it took for Corona to kill millions, as many, if not more, would have died from traditional flu – and other ailments. And at least 5 million children in Africa, Asia and Yemen would have died from starvation and disease.  Oh, and…apparently we’re about to kill 117 children with vaccines, in order to save one child from Corona.  Even though we’ve been repeatedly told by multiple credible sources that the chances of children dying from covid is less than 1%. 

So, how about some perspective and priorities, people?

Yes, we’ve seen…Jesus…one fucking expert, authority, after another…doctors and professors and biochemists and virologistspeople with letters behind their names, like MD and PHD and VIP, people who clearly KNOW what the fuck they’re talking about, questioning this pandemic, lockdown and treatment.  I’ve seen many interviews with doctors seriously contradicting the official narrative behind this pandemic and vaccine. Many of them telling us that a) there’s a more than 98% recovery rate from the virus, and b) the official stats regarding infections and deaths are flawed and fudged.  Others are saying this virus is manufactured.  

In short, there are many, MANY credible, qualified doctors and other specialists out there claiming that there is…NO… fucking…killer virus. No pandemic. They’re saying this is all just a scam by Big Pharma and world governments, and the MSM are in on it.  All to scare us into allowing a global lockdown, great reset…and mandatory vaccines.

Should we arrest all these dissenting doctors and scientists for spreading fake news..?

But, wait!  I hear you say.  Millions of people are dropping dead like flies all over the planet from Covid.  Hospitals worldwide are bursting at the seams with infected patients.  OF COURSE THERE’S A FUCKING VIRUS!   OF COURSE there’s a legitimate pandemic! 

Oh, people are dying by the score all right.  Always have been, always will be. Yes, they’re filling the hospitals because they’ve been “diagnosed” with this “killer virus”…and they’re terrified.  They may not know that the virus has a more than 98% recovery rate.  But, are you absolutely positively sure that every one of those deaths was from Covid-19…and not some other ongoing sickness?  Are you positively sure they were all accurately tested and diagnosed?  Because, many of these dissenting doctors and specialists are saying that the people who are dying from Covid were also suffering from other illnesses and ailments – like pneumonia, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc – which are compounded by the virus. 

Even the guy who created the fucking PCR test says it isn’t accurate or reliable.  And many other doctors and experts have concurred – saying there wasn’t sufficient time for the Covid PCR tests to be properly…(what’s the word)…tested.  And, lest we forget, soon after the outbreak we had scores of doctors, worldwide, coming forward and telling us that their government was ordering them to certify all unknown deaths…as death by Corona.  Remember that?  

Tell me, have you actually seen any footage, at all, of overflowing hospitals, with people dying in the corridors from this virus? I haven’t.  More on that later… 

Bottom line:  Do we really know enough about this virus to justify such extreme, Draconian, global lockdown measures…and the devastating knock-on effect to the global economy – and the poor?  


Just for clarity, what exactly is the current “official” explanation for the origin of this virus? Huh?  What’s the latest low-down skinny? Because, there still seems to be some confusion and contradiction in the official explanation and narrative.

Let’s recap… 

We were originally told by the WHO, CDC and others that, in 2019, the virus leaked from a biochem lab called the WIV, in Wuhan, China and somehow jumped to a nearby wet market. (Incidentally, prior to announcing the outbreak, the WHO changed their definition of a pandemic; it was no longer determined by deaths, but by infections.)  However, there are some very credible sources out there, including 27 public health scientists and the Chinese government, who still refute the official Wuhan narrative. They said there was no proof it originated in the Wuhan lab or wet market.  Even the WHO later admitted it.  And Chinese scientists, among others, maintain it also never came from the wet market. Scientists from the CDC then claimed the virus surfaced in the US, in 2019, before it was identified in China.  Even the US health “expert”, Dr Fauci dismissed a lab or even Wuhan as the origin of the outbreak.  The WHO themselves rejected it.  (Anyway, after this, who the fuck believes Fauci now.  Or the WHO for that matter.)

Yes, I’ve been watching Senator Rand Paul give Fauci’s olives a good pressing over the GOF funding cover-up. And I’m wondering…is it possible…that this is all just political theater…? To pin the blame for leaking the virus…firmly on China? Maybe Fauci’s taking one for the team, playing Bad Cop…to Paul’s Crusader Good Cop…to fulfill a common long-term agenda. Don’t get spellbound. This could all just be smoke and mirrors, an illusion. None of the revelations about GOF funding proves the virus was created and leaked from the Wuhan Lab.  But it does create more illusory, circumstantial “evidence” for blaming China for the outbreak. However…if I were a jealous, declining superpower…who wanted to demonize and frame my economic and military rival, China?  Leaking a coronavirus – that I created – near their Wuhan Coronavirus Research Lab…before infecting other countries around the world…would be one plausible, achievable, effective way to go.

And now, surprise-surprise, they’re resurrecting the Wuhan Lab theory, again. And turning up the volume, to 11.  Disappointingly, even Jon Stewart is pushing the Wuhan Lab theory. I don’t believe he’s right on this one.  Things are not always what they appear on the surface.  Especially if the US govt and their war machine has a dog in the fight.  It all seems a little too convenient and coincidental.  (Kinda like those 3 towers coming down at free-fall speed…on the same day.)

In The Coronation, Eisenstein also raised this pertinent point: To me, the most baffling puzzle is why at the present writing there seem to be no new cases in China. The government didn’t initiate its lockdown until well after the virus was established. It should have spread widely during Chinese New Year, when every plane, train, and bus is packed with people traveling all over the country. What is going on here? 

