There are NO Terrorists.

So, America is finally out of Afghanistan? The Terrorists have, at long last, been defeated?

Good to know.

As we mark twenty years since the invasion, I’m wondering…where their mass-murdering war machine is headed next.

Because, like David Swanson said, “The US never ends one war without starting another.” Or, at least, rebooting another – like Biden recently did by bombing impoverished black/brown-skinned Somalia, again. Yeah, this from the same guy who screams, “Black Lives Matter!” from the rooftops…but then fully supports the bombing of Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. To name a few. I guess they’re just not black enough to matter to Joe – and the nation he represents.

Still, at least all the terrorists are out of Afghanistan. Mission Accomplished. That’s a good thing. Right..? Remind me again…which terrorists are we talking about..? The Taliban? Al-Qaeda? Isis? Well, if it’s the Taliban, they certainly weren’t defeated because…they just recaptured the country. And it can’t be al-Qaeda because…the US is still arming them. There’s even talk of al-Qaeda making a comeback.

Now, that was $2.2trn and 20 years well spent…don’t ya think?

And note how the western mainstream media and bipartisan establishment have lost their shit over Biden pulling out of Afghanistan. I guess 20 years of occupying that country – which, lest we forget, was justified by lies – wasn’t enough for them. Btw, if you think this rapid bounce back by the Taliban is a surprise to them, the warmongers, then you don’t understand the long game they play. Don’t be fooled by the sight of the US beating a hasty retreat with its tail between Its legs. Don’t be deceived by those comparisons to Saigon, ’75. It’s a ruse. A bluff. A quasi scorched-earth policy – of sorts. As one analyst recently put it; “I do not believe that America has left Afghanistan. Indeed, I believe that both America and Britain have retained their influence in Afghanistan. America doesn’t have to have soldiers in a country in order to control that country.”

So I wouldn’t be surprised to see the US go back and drop another MOAB, or maybe even one of those new mini-nukes, on the Taliban and/or AQ….in the not too distant future. In fact, it’s happening already.

And Isis..? What the hell happened to Isis? (Oh, I know, I know…this stuff is all so confusing and difficult to follow – especially if you spend your life watching Kardashians, Netflix and CNN – but that’s how they like it; nice and confusing and tough to follow. Lest you get a handle on the extent of the genocide your government is committing – in your name.)

A while back, I saw a meme that said: “And poof, just like that…ISIS left the news.” A few days later, this was echoed by a media pundit on a talk show who said; “Isis is gone, you’d think this would be big news.” True. But then…with all that’s going on…who the fuck cares about Isis now..?

ISIS…remember them? Those wannabe, Wahhabi, jihadi, homicidal, rag head, camel jockeys dressed like Ninjas…running around the Middle-East (or cruising in Toyota trucks) chopping off heads ‘n shit? And then posting it on fkn Youtube? Yes, that Isis. Aka Isil. I.S. Islamic State. Daesh. Ring any bells? Think back to 2014-16 when Isis was terrorizing the Middle-East – and the world. Remember how the whole planet tossed their fkn lunch when they watched, live and uncut, the beheading of American journo, James Foley? Remember those slick, well-shot videos with the GREAT production value (that includes green-screen VFX and dolly shots) of mass executions on a Libyan beach? Videos that look like they were directed by Tarantino, photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond and produced by Harvey Weinstein? It was pretty clear back then that these guys, Isis, were some mighty mean motor-scooters…and a deadly serious threat to the Middle-East and humanity. Public Enemy Number 1. Right? They were everywhere, and on everyone’s lips. Right..?

So…where the fuck have they been..?

Until recently Isis had all but disappeared off the radar. Maybe they got pushed out of the spotlight somewhere between Trump’s pussy groping…or Kavanaugh’s teenage titty grabbing…or laughable accusations that the Russians weaponized Pokemon GO. Or, maybe they were upstaged by liberal snowflakes outraged at the lyrics of a 1950s Christmas carol. Or, maybe they got smashed into oblivion by the Russians and Assad (which Trump took credit for). But, notice how they, the establishment, and their puppet-media have, over the years, graaadually pushed the narrative away from the “terrorists” (and their secret supporters) and put the focus firmly on (attacking) countries that have actually been FIGHTING Isis and other “terrorists.” Namely, Russia, Syria and Iran.

In fact, it seems like the US – and their allies – have been sabotaging attempts by Russia, Syria and Iran to defeat Isis. Like the time the US assassinated Iran’s top terrorist killer, General Qasem Soleimani. Now, think about that for a second; if Isis are public enemy #1…why the fuck would the US want to take out the one guy that’s doing an excellent job of eliminating terrorists like Isis? (As if some of us didn’t know…)

And now Isis are back, huh? Isis-K, huh..? What’s next…Isis Special K? Let’s hope this new Isis strain is not as “threatening” as Saddam’s “Elite Republican Guard.” Remember them…?

So yeah…wtf became of Isis?

A few years ago, my mate walked up to me, staring at his phone, and said; “Ah, pity poor Mozambique.”

“Why?”, I asked.

He said, “They’ve just discovered shitloads of natural gas off their coastline.”

“Oh fuuuck!” Pity poor Moz, indeed.

And, guess happened..? In March this year, ISIS just sauntered across Mozambique’s northern border, unopposed, and went on a killing spree. And what’s the first thing they seized – before beheading and massacring hundreds of soldiers and citizens? That’s right, you guessed it: the gas-rich port of Mocimboa da Praia. Next stop, the massacre at Cabo Delgado, and Prama – where the French Total gas refinery is located. What are the chances, huh? Manufacturing consent for French boots on the ground? (Or, will the boots just stand back and watch like they did in Rwanda?)

Quick big question…about what’s happening in Moz right now (and Somalia, Sudan, Congo and Niger – to name a few). Ready? Here it comes:


Yeah, Africom. You know who they are, right? You don’t? Here check out this little clip to bring you up to speed. What do they do? Well, they’re supposed to be here to – not only “save the Africans from themselves”, again – but also to keep the peace. Yes, they’re in Africa to PREVENT nasty extremist terrorists – like Isis, AQ and Boko Haram – from gaining a foothold on the continent. GREAT fucking job they’re doing, huh? Maybe they’re too busy doing this…and this. Because, from what I can see, so far, Africom has been about as useful as those impotent UN peacekeepers in Rwanda, ’94.

Let’s remind ourselves: who and what are Isis? Where did they come from? What do they want? What is the OFFICIAL explanation? (I know some of you already know the answers, but this is for anyone who may have spent the past decade living under a rock in rural Kentucky…or spellbound by Kim Kardashian’s ass). Correct me if I’m wrong, but the official party-line narrative goes something like this: Isis are a radical, fundamentalist, extremist, spin-off of al-Qaeda – because Isis found “terrorist cells” like AQ and the Taliban to be too moderate.

That’s the official establishment narrative, right?

And that’s partly true. We were told that Isis are a murderous, Sunni-extremist, Mujahideen, Salafist, Wahabist, Jihadist terrorist “death cult” – who are hell-bent on bringing back the Ottoman Empire; a global Caliphate with Sharia law. (Or, as African Shaman, Credo Mutwa said, back in ’92, when he predicted the rise of Islamic extremism: “Islam is going to rise like a lion, to restore, again, the glory of the Caliphs.) And, we’re told, these rabid, raging, frothing-at-the-mouth, “terrorist” savages are running around the Middle-East and North Africa, disemboweling and chopping off the heads of their own people…because they hate Christians, Jews, infidel kafirs and the west with its western values – like democracy and freedom. Right? And THAT’S what makes them terrorists. That’s the official party line.



Let’s just cut the crap…and get this straight once and for all. Have you figured it out yet…?

That’s right…

There are…NO…Terrorists!

Yes, you heard me. You read that right. There are…NO…fucking…TERRORISTS! No such thing. Never was. Not then. Not now. At least…not the kind that we’ve been brainwashed, programmed and conditioned to fear – but we’ll get to that.

Isis? Al-Qaeda? Boko Haram? Al-Nusra? Al-Shabaab? Al Shiesh-Kebab? (Or whatevathefuck they call themselves.) Are NOT (the real) terrorists! Oh, I know the Ministry of Truth (western, corporate-owned, government-controlled, mainstream media weapons of mass distraction and disinformation) are constantly telling you otherwise, but then (as most of you have probably realized by now) they’re all nothing but bought and paid for stenographers, following a script. They’re part of an establishment echo-chamber, pushing a political agenda, towing the party line. They exist purely to drive NATO’s propaganda narrative. Which is always about manufacturing global consent for yet another war . Yes, it’s always about selling another reason…another justification…for America and its allies. to go to war…again…with another impoverished, black / brown-skinned country…that can’t fight back. And yet, American politicians – including blood-soaked, mass-murdering war criminals like Bush and Biden – will look you squarely in the eye and tell you that “America…is not a racist country.”

Can you believe that shit..?

I’ve got bad news for you, Joe, Kamala…and your basket of deplorable, pseudo-intellectual, faux-democratic, self-righteous, virtue-signalling, shit-lib fkn snowflakes. If you support even ONE of these endless, illegal, US-led wars in the Middle-East and North Africa, then…you…are…a…fucking fascist, racist, warmongering, mass-murdering…WAR CRIMINAL! You…are guilty of crimes against humanity. You…are complicit. You got that? Because, you…gave them your consent. And yes, silence is consent. That goes for you too my little divisive, shit-stirring, rabble-rousing BLM and Antifa “warriors”. Mea Culpa.

They played us, people. Duped us. Again. Took us for suckers. Again.

You see…what we thought were terrorists was all just another dose of what I call…


Yip, this so-called GWOT all smells to me like just another Boogeyman Boogie. Now, I know you’ve heard…the word…about The Bird. But, are you familiar with…The Boogeyman Boogie? Never heard of it? Yeah, it’s a dance that corrupt, warmongering, mass-murdering, shape-shifting politicians perform in plain sight, right in front of our eyes, right under our noses, yet…we can’t see it. Maybe it’s because you have to be a member of the Masons, or Skulls, or some other elite, inner-circle, secret-handshake, mystery school, boys club to recognize it. Or, maybe you first need to suspect it exists, and then start looking for it. But, fact is, your average sleepwalking commoner, sheeple, deplorable, or proper Charlie…cannot tell when it’s happening.

Yup, the good ol’ Boogeyman Boogie. (Not to be confused with Tim Burton’s Oogie Boogie Man). Yeah, it’s kind of a cross between the Time Warp, the Macarena, the Hokey Pokey and Gangnam Style…with a sprinkle of Cry Wolf syndrome and a splash of what magician’s and illusionists call sleight-of-hand…thrown in for good measure. That’s…the BMB. And they’ve been dancing it…for decades, if not centuries, all around us…all the time. And I’m going to show you how they do it. And more than that…I’m going to show you how to get PAID…lots…and I mean LOTS…of MONEY…merely for performing…the BMB.

So, roll up your sleeves, kick off your shoes, and get ready to do…The Boogeyman Boogie.

And it goes like this:

First, you JUMP to the LEFT, and POINT to the RIGHT, and YELL; Eek! The Taliban!”

And, ka-ching, congress opens up the treasury cash register and gives you money, LOTS of money for WAR…against the Taliban.

And, when that money runs low…?

Then, you JUMP to the RIGHT, and POINT to the LEFT, and yell; “Eek! Al-Qaeda!”

Ka-ching. Congress gives you MORE money…for MORE WAR…with Al-Qaeda.

And the rest is pretty simple. You just repeat and cut and paste an appropriate Boogeyman, as needed.

JUMP to the LEFT and POINT to the RIGHT. “Eek! Bin Laden!


JUMP to the RIGHT and POINT to the LEFT. “Eek! Saddam!”


“Eek! Gaddafi!”


“Eek! Assad!”


“Eek! Isis!”


“Eek! North Korea!”


“Eek! Iran!”


“Eek! The Russians!”


“Eek! China!”

Ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-chingKa-chingKa-ching.

And that’s…The Boogeyman Boogie.

Repeat and insert any protest group, sect, dictator, death-cult or rogue-state or any other Boogeyman du jour…as needed. And then stand back and watch alll of that hard-earned, tax-payer money just rolll into the coffers and pockets of corrupt, warmongering politicians – and their cronies in the arms trade (collectively known as the Military-Industrial-Complex).

And with all that jumping and dancing and whipping your head left and right like spectators at Wimbledon, they’ve got you looking every which way…but the right way – while they pick your pockets and the state treasury…clean. Brilliant, huh? Genius! So simple…yet so effective.

So, yeah. No terrorists. None.