Good point. Despite China’s low infection rate, and their quick response in containing the virus, it still spread rapidly throughout the world, particularly the US, but not China.  Why did it spread more rapidly in so-called “civilized”  western countries – with “advanced” healthcare – like the US and UK, than impoverished, under-developed “third world” countries? And, just when I’m asking myself that question, boom, India – overpopulated India – is hit by a Covid tsunami.  (Sadly ironic, since it was (also) in India where many bio-warfare labs harvested these viruses for their Frankenstein experiments.)  After India, who’s next?  Overpopulated countries in AsiaAfrica


Despite many scientists, doctors and virologists refuting the Wuhan lab and wet market connection, mainstream media and publications like Forbes still pushed that narrative.  It started with the Trump administration ramping up the anti-China blame-game and stirring up sinophobia, worldwide.  And since then Biden has picked up that racist baton and running with it. 

Back in 2020, Trump, Biden and their minions, allies and lapdogs shoved the Wuhan lab leak theory down our throats.  Adding insult to injury, Trump kept calling it the “China” virus and Kung Flu.  Then, when he announced sanctions against China, Trump doubled down on the blame-game saying China “concealed” the Wuhan leak – ramping up more global sinophobic hysteria in the process.  Trump’s accusations are unproven to date.  And yet, the leader of the biggest superpower in the world, and his successor, went around spewing that bullshit…and the world swallowed it.  

Yes, the US are beating that anti-China war drum a lot lately.  We’ve seen Trump and several US politicians repeatedly blame China for this pandemic.  We’ve seen Big Chief Warmonger, Mike Holy Joe Pompeo pushing the Wuhan connection, accusing China of being “responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.” He also unbelievably accused China of having “a history of infecting the world.”  And then, that other mass-murdering, warmongering, Neocon Superhawk, Senator Lindsey Graham echoed similar sinophobic hate-speak when he said, “China is the biggest state sponsor of pandemics.”  (This, from a country that operates more than 200 military biochem labs worldwide).  Can you believe that shit?  Pretty heavy, serious, allegations between countries, don’t you think?  Never mind fighting talk, I’d call that war talk.  

Spot the similar phraseology;

“Saddam is the biggest sponsor of terrorists.” 

“Qaddafi is the biggest sponsor of terrorists.” 

“Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorists.” 

“Qatar is the biggest sponsor of terrorists.”  

“China is the biggest sponsor of pandemics.” 

Personally, I don’t recall a long line of viral pandemics coming out of China, do you?  I’ve checked the history books, there’s no record of China repeatedly, intentionally, creating and releasing viruses into the world.  But, there’s TONS of proof…that the US has repeatedly unleashed a virus in many countries around the world.   Except, their virus is called…The Pentagon.  Aka, the Military-Industrial-Complex.

And now, that same Lindsey Graham, the guy who wanted to cut funding to the WHO – in the middle of a pandemic (unless they put Bill Gates in charge), the guy who wants to take away your internet privacy and encryption, is the same guy who wants to send China a bill for “releasing the virus.”  Why, it’s almost as if the US govt, and their allies, are trying to demonize China in the eyes of the world…and maybe even provoke China into war.  Or am I just imagining it?  What do you think, John Pilger?

Ok, so it’s clearly ALL China’s fault, huh?  How fkn convenient…for some – not for China. Because, given the declining US-China relations before this pandemic popped up, the Wuhan Lab leak theory is quite…timeous.  Fortuitous. Yes, super serendipitous for anyone who is demonizing, provoking and looking to subdue China, economically and otherwise. This is great…for anyone threatened by China’s rapidly growing global influence. Before this virus popped “out of Wuhan”, the US and their allies were in the middle of a trade / currency war with China.  And, if John Pilger is to be believed, an imminent real war with China. The US were also supporting anti-China activists in Hong Kong and – despite China’s protest – selling arms to Taiwan.  

Yes, once again, they, the warmongering war hawks and war pigs, are speaking straight from the doublespeak playbook; the same book they used against Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia, Iran, Venezuela…to name a few. 

So yeah, pinning this pandemic on China is substantially beneficial to anyone wanting to smear China.  And while western MSM propaganda weapons of mass distraction and disinformation are whipping up the global masses into sinophobic hysteria, the US is putting pressure on their allies to jump on the China-bashing bandwagon.  And it’s working.  Nanny/Fascist State, Australia is already clearly fully on board.

And why all this animosity towards China? Why all the Sinophobic fear-mongering?  Well, apart from the west’s long history of racism against the Chinese – going all the way back to the building of the railways…and apart from the growing military and economic threat China poses to US hegemony and monopoly…maybe it’s also got something to do with the US/China stand-off in the South China Sea.  I mean, where the fuck do the yanks get off disputing a region that lies in China’s maritime waters?  You may ask.  Well…did you know that region is rich in oil and gas to the tune of trillions of barrels?   That’s why.  Kinda like America destabilizing Venezuela to get their hands on the largest oil reserves left in the world.  That’s why.  The fkn nerve of some people, huh? 

Or, maybe it’s because, like veteran journo, Rob Scheer said in an interview with Lee Camp; “Russia isn’t communist any more, and therefore not red enough to be a threat. China however is still communist and makes a better red threat.”  And this all dovetails nicely with the anti-China campaign and rhetoric that’s been coming out of the US – especially since Trump hit the campaign trail.  But it didn’t start with Trump.  The yellow scare reboot began with Obama’s nefarious “Pivot to Asia” policy.  And now that China has just discovered 900m tonnes of oil and gas in Xinjiang, I imagine that sinophobic, anti-China sentiment coming out of the US is about to be dramatically upscaled .

Remember, the US has two BIG reasons to put the blame, and all the world’s scorn, on China:

1)  It detracts from the fact that America handled the outbreak badly, including when Trump dismantled the Pandemic Response Program, mere months before the outbreak. (Gasp! What are the chances?).


2)  It’s consistent with the US “pivot” and drive to weaken China and slow their global economic (and military) growth by any means possible.  All of which was in full swing before the pandemic broke.  