But, let’s assume that I’m full of shit. Let’s say I’m wrong, and the elite, neo-liberal, neo-con, warmongering, mass-murdering war/chicken hawks – and their military-industrial-complex – are right; that terrorists DO in fact exist. Well, then…WHERE do they come from? How does one….MAKE or CREATE…an Isis-type terrorist? How does one make…a Boogeyman? How do you do that? What’s the recipe? Seriously, how the fuck do terrorist cells like ISIS just pop out of nowhere? Why didn’t we see them coming? And more importantly…where do they get all those wonderful toys? And Halloween costumes? And long, LONG lines of Toyotas?

Here’s a short video explaining the origin of Isis. Here’s another.

But…there is an alternative explanation for the rise of Isis (and AQ and other “terrorist” groups) and we don’t have to go anywhere near “Conspiracy Theories” to figure it out. We have the facts. From what I can glean ‘n garner (and what many credible sources have told us), these violent, savage, Jihadi “extremists” are fashioned by two forces: Direct and Indirect influences.

First, the Direct Influence:

Step 1) To begin, you pick out some impoverished, dust-bowl country somewhere on the planet that is rich in oil, gas, minerals or other precious natural resources – with a black or brown-skinned population, and a tribal, patriarchal, overzealous, devoutly fanatical, religious culture (eg; Wahabe Sunni or Extremist Shi’ite) that is no match for your hi-tech, monolithic armed forces.

Step 2) Then, you find (or concoct) some cock-a-manie reason (like a false-flag terrorist attack, or WMDs that don’t exist, or harbouring terrorists that aren’t there, or chemical attacks that cannot be proven, or a legitimately elected leader that you deem to be a tyrannical dictator) to “justify” your reason to invade, bomb, destabilize or “intervene” militarily in that country. To put “boots on the ground.

Step 3) Then you go in with your mega-military, and while the innocent, peace-loving (albeit fanatically religious, conservative and orthodox) family man watches, you bomb his village back to the stone-age and blow his women and children to bloody smithereens. And then, you turn around and tell the world you’re bringing these people “Democracy” – and the slaughtered innocents are merely “Collateral Damage”.

Guess what happens next…? It’s called (anticipated) Blowback. Sometimes laughingly and falsely called “Unintended Consequences.”

Step 4) Our devastated, grieving, peace-loving zealot is either approached by (or rides off to find) people like him; fellow countrymen who have also lost loved ones to NATO bullets, bombs and missiles. And, when he finds them, he joins them – and their armed struggle against the imperial, colonial empire that destroyed his life. That’s right, our man will snatch up an AK47, or some other weapon (usually provided, directly or indirectly by the same country that killed his family) and join an extremist “terrorist” militia – like AQ or Isis – and then jump on a camel (or Toyota truck) and ride off shrieking; “Kill the infidel! Kill the kafir! God is great!”

But…it doesn’t end there. It should, but it doesn’t.

Next…you VERY craftily take it one stage further. And this is the tricky bit, because…right now, you’ve got an enemy of the western empire, hell-bent on killing every infidel in the West. So, what he needs now is some deceptive conditioning… and direction. He needs to be drawn like an arrow in a bow. (Or, as the old witch, Mortianna said to the Sheriff of Nottingham; “Yoke their strength.”) How does one do that?

Well, that’s where the Indirect Influence comes in.

Step 5) You send in your agents and proxies – courtesy of your Middle-East allies, like; Israel, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi-Arabia. These proxies and agents (which include ex-terrorists, mercenaries and general dogs of war) who look the part and speak the language (but are firmly in the WESTERN camp) then infiltrate and even control terror cells – like Isis, AQ and their ilk. They do this…to ensure that this seething, raging, savage mob of anti-Western, Jihadi combatants – that the West created – serves the West’s best interests. That’s how the Grand Chess/Puppet Masters weave and coalesce this “Hornet’s Nest” of jihadis into a visual, tangible, honest-to-god, Boogeyman – from hell. That way…they can also control the blowback and direct its devastation. Call it a campaign of “controlled chaos,” or what Blumenthal callsThe Management of Savagery” (which, btw, is also the name of the war bible that supposedly inspired ISIS). The western war machine can now manipulate that “terrorist” organization to do their bidding.

For what..?

I’m so glad you asked…

Step 6) Well, in the case of Isis, by using them as a well orchestrated battering ram and wrecking ball to destabilize countries across the Middle-East. Use them to target alleged “tyrannical” leaders – like Assad – and overthrow their reign.

But, wait, I hear you say, aren’t Isis and Al-Qaeda the enemies of US/NATO/Israel – and the rest of the West?

Yes, they are.

Well, then…how could the US now support those same terrorists against the likes of Assad?

Well, because they, the west, hate Assad more than they hate the very terrorists that once attacked America on 9/11. Because, as the old adage goes; “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And, again, it really saves your army on bullets, bombs and body bags when you’ve got your enemy doing your dirty work for you…against your common enemy. (Divide & Conquer in action.) All you need to do now is sit back and watch the fireworks and mayhem you’ve sown. And, when the carnage is over, you go in with your military machine and, while the “well-meaning” NGOs and “humanitarian” orgs are mopping up the blood and aiding displaced refugees, you mop up all that oil, gas, and any other precious minerals and resources lying around.

And while your proxy army of frothing-at-the-mouth, fanatical, zealot terrorists are out there raping, beheading and disembowelling their own Arabic women and children, you videotape that shit…and use it to put the fear of God into the broader public – by releasing it on Youtube. And, just like with 9/11, if you had a problem getting money out of congress for more war in the Middle-East before that? After those videos do the rounds, you’re going to have NO problem getting your military budget. Congress will literally THROW money at you. For example, BEFORE 9/11…when the Bush administration asked congress for money to uhm…”fight AQ” in Afghanistan…congress said; “No, fuck you! No more wars!” And then…along came that (what did he call it? oh yes…) a new Pearl Harbour”. After that…congress gave Bush a billion dollars… just to find OBL.

Are we learning yet..?

And if you (the warmongering Chess/Puppet Masters) don’t quite get the mass beheading and execution shots on location that you (and the Pentagon) had planned in the storyboard? No problemo. You just bring in a professional PR company…like Bell Pottinger (the same agency who colluded with the scandal-plagued Cambridge Analytica on a racist propaganda campaign in South Africa) and get them to shoot some Isis propaganda videos…in a green-screen studio. And you’re good to go…with a deceptive, terrorizing Boogeyman of global proportions. Whatever it takes to get the whole planet behind this endless GWOT effort (when the old reasons like 9/11, WMD and Chemical Weapons start to lose their lustre and credibility). Yip…manufactured consent”.

And that’s how you bake yourselves a jen-yoo-wine, flesh ‘n blood…Terrorist; a full-blown Boogeyman.

If you still can’t get your head around it and need a visual aid, here’s an EXCELLENT little animated short film that PERFECTLY illustrates how one creates a terrorist. It’s called The Economic Hitmen, based on the book (and interview) by John Perkins.

Got it now..?

It’s a beautiful set-up. Because, now you’ve got hordes of homicidal Arabs…raping, torturing and slaughtering other (innocent) Arabs…across the Middle-East. Yup. Killing their own people – for their enemies – and loving it. And, again, the best part is it REALLY saves (the Military-Industrial-Complex) on bombs, bullets, body bags and home-grown cannon-fodder…when you’ve got your enemy killing their own people for you. Not that money is a problem – given the huge sums congress is throwing at you. You’ve now got yourself a bona fide, dinkum Boogeyman. And, with that, comes another justification for invading, bombing, destabilizing or regime-changing another oil-rich, “dustbowl” country in the Middle-East…that clearly needs some US-led “liberty and democracy.” You gotta admit, it’s a great grift…a beautiful scam. A self-licking ice-cream gift that just keeps on giving.

Another bonus (for the Western War Machine, the MIC) is the perception; the optics. Even though these murderous terrorists are ultimately created, armed, funded and unleashed by the West, it is ultimately the Western heroes who then get to “go in there” and “save the day” and “bring democracy” to these “stone-age savages living in mud-huts.” (I guess it serves them right for not building roads and shopping malls…and not accepting a Rothschild bank.) And while they, the MIC, have got you focused on their Shock and Awe “rescue” operation happening in the foreground, in the background they’re sucking oil and other resources out of that country. And, because practically NOBODY (especially in the West) is closely following this grand theatre of war, this geopolitical chess game…nobody gives a shit. Because, let’s face it, precious few out there even suspect that they are being played – by the establishment – again. Ignorance is bliss. I mean, take a look at how many people are swallowing and complying with the official government narrative about this latest Outbreak.

And, of course, after you show the world gruesome video clips of these murderous, head-chopping terrorists doing their thing on Youtube, manufacturing consent and support is going to be a cinch. That’s right, rallying the forces and rounding up a planetary posse against “terrorists” like that is going to be a no-brainer breeze. I mean…who in their right, moderate, liberal, human rights-cherishing mind…is going to say no…to obliterating Isis? Besides, anybody who even thinks about sitting this one out suddenly gets hit by a dollop of “lone-wolf” attacks or “Trojan” terrorism. Notice that…?

For instance…

If the Brits (still bitter about being lied into the Iraq war by Blair) are despondent to get dragged into another war in the Middle-East? Well then, just show the world a Brit soldier being butchered in the streets of England. Or, hit a few public targets like Westminster and Manchester…and watch the Brits come around.

If the French are chickening out – as usual (Le Coq is not their logo for nothing, you know) – then stab or shoot a few French folk in the streets. Or, better yet, kill 12 Charlie Hebdo journalists – and follow-up with more attacks in Paris and Nice. And, comme ca, the French are on board. (Btw, the same week of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Boko Haram slaughtered more than 2000 people in Nigeria – and we heard virtually nothing about it in western mainstream media. No global outcry there. Just another good example of Western MSM prejudice, hypocrisy and distraction.)

If Germany says, “Nein, nein, nein! No more war, no way!” Then, surprise-surprise, a German hostage gets beheaded. Or, Germany is suddenly under siege by refugees and migrants – including those implicated in sexually assaulting thousands of German women.

And if good ol’ far-left, peace-loving, human-rights champions of the world, Sweden refuse to come to the war party? Give them a good dose of well coordinated, widespread arson attacks across the city.

Are we learning yet…?

All part of the good ol’ fashioned Divide & Conquer, the ol’ Hegelian Dialectic – that the elites have been imposing on us for…well…forever.

So, yeah…repeat after me – with conviction:


Oh, you still doubt that…? You still believe that terrorists are actually a thing? Really? Do I need to remind you (especially the Irish, South Africans and Israelis) that one man’s terrorist…is another man’s freedom fighter?

Remember the days when the IRA were fighting for Northern Ireland’s independence from British Colonial rule? And they repeatedly, ruthlessly bombed mainland public venues, like this one and this one, and sporadically assassinated British soldiers? Or how about the time they bombed the boat of one Lord Mount Batten, Uncle to Prince Philip, godfather to Prince Charles, killing him and two teenage boys – one of them his 14-year old grandson. In those times, to most of the world, especially England and her allies, the IRA were out and out “terrorists.” No argument. No debate. No question. And, what happened..? After they signed the Belfast Good Friday Agreement with the UK, the IRA came to be seen by the world, including the British public, as freedom fighters in a legitimate armed struggle – for liberty from the crown and an independent, undivided Ireland.

Remember back when – as far as the US/Western world was concerned, Israel, the “Holy Land”…could do no wrong? And the Arabs & Palestinians were regarded by Israel and the West as nothing but swarthy, rag-head, camel-jockey, sand-ni**er savages? Remember when a spin-off of the “terrorist” PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) known as Black September took eleven Israeli athletes hostage at the 1972 Munich Olympics – and then massacred them? Back then, Israel, the USA, UK and the rest of the western world were only too happy slapping the “terrorist” label on Palestine, the PLO and their leader, Yasser Arafat. (To date, Israel and their allies still brand Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups). And what’s happening today? In case you haven’t noticed, the global political tide of sympathy is rapidly turning against the so-called “fascist, Zionist, apartheid regime of Israel” (the critics words, not mine)…and for the Palestinians and their right to self-determination. Maybe it’s because more and more of the world is becoming enraged at Israel’s creeping encroachment and occupation of Palestinian land, and their repeated violence and human rights abuses against defenceless Palestinians – including children. (Because, buddy, when it gets to the point where your army is shooting women, children and nurses in the back, your position becomes indefensible…know what I mean?)