And this anti-China propaganda flying around the world is filtering down and infecting the herd on every strata of society.  It’s even coming right into my home.  Soon after the outbreak, somebody in my family waved a Whatsapp post under my nose and said, “See? China caused the virus!”  I read the thread, and…according to (we’ll call him) Kippie-the-Kunt69, “China must be behind the virus, because their death toll numbers were going down and the rest of the world’s was going up.”  Ergo…China is obviously behind creating and spreading the virus.
Why would they do that?” I asked.
Because, duh, they want to cull the planet’s population, so they can control the world’s economy.”
Really?” But, if they cull the world’s population, aren’t they also culling potential customers..?”

Or, as Withnail would say, “What absolute fucking twaddle.”  

Sadly, many are believing that twaddle.

Where is this stuff coming from?  Who said there’s a pandemic?  Who said it’s a genuine threat?

WHO, that’s who.

Which begs the question…


Who died and made WHO the authority?  Is the WHO even a legitimate, impartial body to begin with?  Well, not really.  They seem to be highly compromised.  We’ve got some sources saying they are corrupt and controlled by the Chinese Communist government.  (Pfft!)  Others are saying the CDC and WHO are corrupt and entangled with the vaccine industry. 

And, of course, we now know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the biggest funders of the WHO.  Did you catch that last part? That’s right…the guy who’s been crying “Virus!” and pushing vaccines for more than a decade, the guy who wants to reduce and nanochip the world’s population, is the same guy who is pumping big bucks into the WHO.  No conflict of interest there, right? 

Oh, and that same guy, Gates, who used Africa and India as testing grounds for his vaccines – with disastrous consequences – is the same guy who said rich countries should not share the Covid vaccine with poor countries. Some fkn philanthropist, huh?  Real humanitarian. Speaking of, they say Gates or Bezos or Musk alone could end world hunger.  Imagine what they and other billionaires could do if they came together?  So, why don’t they?  Maybe it’s true…you really do need to be a greedy, selfish psychopath to be a billionaire.

y dont u

After the pandemic was first announced, Trump threatened to cut WHO funding because he accused them of “covering up” China’s handling of the outbreak.  He then turned up the heat by severing all US ties with the WHO – for the same reasons – in the middle of a pandemic.  Let that sink in.  And why was Bill Gates relatively quite about Trump’s attack on his pet organization?  Apart from the odd disgruntled tweet, he hardly said a contrary word to Trump in defense of the WHO.  Why is that?  Why didn’t he come out with billion dollar guns blazing against Trump’s decision?

So, how credible are the WHO, exactly?  Or the CDC for that matter.  Because it’s getting tough to discern who is a credible organization (in the eyes of the US) and who is not.  Just ask the ICC and UNHRCAnd, with all the pressure the WHO are under, I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon produce “hard evidence” that China is responsible and tried to “cover up their role in this outbreak.”  Which will then “justify” sanctions and further action against China by the US and its allies.  Oh, wait…it’s already happening.

Are we learning yet…?



So, according to multiple credible sources including US Intel and the five-eyes agencies – this virus is definitely not man-made? Ok…so it’s not man-made. How about…man-manipulated?  As in…mutated, not created.   Because, journalist Ben Swann, among others, exposed the fact that the virus was most certainly manipulated in a lab.  You do know that they, the war pigs, have been playing with biochem weapons for decades, right?  You do know that Biochem WMDs are actually a thing, right?  They exist.  It’s not just China that has these biochem labs, the US and Russia have them too – among others.  Which is why, even if it was created or manipulated in a lab, I’m not convinced it was the Wuhan Lab…know what I mean?

In an interview in May, 2020, Dr. Vandana Shiva told us how virologists from several countries came to India and harvested viruses from livestock and bats, etc, to study and manipulate in their biochem warfare labs. (Yeah, there’s a great idea; play fkn Frankenstein with viruses…to create a new kinda biochemical, mass-murdering, weapon of war.  I didn’t give them permission for that mad scientist shit. Did you..? And anybody out there who thinks that governments creating killer viruses is just a conspiracy theory…should go and google the words: Gain-of-FunctionWhile you’re about it add Dr Fauci’s name to the search.  

Fauci…Jesus.  Why are we even still listening to that serial liar. Or Gates, for that matter.

Maybe we, the fucking majority, should be asking our governments the tough questions; like who the FUCK would want to create and mutate killer viruses into biochemical weapons of war?  And who the fuck gave you the right?  Don’t we have enough mass-murdering weapons lying around?  Between the Chemical WMDs, the MOABs, the nukes and mini-nukes, shouldn’t that suffice?  Without playing god with highly infectious, rapidly breeding, killer viruses?  Who else, besides me, thinks spending our hard-earned tax dollars on that kind of genocidal crap…instead of universal healthcare…is a bad idea..?

Here’s a hypothetical, plausible, psyop scenario:

1) Your Biochem lab creates Covid and release small doses to create a pandemic – and lockdown.

2) You release it near, and pin the leak on, China’s WIV Research Lab.

3) You release more and more strains as “2nd and 3rd waves.”

4) You release larger quantities to depopulate “over populated” regions – like India and Africa.

5) You use it strategically to take out problem people – like whistle-blowers, journalists, activists and dissidents.

Plausible?  Possible?  Unthinkable?  If you think it’s the latter, you underestimate the psychopathic elite oligarchs with their hands on the levers of upper-echelon power.  If you doubt that, ask the victims of 911, Afghanistan, Iraq…and the GWOT.  To name a few.

So, albeit unthinkable, it is conceivable, and possible, that the US (Deep State), or one of their allies, proxies or bitches, created or mutated this virus, and then used it to a) lockdown and subjugate the global population and b) frame and demonize China.  I mean, knowing what I know about western governments, and the ruling elite, they knew this virus was coming, so why not use it to implicate their enemy, China, while they’re about it?  