The past (2-3) years alone has seen some of the deadliest clashes between IDF and Palestine in Gaza since 2014. And while Israel, the US and their MSM puppets keep demonizing the Palestinians as troublemakers and Hamas & Hezbollah as “terrorist” organizations, global opinion and sympathy is shifting towards the Palestinian camp. And the UN has just come out strongly against Israel – for their latest genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza – accusing them of war crimes. So Palestinians are certainly are no longer broadly dismissed by most of the caring world, as “terrorists” – except by right wing, orthodox, evangelical, neocon, fascist. Christian hypocrites. You know why? Because…Israel is the birth and death place of one blonde, blue-eyed, snow white…baby Jeeeezizzz. That’s why.

And with the likes of Iran and now the Houthis joining the Palestinians in their struggle, we may actually see that simmering civil war in the Holy Land…explode into WW3.

And then, of course, there’s South Africa. Remember the days when Nelson Mandela and his ANC party (along with the PAC, SACP and APLA – to name a few) were considered by the apartheid National Party – along with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and other world leaders – to be nothing but terrorists? (After all, Mandela was big bosom buddies with America’s top-shelf enemies, like Gaddafi and Castro.) Remember the St James church massacre by APLA and the Magoos & Wimpy bombings by the ANC during the armed struggle? Back then, UK PM, Margaret Thatcher made no bones about what she thought of Mandela and the ANC – and their chances of ever coming to power. She was convinced that there was no way…NO WAY…that the ANC could ever effectively govern that country. “The ANC is a typical terrorist organisation.” She said. “Anyone who thinks it is going to run the government in South Africa is living in cloud-cuckoo land.” She said. (Sadly, South Africans today are pretty much learning that the hard way.)

And..? What happened? Well, in case you’ve been living in a cave on a desert island for the past three decades, that “terrorist” Nelson Mandela was eventually released, after 27 years of (illegal and immoral) incarceration, and went on to be (miracle of miracles) President of South Africa, and saintly messiah to the whole fkn world. His outlawed “terrorist” organization, the ANC, finally toppled apartheid (albeit, not alone) and were legitimately voted into power by the country’s first ever democratic elections. And they remain in power to this day. (Although, the way things are going, probably not for much longer). And they’re doing an EXCELLENT job of running the country…into the basket-case, banana-republic, blood-soaked…ground. Still, at least they’re no longer universally considered to be “terrorists”.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of these extremist groups, like al-Qaeda and Isis – that we’re being told (by the US, their allies and the MSM) are terrorists – and where they really come from.

Remember back in 2003…when British Foreign Minister, Robin Cook, stood up in the House of Commons, during his resignation speech – in protest against the illegal, US-led, invasion of Iraq – and reminded everyone in the room that al-Qaeda began as a CIA database called “Helpful Operatives”? He said that “Al-Qaeda”…is not really a terrorist group but a database of international Mujahideen and arms smugglers originally used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel arms and money to the guerrillas in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. (For more on how they came to do that, check out a little Tom Hanks film called Charlie Wilson’s War). Two years later Cook was killed in a suspicious incident.

That’s right, Al-Qaeda began as a CIA Database. That’s what AQ means; The Base…or Database.

This was backed up by statements from former French military intelligence agent, Pierre-Henry Bunel, who said; “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil(Boogeyman) only in order to drive the ‘TV watcher’ to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism (Manufactured Consent). The country behind this propaganda – the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism – are only interested in making money through their war-mongering arms-dealing corporations.”

Clear enough..?

By now it’s common knowledge that Al-Qaeda was managed by a deep-cover CIA operative, code-named Tim Osman. Real name: Osama Bin Laden. Fact is, OBL and AQ were America’s Frankenstein creation, and it turned on them. Heck, even Hillary Clinton admitted that the U.S. created AQ & Isis. As did Biden.

Back in 2014, when Isis first hacked their way onto the world stage, unleashing hell and blazing a bloody trail of carnage and chaos – without the Western armed forces firing so much as a BB gun in their direction – something jumped out at me. While I was watching western politicians endlessly loop the usual, predictable, “something must be done” rhetoric (while, at the same time, doing nothing), boom, a very interesting article popped up in our local newspaper. Seems I wasn’t the only one watching and wondering where Isis came from. A few daring voices out there had dared to research the back-story…and expose the truth behind the terrorizing illusion. One such person was one MH Khan. On the day the newspaper published Khan’s opinion letter, it was so revelatory and controversial, that I cut it out and filed it. Because it struck a chord…that completely synced with my suspicions.

Here, read it for yourself.

“Operation Hornet’s Nest”, huh? (Got a nice Tom Clancy ring to it.) A campaign to draw alll the world’s fundamentalist, Salafist, Jihadi Arab’s…right into Israel’s backyard? (Something that, given recent developments in Gaza, seems to be working.) Now…I wonder why the fuck Israel and their allies would want to do that? As if we didn’t know…

Because, in case you haven’t noticed…Israel has been eeeerily quite about – not only ISIS – but the whole, gargantuan crisis in the Middle-East happening all around them, right on their doorstep. That tiny country…surrounded by big, “unstable”, war-torn countries, yet…very quite. Very strange…don’t you think? You don’t see the IDF coming out strongly in droves to fight Isis. And with their military might and hi-tech weaponry, they, and their US bitches…I mean, allies…could probably flush Isis from the Middle-East in weeks. So, why don’t they?

Maybe it’s because Zionist Israel and their Mossad are too busy laying the demonizing groundwork and propaganda…to manufacture US support and global consent for that coming little sort-em-out sortie…with Iran. Or, maybe they’re just too busy slaughtering Palestinian women and children in their backyard to give a shit about Isis.

You’ve got to hand it to them; The Grand Chess/Puppet Masters. It’s a masterful strategy. Draw all your enemies to your borders under one sinister flag, one emblem. Brilliant! And getting them to call themselves “Islamic State”? I’m betting that’s no accident. No coincidence. Another brilliant stroke. Genius. Islamic State; IS for short, right..? As in…Intelligence Service? As in…Mossad’s IS? Deceptive. Hide in plain sight, right? Any relation to the pagan goddess, Isis, perhaps…? Sublime. And, branding Islamic State as a savage, Jihadi, terrorist organization, or…“the most threatening anti-cultural movement since the Nazis”? Masterful. Now the warmongering, western allied empires get to “legally” declare war…on the State of Islam…in full view of the world – including Muslims – with full support from the enraged, caring, international community – including Muslims. Uncannily cunning! If politics were a Chess Game, these guys are Grand Masters. If hegemonic, geopolitical campaigns were movies, these Grand Masters…are Stanley fkn Kubrick.

So you’ve now lured allll of these nasty, swarthy, murderous, Jihadi Arab savages to one place – right on your doorstep. All you have to do now…is turn a key and press a button and…poof! No more blowback. No more lifelong enemy. And if we happen to kill scores of non-Isis, non-Jihadi, passive, innocent Muslims in the process..? Well, you know (shrug) “collateral damage”.

Predictably, Khan’s letter received a barrage of back-lash from stuffy, stuffed-shirt academics and the like, scoffing and “debunking” his allegations and calling him the inevitable C-word: Conspiracy Theorist. Problem is, Khan turned out to be dead right. Today…that “conspiracy theory” has become conspiracy fact. It has been proven, beyond reasonable doubt that the US and their Gulf allies have been arming and supporting extremists affiliated to Isis and AQ. Khan may have been one of the first to say it, but he wasn’t the only one. Soon after his letter was published more and more journalists, analysts and other sources began to say the same thing.

That same year, political journalist, Gearóid Ó Colmáin said that “Isis is a creation of the US.” In one interview he stated, “Organizations like Al-Qaeda and Isis, to name a few, are created, co-ordinated, funded and armed by CIA, Mossad and NATO intelligence to unleash terror operations on rogue nations that resist the hegemonic drive for planetary dominance by NATO and the Military-Industrial Complex. It has nothing to do with Islam. These terrorists are nothing but young patsies, created by the wars and then recruited by the west (through mosques, and funding from Mossad), with help from their allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and then yoked by NATO and unleashed on “rogue” states who don’t play ball with the west – like Iraq, Libya, Syria…and now Bahrain and Yemen. Iran, North Korea, and Russia are next. The west have harnessed vengeful, radical, extremists and turned them into a Wahabi death cult.”

Several journalists and whistle-blowers, including Assange, Snowden and Ben Swann went on to release overwhelming evidence that the US and their allies were funding and arming extremists like AQ, Isis and their affiliates. Even Iran were saying it. And, in September 2019, Bulgarian journo, Dilyana Gaytanzhieva exposed how the US supplies weapons to ISIS in Yemen.

Remember back when Israel’s Mossad was caught out using agents, posing as extremist Muslim clerics, to lure radical Islamists? Well, with Israeli-born Al-Baghdadi, it seems they finally got the deception right. Keep in mind, we’ve never actually seen proof that the US killed Al-Baghdadi. No pictures of his still, lifeless form were publicly released. Same thing with the assassination of Bin Laden. (Hmmm. Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Al-Baghdadi and Soleimani – four enemies of Israel/US who were assassinated without trial or war tribunal. So much for Habeas Corpus…and international rule of law, huh?)

You know…back when they were the Number One, beheading, disembowelling Boogeyman on planet earth, if I had told you that ISIS were in fact funded and armed by the US and their allies, you would have pointed your indignant, parochial, self-righteous, finger at me and shrieked; “Conspiracy Theorist!” And now, as we can see, it’s common knowledge. It’s called a proxy army; proxy warfare (kinda like the Iran-Contra scandal). So MH Khan…was dead fucking right. If he’s taken a lot of shit for that letter, he has since been vindicated.

And if you still doubt whether Israel, Saudi Arabia and NATO countries were supporting Isis, ask Serena Shim. Remember her..?

Ah yes, the sad ballad of brave Serena Shim. The pretty, petite, courageous young Jordanian-born US journalist who paid the ultimate price – for telling us the truth. (Sound familiar?) Some call her the smoking gun. I call her the witness killed by the smoking gun. And the gun is in the hands of Turkey.

In October, 2014, Shim was in the Syria-Turkey border town of Kobani, covering the siege of Daesh Takfiri for Iran’s Press TV. She reported that Turkey was, unbelievably, standing back and allowing Isis fighters to be smuggled into Syria in trucks bearing logos of the World Food Programme and other NGOs. In other words, the Turkish government and military…were helping Isis.

Yes, you read that right. Turkey…a substantial, long-standing NATO ally…was supporting ISIS back in 2014…when Isis was terrorizing the world. Get it? Within hours of her broadcasting that inconvenient truth, Shim and her camerawoman were approached by Turkish Intelligence agents, who accused her of espionage and ordered her to get the hell out of Turkey…or else. Two days later, she was killed in a suspicious vehicle accident, when her and her camerawoman were involved in a head-on collision – with a cement-mixer truck. There were no eye-witnesses and the driver “fled the scene.” (Hmmm, do I smell some Illuminati thematic symbolism in their warning there? An unstoppable cement truck?) Quite a convenient, tragic coincidence, wouldn’t you say? And neither the Turkish nor the US governments were interested in pursuing the investigation.

Turkey, huh? WTF is it with those swarthy, sweaty, Turkish fucks, anyway? I knew we couldn’t trust ’em…not after what they did to poor Billy Hayes in Midnight Express. (Yes, I am kidding…kinda.) But, seriously…wtf, Turkey???

Red flags started popping up in 2014 when, suspiciously, Turkey were being very lax about securing their border against Isis. Next thing…Turkey was bombing their old enemy, the Kurds – who, at the time (you’re going to love this) were FIGHTING ISIS! That’s right, bombing them – not only in Syria, but also in Iraq. Hmmm…I thought the enemy of my enemy is my friend? And I thought Isis are the ultimate enemy of the civilized, peace-loving, humanitarian world. So, you’d think…Turkey would set aside their differences with their lesser enemy, the Kurds…and help them fight the greater, head-chopping, disembowelling, “murderous death cult”, Isis. Yeah, you’d think. Instead, when Isis advanced on Kobani, it was the Kurds who tried to stop them. And, by attacking the Kurds while they were fighting Isis, Turkey allowed Isis to execute the Kobani massacre of more than 200 civilians. Now…why the fuck would Turkey, a NATO ally, do that??? Why didn’t the US, Turkey and their western NATO allies bomb the hell out of ISIS as they approached Kobani? Why attack the Kurds and allow the genocide? Another good question raised by investigative journo, Vanessa Beeley (in an interview in Oct, 2018) is; “How did those Isis combatants slip through that hi-tech, sprawling, multinational dragnet?”