And if this kind of biochem warfare is a thing, a scientific reality, then these bio-weapons could plausibly cull huge swathes of the population – without firing a single round. I would imagine that’s very economical for the war machine; the Military-Industrial-Complex. Yes, very cost-effective. You don’t need expensive weapons and battalions of armies, just a handful of the right people – who may not even know they’re carrying and spreading a bio-engineered killer virus. 

But, if conspiracy and skullduggery is indeed involved, how would it even be possible to spread that virus worldwide, simultaneously, so quickly? I hear you ask. 

Well…we’re not talking smuggling tons of Afghan brown sugar or Columbian nose sherbet across the Canadian border.  We’re talking about a microscopic virus, invisible to the naked eye. And, smuggling a microscopic virus to the four corners of the earth, and releasing it, should be a cakewalk for the (Black Ops) foot soldiers of the establishment.  Ever seen 12 MONKEYS?  It’s that simple.  They could do it with nothing but ballpoint pens. 

A while back I was re-watching Spielberg’s classic Close Encounters…and this time a certain scene jumped out at me.  And, if biochem warfare is actually a clandestine reality, I gotta I wonder if the conversations in those smoky, dimly lit, war rooms and corridors of power went something like that scene. You know the one?  It’s where the military and government officials are plotting a means of forcibly evacuating the entire population surrounding Devil’s Tower.

It goes something like this…


Dirty Tricks #4: Contaminated water. Affects people, crops, animals. Disease.
Dirty Tricks #3: Yeah, epidemic.
Dirty Tricks #1: What kind of disease?
Dirty Tricks #3: A plague. A plague epidemic.
Dirty Tricks #1: Nobody’s gonna believe a plague in this day and age.
Dirty Tricks #2: “Anthrax.”
Dirty Tricks #4: Ranching country.
Dirty Tricks #3: Yes!
Dirty Tricks #2: There are a lot of sheep up in those hills.
Wild Bill:  Wait, that’s good, that’s good, I like that. But it may not evacuate everybody. There’s always some joker who thinks he’s immune. What I need is something so scary it’ll clear three hundred square miles of every living Christian soul.

Yeah…something like that, I’ll bet.

CE scn



So, maybe…before we continue to swallow the “official” theories, narratives and announcements by so-called “credible authorities” – like CDC, WHO, MSF, WEF, etc – we should backtrack a bit. Go back and revisit the “official” explanation behind two other viruses that terrified the world in the past 2-3 decades: AIDS and Ebola


When HIV/AIDS was first designated a pandemic back in the early 80s, one of the first rumours to surface was that the virus originated in Africa – when a black man…fucked a green monkey.  And we believed it.  Of course, we soon learned that it was all racist, fake news bullshit. But the “official” explanation to come from the “authorities” was not too far removed from that.  According to the Aids Institute, in 1999 a team of researchers traced it to a subspecies of chimpanzee in West Equatorial Africa.  (So…we still got Africa and primates in the equation.)  The disease, they say, infected tribes who hunted and ate these primates. (Okay, so they weren’t fucking the monkeys, just hunting and eating them?)  So, the official explanation still has the words “African tribes”…and “primates” in the prognosis? Hmmm.  Riiight.  Great way to demonize and degrade black Africans…and primates. 

Hey, I wouldn’t put killing and eating…or even fucking monkeys past some of these more primitive rural tribes in Africa. Some Africans have a rep of killing and eating anything with a fkn heartbeat (kinda like the Chinese).  Back in 2018, they poached the northern white Rhino into extinction.  And, in 2020, they killed the last white Giraffe – and her calf.  

Still, doesn’t make them guilty of spawning AIDS. 

At least one guy, out there in the wilderness, does not buy the official explanation about AIDS.  And that man is South Africa’s recently departed Author, Prophet, Shaman, and keeper of traditional African tales, the late, great Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.  (Yeah, the same guy who predicted the rise of extremist Islam – among other events – back in the early 90s.)  He believes AIDS was a man-made virus, created in a laboratory.  And “conspiracy theorists” like David Icke, and many others…agree with him.  And, as we’ve established, it’s not like bio-chem warfare is not a thing, right?

Oh, I know, I know…wtf am I doing listening to some ancient Zulu witchdoctor…who is probably high on ganja, drunk on juba…and gets his news from his ancestors.  And, he’s a big buddy of Icke’s, no less. But, fact of the matter is, that “witchdoctor” is also a respected Zulu elder and published author. And he’s been right quite a few times in his predictions.  Mutwa also said AIDS could only be cured by sound; sonic bombardment. But I doubt if Big Pharma or any scientists out there took him seriously and tried it. 

To date, AIDS has killed millions over decades, worldwide, and continues to kill hundreds of thousands of (mostly) Africans, annually.  But the novel threat and public fear of that pandemic has long since worn off. They needed something new.

Then, among other viruses, came…


Whence comes it?  And who came up with that scaaary African name?  Eeeh-bohhh-laaa!  Got a nice primal African ring to it – like Bongo…or Congo…or Waka-Waka….or Shikaka.  Yes, Eeeh-boh-laaa! Something to scare the shit out of the white folks in the far west.  And, what’s the “official” story behind the origin of Ebola?  First came the rumours and speculations.  Then came the “official” explanation from “the authorities” who maintain Ebola came about…when an infected fruit bat…bit a black African baby.  (Again, we got Africa…and some exotic wild creature in the analysis.) Never confirmed.  Here, read it for yourself.  The CDC says it originated on the African Continent with bats or “non-human” primates (apes) being the most likely source.  (Btw…aren’t primates non-human by default?  Strange they should have to emphasize that when talking Africa.)  Still, again with the connection between (black) Africans – and primates, pigs, bats and other animals being the source of this deadly disease, huh?  (Kinda like the current accusations against China.  Where they’re now telling us that this virus broke out…when a fruit bat from the Wuhan lab…kissed a pangolin at the wet market. Or whatever…)

Like AIDS, Ebola never went away.  When Corona broke out, the Congo was already fighting, not only a civil war, but another serious Ebola outbreak (the worst ever) and most of the western world didn’t know or give a fuck.  Do you know what else is in the Congo?  The highest concentration of cobalt reserves used in every mobile, laptop and other electronic device in the world.  So…you’d think…whoever is mining that shit would maybe contribute towards stabilizing the Congo – by ending the civil war and helping to fight the Ebola and Corona pandemics.  But no, they’re not. At least, they’re not doing enough.  I guess it’s easier to suck those precious metals and minerals and other shit out of the country, while the whole population is distracted by disease and war.  Another country with a high concentration – of lithium – widely used in batteries, is Bolivia.  Look what’s happening to them.  And, of course, Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world.  Look what’s happening to them. 

Are we learning yet…?

With the last outbreak of Ebola back in 2014,  the US and their allies had “motivation” to put military boots on the ground in Africa.  And that’s just what they did.  They very kindly sent 3000 armed US troops to Africa to uhm…”fight the virus.”  And more and more troops have been landing in Africa since – especially under Africom.

While it’s great that Ebola has finally been defeated in the DRC (in the middle of a pandemic and civil war, wow!), why haven’t we seen an outright cure for Ebola or AIDS yet?  Maybe it’s because whenever someone seems to be making progress with a cure, they die For instance, no sooner had Ebola broken out in the Congo, when Flight MH17 was shot down (and the Russians immediately, unfairly and wrongly blamed), killing as many as 100 HIV/AIDS scientists and researchers onboard.  If they were close to a cure, that cure died with them.  Who benefits there?  Well, obviously whoever doesn’t want an outright cure…because there’s more money in drugs and antidotes – like ARV medication – than there is in a once-off cure.  Just like there’s more money in Corona tests and vaccines…and new Big Pharma pills…than there is in age-old, tried and tested, award-winning, low-cost cures…like Ivermectin.

Now ask yourself, which scenario is more likely?

A) The “official” explanation behind AIDS and Ebola (and Corona)? 


B) The ruling elite – who already benefit massively, financially, from these endless, illegal, genocidal wars, and the Opioid Crisis – are using their bio-chem weapons to cull and suppress huge swathes of the waking, dissenting, global population…while making obscene profits in the process.  (Especially since we’re talking about a global population who are now waking up to just how badly they’re being fucked over by the elite, and rising up, and coming for their slice of the planetary pie.)

Seriously. Which scenario do you think is more likely?

same virus


So, who to believe? If not WHO or CDC…or our world governments, then who?

I don’t know.

I’m no virologist working for CDC or WHO or the FDA (all of whom are apparently dodgy and corrupt) and I’m not in the trenches with some of our brave, selfless, hero nurses, doctors, virologists and biochemists out there who are at the coalface fighting this genocidal germ – and now being fired for it.  (Btw, when I see doctors and nurses resigning in droves because they refuse to take a poorly tested vax? I stand with those doctors and nurses.  Duh!)  Yes, I’m no expert, so I cannot say for sure how this virus spawned and where.  I can’t say for sure whether or not the pandemic is real and legitimate, or contrived and exaggerated. 

Likewise, I don’t know if people like Roger Stone and Bob Kennedy Jnr are right – that it’s all a conspiracy led by the devil’s concubine, Bill Gates to nanochip the population through mandated, forced vaccines.  (The hacktivist group, Anonymous certainly seem to think so.  Let’s hope they make good on their latest promise.)  For all I know, the “conspiracy theorists” could be right, and this is all just an elaborate, well-coordinated ruse by our corrupt, sociopath, ruling oligarch class…to implement a fascist, global, totalitarian New World Order on their real enemy; Us.  The People. 

So, no, I don’t know for sure who to trust or believe. 

But, I do know this…

This pandemic – and global lockdown – is all a very, VERY convenient coincidence…for some. For a not-so-precious few.  Almost as convenient as the trumped up, concocted, bogus “rape” charges against Assange, popping up immediately after the Cablegate leaks.  Almost as convenient as the death of Seth Rich, and Daphne Galizia, and Serena Shim.  Almost as convenient as Epstein committing “suicide” – by breaking his own neck, twice – just when the guards fell asleep (and later falsified documents) and all the surveillance cams went down.  Almost as convenient as the death by Covid of the relentless, corruption-busting, South African journalist, Karima Brown.  Loads of these kinds of convenient coincidences going around lately.  Like how the Gates Foundation, WHO, WEF and other organizations, along with several high-ranking politicians, came together in October 2019, to simulate a global government response…to a Coronavirus pandemic – just a few months before the outbreak was announced.  I mean…what are the pre-emptive chances??? 

And notice how things moved so very fast after the announcement by WHO.  Think about how quickly they ushered country after country into lockdown.  Practically no government questioned it, they all just came along quietly.  Now ask yourself…who has the power to shut down the planet?  Who has the power to force all the governments of the world to go along with it?   

Who Benefits?

Who benefited from 9/11? Afghanistan? I don’t think so.
Who benefited from the illegal 2003 war in Iraq? Iraqis? Nope.
Who benefits from poisoning the Skripals (and Navalny)? Russia? No, look it up.
Who benefited from the “chemical attack” in Douma? Assad and his allies? Bullshit.
Who benefits from Epstein’s “suicide”?  Who benefits from Assange’s imprisonment?

Who benefits from a pandemic?  

And who benefits from a planet scared into total lockdown by a pandemic? It’s certainly not the global masses. But, make no mistake, like the endless wars, this virus is lousy for many, good for a few.  Or, as Icke pointed out (before they took him down);  “A pandemic ticks every single box on a wish-list for imposing tyranny.”

So, who are the few..? Who’s ticking the boxes?