Truth is, if Turkey is helping Isis, you can bet your Boogeyman’s ass that the US and the rest of NATO know about it…and endorsed it. Turkey was doing it on their behalf. Because, as someone pointed out, “the US relies heavily on Turkey to prop up Al-Qaeda in Syria.” This is the same country, Turkey, who shot down a Russian jet while the Russians were helping Assad fight off US backed extremists – like Al-Nusra. We also know that Turkey (and the US, UK, France and Israel) have been bombing Assad’s army who were also fighting Isis – and other jihadi terror groups. (“Moderate Rebels”, my ass!). It’s now also common knowledge that the US trained and armed Jihadi extremist rebels in Syria, in an operation called Timber Sycamore. And it appears the US are still supporting Isis to this day.

Soon after Shim’s death we also saw numerous reports accusing Israel of treating wounded Isis fighters – and other extremists – in Israeli military hospitals. Now…why would the Israeli army, America’s bosom buddy, be doing that? Think about it. Israel, ‘Murica’s Bitch…(no, wait, it’s the other way around)…playing Florence Nightingale for their sworn Arabic enemy, murderous, Jihadi Isis. Let that sink in.

Since the death of Shim, we’ve seen one credible report after another revealing that Turkey, a NATO ally, have been supporting Isis. We know this because it’s been well-documented in the Turkish court systems where Turkey has gagged, persecuted, prosecuted and jailed or murdered hundreds of their own journalists for reporting on this – and other inconvenient truths.

Getting the picture?

Maybe this would also explain why Hayat Boumeddiene, one of the most wanted female terrorists on the planet (or at least in France) who was allegedly complicit in the Kosher supermarket attack in Paris – was able to simply breeze in and out of France, via Istanbul and escape, through Turkey, to Syria. This was confirmed by French and Turkish intelligence – who admitted they were monitoring these “people of interest” round the clock. So, if they were being “monitored”, how did they so easily evade arrest after the attacks? Are we to believe that the same Turkish government, who threatened Shim for exposing Turkey’s support of Isis, tried in earnest to stop these attacks and arrest Boumeddiene? Riiight. ICYMI, while we were all distracted by global lockdown, Boumeddiene was finally sentenced to 30 years in December, 2020.

Yip…we’re being played. Again.

And then there was the time Trump briefly, and curiously, accused Qatar of being a top sponsor of terrorism in the region. Remember that? Yes, I’m sure I’m not mistaken…pretty sure I got this right. Wasn’t it back in 2017 that Trump accused Qatar of being a major, if not THE major sponsor of terrorism in the Middle-East? Hmmm…that’s puzzling. That’s an enigma, because… I thought IRAN was, according to the US, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle-East. Did Trump go off script? Did Qatar renege on some important big oil or weapons deal? Funny that, because the US have a military base there…in Qatar. In fact, the biggest US military base in the Middle-East is in…Qatar. It’s called Al Udeid Air Base. And, apparently, it is, according to the US military, the “primary location and forward headquarters for US Central Command” in the Middle-East.

Now, one would logically assume…that since the U.S. has a big-assed military base in Qatar, they would be, you know…sharing intel with that country? Not so? I think it’s called Military Tactics A-101; sharing or gleaning intelligence from the very country…that your military base is based in. Right? So they, the US military, should know exactly what’s going down underground, in Qatar. Right? (Unless, of course, the base is there, uninvited, as with the US bases in N/East Syria.) And, given the US government’s penchant for distrust and mass-surveillance, safe to say it was highly likely that they were listening in on many a Qatari official’s conversation…wouldn’t you agree? I mean, especially if they suspect Qatar of sponsoring terrorism. Right?

So…if Qatar is sponsoring terrorism…how come this is the first Trump and the US govt know about it? I mean…if ANYONE should pick up on that fact that Qatar is a state-sponsor of terrorism…you’d think it would be the intelligence personnel or senior officers in that conspicuous, colossal, US military base…in Qatar. So, how come they didn’t pick up on it sooner? How come they allowed it? How the fuck does Qatar become the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism…while there’s a big-assed US military base in their backyard!? How come the US didn’t use that base…to shut down Qatar’s support of terrorists? And…if Qatar really are sponsors of terrorism, then…why the fuck did Trump sell them billions of dollars in weapons – just days after accusing them of supporting terrorists?

Ever get the feeling you’re being played…like dummy…with an elite, plutocratic, hegemonic hand up its ass?

Nah, the truth is…the accusation against Qatar was just another distraction. Another little shimmy and a side-step in the Boogeyman Boogie. Whatever they wanted from Qatar, they obviously got it (the arms deal, duh) because, since then, the accusations against Qatar have just – poof – gone away. And the focus is now back on demonizing Iran…as the biggest sponsor of terror in the region. And Israel…is leading that charge.

Another little tell-tale sign that maybe, just maybe…Isis are not autonomous (but rather serving the interests of the US) was when they attacked the Philippines back in 2017. (There they go again, only attacking Muslims and Muslim countries. Rarely ever Western countries…or Israel.) Why the fuck would they do that? Don’t know about you…but I’m confused. So, let’s just lay this out and try get a handle on it:

– The US and their allies are the enemies of ISIS, right? Right.

– And Prez Duterte has insulted or pissed off the US – more than once, right? Right.

– So now Isis and Duterte are both anti USA, right? Right.

– And, as we’re told, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Right.

So…why the fuck would ISIS, a devout, orthodox, extremist Muslim cult – who hate the USA – want to attack a country, with a substantial Muslim population, who is also a harsh critic and borderline enemy of the USA? It doesn’t have anything to do with President Duterte famously calling President Obama the “Son of a Whore”, back in September, 2016…does it? Which, by the way, was around the same time Duterte announced he was cutting ties with the USA in favour of stronger relations with Russia and China. Could that have anything to do with it? Next thing you know…boom, Duterte finds ISIS kicking down his garden gate and abseiling into his backyard.

Yip, they’re playing us…like a cheap Jew’s harp. Again.

So, have pity on those poor tits fighting for ISIS. They have no idea that they’re serving the very beast that killed their families. No idea that they are a part of a monolithic, Frankenstein monster…that was purposefully and strategically created by Western governments – and their Gulf allies and proxies – to destabilize, pillage and control the Middle-East. All those Isis combatants, “moderate rebels”, and other extremists are playing right into the hands of those who want to exterminate them in a well-orchestrated genocide of the Arab people – that has so far claimed almost as many lives as the Holocaust.