  • Well, those who provide the cure or antidote, for starters. You know, Big Pharma – and their share-holders, investors. People like Bill Gates. And what’s the “cure” for Corona? A cough drop? Nah, it’s a vaccine. And Big Pharma benefits. Tick.
  • Sinophobes and the anti-China camp – like those who were demonizing, attacking and pushing for war with China, long before the outbreak. For anyone looking to weaken China, this could not have come at a better time. Tick.
  • Right-wing, fascist, imperialist, nationalist, jingoist politicians – and their blindly patriotic flock – pushing to shut down borders, shut out immigrants and refugees. Tick.
  • Governments wanting to shut down volatile, riotous, mass protests in the streets – like the kind we saw in Paris and Hong Kong. Tick.
  • Propagators of the surveillance state; totalitarian, authoritarian, Draconian governments – like the US, UK and EU and their intelligence and security agencies – looking to use this pandemic as an excuse to further encroach on our privacy and freedoms. Like Senators Graham and Blumenthal pushing through that EARN IT bill while the whole world is distracted and in a panic. It’s no big secret by now that Big Brother is already officially watching you, now the drones and robots are too. Tick.
  • The enemies of Iran, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela…to name a few – when their people die by higher numbers thanks to US led sanctions. And the enemies of Palestine, when their people die from apartheid style oppression and brutality in what has become known as the world’s largest open-air prison. Tick.
  • The warmongering mass-murdering military-industrial-complex. Now that everyone’s panicked and preoccupied with surviving the pandemic, it’s full steam ahead on all those endless wars in the middle-east, and the coups and interventions in Latin America. Tick.
  • Who benefits by a divided populace, always at war with each other? Try the weapons and arms manufacturers, for a start; the elite dynasties and families profiting off the arms industry, and the corrupt politicians and lobby groups jammed in their back pocket. Tick
  • Elites like Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and all those other high-profile predators who were implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein saga. Think about this…Epstein allegedly “suicided” himself in August, 2019. This virus popped up as early as September, 2019. How fkn convenient! But, would they, the elite, go so far as to stage this pandemic just to take attention off their pedo cronies? I wouldn’t put it past them. Remember Wag The Dog? They faked a war to take attention off the president’s sex scandal? Well, now we’re talking multiple high-ranking politicians and royalty implicated in raping children. And now, thanks to the pandemic, that’s almost all gone away. Another plus for the elite.  Tick.
  • Of course, the propaganda bullhorn that is the mainstream, corporate-owned, government-controlled, western media benefits from this pandemic. They must be in la la land. After all, they’ve got themselves the ultimate reality soap opera here. Meets 1984. And, when it comes to plot points, this one’s got rising crisis up the yazoo. Just watching those death tolls ticking over, thousands at a time, until we reach one million…two million…5m…10m…is going to provide more never-ending drama and body counts than CNN, Contagion and all seasons of Walking Dead…combined. (Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into 28 Days Later…meets Terminator.) Yes, this one is going to run for years to come. Tick. 

What else? Oh yes…

This is also a GREAT opportunity to let Julian Assange rot and die in prison – possibly from Corona.  It’s also a GREAT opportunity to persecute, arrest, prosecute and murder dissenting journalists, whistleblowers, activists and other enemies of the elite political establishment.  Including damaging, dissenting voices that you and I probably don’t even know about.  Yes, this pandemic – and the ensuing panic and disorientation that comes with it – is a GREAT opportunity to kill several birds, so to speak.  I wonder how many out there fighting the corrupt, global, elite establishment are being targeted and eliminated by “Corona” – or something that resembles the virus symptoms.  How many are being murdered or jailed while we’re all distracted by this pandemic and lockdown.

V Beeley Virus

So, who benefits..? You do the math, glean what you will. Draw your own conclusions. Judge for yourself. You don’t have to be Orwell, Huxley or Neo to see where this is all heading.  Anybody who went through 9/11, and every Mid-Eastern war since, with eyes wide open, can see the parallels.

As Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos pointed out; “These are the (same) people who claimed that Saddam had WMD. These are the people who claimed that mass murder is being committed in Bosnia, and in Libya, and in Kosovo. They are compulsive liars. And they do it deliberately in order to achieve a financial win for themselves. They are despicable creatures.” 

Yip, bad for most, good for a few.  Ticks all the boxes


As for Icke. Yes, I know…I’ve heard all the arguments. But, lets leave the Overlords out of the picture, for now.  Whatever you think of him, and his theories, fact is, Icke has been writing, lecturing and warning us about this coming Draconian clampdown since the eighties.  And he’s been right about most of it.  From Jimmy Savile to Prince Andrew.  From elite pedo networks to global domination.   And everyone laughed at him – especially the academics.  There’s just one problem, he’s starting to look right about a lot of it.  For years I’ve been wondering why they, the establishment, have not taken Icke down, or at least not taken him off Facebook and Youtube. Especially after he reiterated, in an interview last year, something he’s been saying and writing about for years…when he not only refuted the official government narrative about this pandemic, but, again, openly accused ex-president George H.W. Bush of being a rapist, torturer and murderer of children. Tell me something, why haven’t the Bush family sued the shit out of Icke for defamation, slander and lies by now – if it’s all totally untrue, and unprovable?

And then, boom, it finally happened.

On May 1st, 2020, Facebook and Youtube banned Icke from their platforms.  And for what, exactly?  For his remarks about Bush? No. For calling the Queen mother a Luciferian, child-murdering, cannibalistic, shape-shifting reptile?  No.  For banging on about a global network of pedophile elites and politicians


He was banned…and gagged…for contradicting the “official” narrative…about this pandemic. In other words, banned for his opinion. Get it…?  I guess he was no real threat to power when he was talking and writing about imminent, tyrannical, global lockdowns…back in the day when there were none.  But now that his warnings are starting to pan out, he’s officially dangerous to the establishment. And Kudos and respect to SA shock jock, Gareth Cliff for having the guts to host Icke on his show, when no other broadcaster on the planet would touch the guy. And then winning the appeal when the channel was fined for it.  Of course, Government and Big Tech are now emboldened by the Icke ban to tighten the leash on the rest of us. 


Fact is, the banning of Icke by Big Tech and MSM broadcasters is just another big, fat, red flag, accompanied by deafening alarm bells, that we should all be very, VERY concerned about. Fuck concerned, we should be outraged and storming the planetary Bastille by now.  In fact, it should have happened back when they took down Alex Jones. And if not then, then definitely when they dragged Assange out of the Embassy and into Belmarsh. And if not then, then with the jailing of whistle-blower, Daniel Hale. Or the prosecution of human rights attorney, Steven Donzinger.  

Hey…maybe I got it all wrong.  Maybe there really is a genuine threat, a genuine pandemic.  And maybe our leaders, our world government’s, and people like Gates and Fauci sincerely do have our health and best interests at heart.  (Ugh! Excuse me…just threw up in my mouth a little bit there…

Or…maybe it’s more like that other scene in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.  The one where Roy (Richard Dreyfuss) is in the chopper with the others, and they’re all wearing gas masks.  They’re about to be evacuated out of the “pandemic zone” for their “safety”.  He’s looking around at everything going on, and he’s clearly not buying it.  Something in his mind clicks over…and he takes off his mask and breathes deep. Then he turns to the others and shouts above the noise…“There is nothing wrong with the air!”



Ooh, what’s this..? What’s this??? A new strain? A new mutation? Delta Variant, huh..? Oh no, wait, that’s old news.  Now it’s a “Nu” SUPER variant, found…in AfricaUh oh…here we go again. (Funny that, because just the other day they reported that Africa’s infection rate was dropping.)  Deadlier than its predecessors, I assume?  And what’s this new variant called? Nu?  Xi?  SARS-CoV-2?  B.1.1.529?  Omicron?  (Hmmm. Omicron, huh?  Got a creepy, Gothic, HP Lovecraft kinda ring to it.  Sort of like…Necronomicon.) No, wait, now it’s Flurona! Now we’re into a FOURTH wave?  Or is it a FIFTH?  (Damn, I can hardly keep up with all the names and waves – and neither can you.  That’s their whole idea.)  I guess that means ANOTHER planetary lockdown is imminent?  Along with forced, universal ManVax, huh? 

Well, golly-gosh darnit…I didn’t see THAT coming.  Did you…?



Hey…remember when, back in 2020 and early ’21, many world leaders – including SA’s president, Ramaphosa – said, “There will be no mandatory vaccine passport.  There will be no microchips.  Stop spreading conspiracy theories!” And…?  What’s happening today?  Mandatory vaccines are here.  Mandatory microchips are coming.  Just ask the Pentagon.  

That’s right…

Biden said vaccines will not be compulsory. Now this.

Bojo said vaccines will not be compulsory.  Now this.

Ramaphosa said vaccines will not be compulsory.  Now this.

That’s funny, because…for decades…anyone who said forced mandatory vaccines are coming was branded a conspiracy theorist.  Yet, here we are.  Mandatory vaccines and forced lockdown is upon us.  We let it slip in.  Guaranteed to start a civil war…all over the planet.  I guess we’re going to have our WW3 after all.  Brother against Brother.  Vaxxed vs Anti-Vax.  Who woulda thunk it?  I guess two thousand years of advanced warning wasn’t enough for humanity.

If you want to know what could possibly go wrong with universal manvax, ask Dr. Cahill.  Ask Israel.  But we should just blindly trust our governments, right..?  Same governments that lied to us countless times before?


Are we learning yet…?

They keep fooling us and we keep falling for it. You know…there’s an old expression that says; “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”  (Of course, Chump-in-Chief, George W. Bush famously and typically sodomized that quote beyond recognition.)  But, what if…you fool me 10 times…in a row?  And I still don’t learn?  Well, then…I must be some kinda retarded, uber-gullible, masochistic moron. Wouldn’t you agree?  Either that, or one of the fast-asleep sheeple and ostriches. They keep fooling us…and we keep falling for it.  And now they’ve fooled us right into isolation and subjugation…and called it lockdown and quarantine.  They’re fooling us into mass suicide, and calling it inoculation.

And you still believe this is all about fighting a “pandemic”? And “flattening the curve”?


When I first heard about the fascist clampdown in Austria and Germany (and Australia) I jumped on Google and Youtube and typed: WATCH VIDEO Austria hospitals flooded with sick dying covid patients.

Then I replaced Austria with Australia. And then with Germany.

And…guess what I got? That’s right. Fugall.  Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself

You’d think…since every fucking body on the planet has a camera these days, if hospitals worldwide were in fact overflowing with sick and dying covid patients….we’d see tons more footage on the net showing it – given the common people’s penchant for shooting pics and selfies of every fucking thing they see.  But, no.  Not one video clip out there, of a doctor, nurse or patient…filming wards filled to the brim with sick and dying covid victims.

Oh, there are videos, alright…of 8-10 patients in a pristine hospital, lying in clean beds surrounded by expensive gear, while doctors talk of bodies piling up – without us actually seeing them. Except in India, of course.  Where bodies piling up in the streets and the Ganjes are as common as rape, honour murders and acid attacks.  Nothing different there. That’s NOT the kind of footage I’m talking about. I’m talking clips that are consistent with the picture being painted by mainstream media

So…WTF is going on?  

They’re playing us, people. Again.  That’s what.