But, even Isis – like WMDs, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Iran’s yellowcake – is becoming old hat. Old news. That’s not going to strike terror in the heart of the broader caring world anymore. Neither will chemical attacks in Syria or Russiagate or North Korea’s Rocketman, They, the Grand Chess/Puppet Masters, need something new. A new beat. A whole new terror tactic. A brand spanking NEW Boogeyman. Something that, boom, grabs the whole world by the throat and puts their attention firmly on ONE common, universal threat – again. And what form will that new Boogeyman assume, we wonder? Well, take your pick. We’re spoiled for choice. China? Domestic Terrorism? White Supremacists? Anti-Vaxxers? All of the above? Or, maybe…as with every good horror story…the next Boogeyman…will come from right under our nose. From the most unlikely and unexpected of places; like, your family, or your neighbour…and the very air we breathe. In the form of….a deadly pandemic.

Sure. But that’s just one prong…one front…in a multi-faceted attack. There’s another front coming. And it’s not just the war between the US/Israel…and the Arab world. And it’s not just the coming war with China.

About a decade ago I watched an interview with former Intelligence & Security officer, Meche Juneau-Katsuya who warned us that the next imminent terror threat was “Trojan Terrorism” and “Lone Wolf Attacks.” He said,“Terrorism has morphed into something more vicious. You no longer need sophisticated plans and resources, like hi-jacking an airplane or building a bomb. Now a rifle, a gun, a knife or a car will do. And it makes it difficult to counter this form of terrorism.”

Steal a delivery van and plough it into a bus stop. Grab a butcher’s cleaver and run outside and decapitate an off-duty British soldier. And, in case you’re not paying attention, it’s already happening. In fact, it just happened again, in Canada. How many Lone Wolf terror attacks have we had in the past few years? Including by white supremacist types – as in Christchurch? And these lone wolf shootings by racist white supremacists and nationalists has led to increasing calls for a clampdown on “Domestic Terrorism” and “White Nationalism.”

Now, fix your eyes on that migrant crisis flooding the US, UK, Europe and Australia. Check out the caravans of displaced people fleeing North Africa and the Middle-East to escape the US/NATO led wars in those countries. Notice how many of them are young, angry, shell-shocked, traumatized young men – of fighting age – who are leaving their women and daughters behind in the war-torn countries they are fleeing? Can you see it? The converging opposing forces? The gathering perfect storm? Can you do the math? That’s where your new, urban Isis is going to come from. It’s happening already…just ask Sweden. And Germany. And France. UK. New Zealand. Auz. Among others. And they’re going to clash with your urban, fascist/racist, white-supremacist neo-Nazis, head-on. Heck, it’s already happening. Like with the clashes between BLM/Antifa and the far white Right. Can you see it coming? Huh? Maybe that’s why Kamala Harris did a 360 and told them, “Don’t come.” Well…they’re coming.

You see, while the wars are happening over therrre in the land of the black and brown-skinned folk, there’s no threat to us, in the “West”, and therefore no need to clamp down on us – in the name of “fighting terrorism”. However…if we import these disgruntled, traumatized, angry jihadis into your country, allow the shell-shocked refugees – we created – to flood across the borders (like when Merkel allowed a million refugees in without any background checks) and pit them against anti-immigrant, jingoist, nationalist, fascist, racist, white supremacists? What happens..? Take a wild guess. Because, God knows who else is also coming in with those legitimate refugees and migrants. And if you dare to ask? If you dare to question that open-border policy? You’re a “racist. And once they’ve guilt-tripped you into allowing untold numbers of refugees and migrants from war-torn countries to flood your country, en-masse? They, the agent provocateurs behind the Deep State curtain, can also sneak in extremist, Wahhabi, jihadi, “terrorists”…along with the decent, legitimate, peace-loving refugees who are merely seeking a better life for their family.

And, who knows, among those jihadi extremists infiltrating your country could be the next OBL or Baghdadi to rally the troops. Now the “enemy” is walking among you. And, clamping down on those “terrorists” among you…will make it easier to clampdown on you. Yes, we infiltrate jihadis into your country, your town, your neighborhood, coordinate and unleash them through our operatives, agents and proxies, and start bombing shopping malls, or shooting up white kindergartens, or something. And enough of that sort of thing will give us a reason for a full-on Police State clampdown…on us. (Kinda what’s happening in Auz right now.) Complete with curfews, stop-and-frisk checkpoints, migrant camps and refugee ghettos. Sound familiar? All they need now is a cataclysmic event to kick it all off. And between the imminent civil war in the US, the ancient, endless conflict heating up between Israel and the Arab world, the new conflict between the US and Russia/China, the ongoing GWOT and a growing “Third and Fourth Wave”… I’m betting they’ll get one.

What happened in Portland and South Africa could be just a taste of the global race war that now seems imminent and inevitable. Add to that the Pro/Anti-Vax divide, and you’ve got the ingredients for the next, great, World War: Brother against Brother.

All part of the good ol’ Hegelian Dialectic; the good ol’ tried and trusted Divide & Conquer campaign.

Are we learning yet?

So, you see…

There are…NO…Terrorists!

Get it now? They’re not terrorists. Just pawns…like the rest of us. Cannon-fodder. Cattle. In a system of class-based, entitled, capitalist, racist, imperialist, elitist…exceptionalism. Just another number, like you and me, to be played…in this grand, rigged, geopolitical chess game…that is the quest for hegemonic world domination.

But…if you really want to see some REAL terrorists? If you’re desperately hell-bent on sticking that terrorist label on someone…anyone? Don’t look towards North Africa or the Middle-East. No. You need only look to the West. Look towards Washington swamp and the White House. Look towards “Westmonster” and blood-thirsty Brussels. Set your sights on the US Federal Shadow Government, the Deep State, and their war machine. Wise up to the MIC and their arms-dealing, weapons-contractor cronies. Slouch towards Tel Aviv.

There…are your fucking terrorists!

There’s your extremist, warmongering, mass-murdering, genocidal terrorists. Who, for decades have used their Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex to advance their imperialist agenda…against Us; The People. And you are either with Us, The People. Or, you are withThe Terrorists. And if you’re with Us…you’ll stop believing their lies, and you’ll stop letting them scare you into fearing and demonizing the other; your brothers and sisters from different countries, cultures, races and religions. Including Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. And the next time the ruling elite establishment try and sell you more bullshit propaganda, to make you hate or fear your fellow human – to justify yet another war, against yet another (impoverished black/brown-skinned) country – in the name of freedom and democracy? You’ll know to take their bullshit propaganda…and wipe your ass with it.

Or…you can roll up your sleeves…kick off your shoes…and get ready to do…


It’s just a JUMP to the LEFT…


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!

The Wizard of Oz

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