Here’s a little heads-up newsflash, folks. The same people who are charging you the earth for tests and manvax, are the same people who want to deny the vaccine to poor nations. And they’re the same people currently firing doctors, nurses and healthcare specialists – in the middle of a pandemic.  Think about that.  And they’re the same people telling you there’s no money for free universal healthcare – in a middle of a pandemic – while they spend 20 years and two trillion dollars blowing Afghanistan (and other impoverished black/brown-skinned countries) into yet another humanitarian crisis.  They’re the same people provoking war with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.  And they’re the same people calling for manvax and lockdowns for the unvaxxed. 

Get it? 

Wakey wakey, humanity. You’re being fucked over by your leaders, again. Naked, brazen fkn fascism and tyranny is upon us – on full display. Again.

And you want to keep believing them? You’d have to be the most naïve, brainwashed, amnesiac, m’fkn sucker…in the WORLD…to keep believing them.  It would be the very definition of insanity. Why are we still listening to these people?  These corrupt, lying, warmongering, mass-murdering politicians and their greedy, earth-sucking, planet-raping, criminal corporate cronies.  Why are we still believing their bullshit and following their illegal, genocidal orders?  Why aren’t we storming their homes and offices and dragging them – and their elitist, entitled, imperial, families – into the street and meting out mob justice?  Why aren’t we pulling la guillotine out of storage, dusting off the cobwebs, oiling the blade, and lining them all up for a head-rolling party?

So, yeah…you can keep believing them if you want.  Me? From now on, I’m with George Carlin.  I no longer believe ANY…fucking…thing…the government (especially the US govt – and their lackeys and lapdogs) tells me.  Never, never and never again…do I believe ANYTHING coming from their mouths, until it has been vetted and verified by (what I consider to be) credible sources. (And no, western MSM is NOT a credible source.) I don’t care if there’s a 5th wave…or an eleventeenth fucking wave, I don’t care if Corona has mutated into something that turns us all into the goddamned infected from I AM LEGEND.  I don’t care if it’s a nuclear war, the apocalypse, or a fucking alien invasion.  If the official story is coming from the (US) government, I don’t believe it.

From now on, I say (and I know I’m not alone on this) that ALL politicians are fucking dodgy, until we, the people, discern otherwise.  And, going forward, we should watch them all very, VERY closely.  Biden. Bojo. Macron. Ramaphosa. Their EU lackeys and lapdogs.  Their minions and yes men.  Their puppet politicians and echo chamber media. The lot.  And if they so much as blink at another of our hard-won human rights…or take even a baby step towards more Orwellian surveillance measures….or encroach on one more of our liberties?  Well, then…you didn’t buy all those guns…and get all dressed up for nothin’, did ya?  Like Rand Paul said, They can’t arrest us all.”

And if you’re still doubting all of this? If you disagree? If you can’t see the signs of the draconian, totalitarian, Orwellian times? If you can’t see the mission creep encroachment and clampdown? If you can’t see their New World Order unfolding…and a new world war coming? If you still believe the “official” story behind 9/11, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russiagate, Assange, Epstein and so much else? If you can’t see the conspiracy?  Then you must be a deaf, dumb and blind amnesiac ostrich…with its head in the sand…through the sand…and up its own ass!  You’re probably way too distracted by Netflix, McDonalds, crystal meth, your smartphone, Kim Kardashian’s ass and the corporate-owned, government-controlled, media weapons of mass distraction and disinformation…to realize what’s really going on in the world right now.


Or, maybe you just don’t give a shit.

But you really should give a shit…because you’re about to become a bit-part player in the grand, global production being staged by the elite.  You’re about to become a casualty in the next trans-global false flag attack, and the ensuing, unilateral, martial law clampdown that will follow.  Or, you may soon join one of the millions who are incarcerated for simply speaking truth to power.  Or, you are about to have all your assets seized in the growing global Public Asset Seizure campaigns.  Or, your money swiped by the governments and banks who will simply take the cash out of your account to bail out their corruption after they crash the economy, again.  Or, you may be forced into fighting as a soldier in the next, great, third world war…against your brother.

Or, if you prefer, you could do nothing. Keep believing their lies, and blindly following their agenda. And just accept everything they tell you and make you do. Until storm troopers kick down your door and drag daddy off to jail because he emailed a friend telling them not to take the jab.  Or they arrest mommy, because she posted a video on Facebook that questions the official narrative about the origins of the virus.  Or you lose a sibling to heart failure after they were forced to take the vax.

So yeah, from where I’m sitting…we are currently, effectively at de facto war with the ruling elite establishment.  Unfortunately, however, since their D&C campaign has been so successful so far, I fear it may be way too late to do anything about it.  They own all the WMDs.  They control all the armies in those 900+ military bases worldwide.  How you gonna fight back?  With ARs and paintball guns?  Against killer robots and gunships?  Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.  As Santanico said to Seth; “Welcome to Slavery.” 

Unless…we go Spartacus, Braveheart, Mandela or Skywalker…right soon.

In conclusion, let me be nice and sparkling clear…

Now, I’m no bible-thumping, happy-clapping, fanatical Christian crazy. And I can’t speak for you folks.  But, for a long, LONG list of good reasons – many of them mentioned here – I intend to be the LAST man on earth…to take their stinkin’ fkn prick!  Or die trying.  And when they finally drag me off to a quarantine concentration camp, kicking and screaming…tearing hair and gouging eyeballs (not my own)…to be forcibly jabbed, it will be with a gun barrel in my mouth, and WITHOUT my consent.

In short, Bill Gates can take his venomous vax…and his shitty software… and shove it up Fauci’s fkn ass!

Are we clear?


dr s 5

We dare not allow them another single, fascist, oppressive, totalitarian move that further robs us of our lives and liberties. 

Not another war.  Not another Draconian law.  Not another lie.

Because, although it’s not quite checkmate, just yet…it certainly is check, mate.


“The blizzard…the blizzard of the world

has crossed the threshold and it’s

overturned the order of the soul.”

                                                               Leonard Cohen

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