The Russians are NOT Coming

Trust, but verify – Russian Proverb

Sentence first, verdict afterwards – Alice in Wonderland

Aw, fuck…here we go, again.  And again.  And again.  RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRUSSIAAA!  The Russians are COMIIING!!!  Again!  Apparently…

Can you believe that shit? GREAT opportunity to disseminate oodles of propaganda and dis-info against Russia, don’t you think? Like the time that propaganda bullhorn, the NYT, spread false, Russophobic news that claimed; “Russia has deployed private military contractors around the globe to secretly spread its influence.” (Pfft!) This, while the US has at least 800 murderous military bases around the world, and Russia has…25. Just the latest, lame, Russia bashing salvo coming from the west and their sock-puppet, echo-chamber, mainstream media…in a long line of many.

Unfortunately, you and I may never get to fully understand the objective, impartial “truth” – or the Russian side, because RT – one of the few, credible, alternative news outlets worth a shit – has just been taken down in many EU countries, across the African continent and from several online platforms. So much for freedom of speech and information, huh? Yes, VERY democratic. Not a violation of human rights at all. Welcome to 1984.

All this from the same people who have a long history of mass-murdering and warmongering…and destroyed the world economy in a global lockdown to combat a…“pandemic..”

Are we learning yet…?

Let’s just cut the crap…and get this straight right now. Anyone…and I mean…fucking…ANYONE…who fully supports US/NATO and their fascist, racist, Nazi allies in Ukraine…against Russia in this conflict, is a misinformed, brainwashed moron and drunk on the fkn western political establishment’s propaganda Kool-Aid. You got that?

Now…let’s go back and retrace how we got here.

What follows was first published in November, 2020.

In the past two years, we’ve seen the US and their lackey lapdogs trying to discredit Russia’ s groundbreaking Covid Vaccine, Sputnik (possibly on behalf of Bill Gates and Big Pharma), while rejecting Russia’s offer to collaborate on a cure. Then we saw Trump’s Corona advisor, Scott Atlas smeared, slandered and ultimately forced to apologize for “allowing” himself to be interviewed by Russia’s State Broadcaster, RT. Imagine that…a senior US White House advisor, demonized and punished by his own government – and party – for practicing his God-given, constitutional right…to be interviewed, in the name of government transparency, by a legitimate, credible, impartial, award-winning broadcaster. So much for the land of freedom of speech, opinion and information, huh?

Thankfully, the shaming of Atlas clearly did not intimidate Trump’s lawyer and ex-New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who went straight out and appeared on the same RT show a week later. (Huh???) Quick, obvious question about all that: If Trump supported – or opposed – the decisions of Atlas and Giuliani, why didn’t he come out on either side and say so? If he truly supports free speech, opposes censorship and really wants better relations with Russia, this would be a good time to prove all that with one tweet, right? (And don’t tell me it’s because he has better things to do. Like what? Golfing on election day? We’re talking improving rapprochement with America’s age-old adversary, the only other nuclear superpower on the planet. What could be more important?) So…why the uncharacteristic silence? Wtf is going on ..?

I don’t know. But a week later Youtube labelled another RT documentary as “offensive and inappropriate” (and I’ll bet there’s lots more of that sort of blocking, banning and censorship to come). I wonder if there’s a connection?

. . .

And before that? Before Sputnik and Atlas? Before the NYT job ad? We were hearing accusations coming from the west about how the Kremlin…probably Putin himself… poisoned this “colourful” anti-Kremlin, opposition politician, Alexei Navalny…with a deadly nerve agent called  Novichok.  (Novichok, huh..? Hmmm…where have I heard that name before? More on that later… )

Ah, but then again…it is “highly likely”…yes, highly likely that the Russians – probably Putin himself – poisoned Navalny.  You see, this is how it works now – with international rule of law; if it’s highly likely you’re implicated in a crime, then…before any investigation has taken place, or the facts presented, or any form of trial held…you’re automatically guilty.  If you don’t believe me…just ask Theresa May. Or, Julian Assange. Or, Osama Bin Laden. Or, Muammar Gaddafi.  Or, Qasem Soleimani.

In the last few months we’ve also seen Russia accused by the west, of:

  • Election meddling in Belarus.
  • Hacking western research labs (along with China) to steal Corona vaccine data.
  • Conducting a sophisticated “disinformation propaganda campaign”.
  • Paying the Taliban to kill US and UK troops.

And, of course, they’re reviving the allegation that Russia is responsible for the downing of flight MH17, despite absence of proof.

And that’s only in the past few months.  Why, just the other day I watched that mealy-mouthed, dithering, blubbering, kiddy-fondling, idiot warmonger, president-elect Joe Biden lying through his teeth about Russia – again.  In his latest rambling, anti-Trump rebuttal, he repeated the false rumor that the Kremlin is paying Taliban forces to kill American soldiers.  


Let’s just point out three hard facts about that bullshit statement:

  1. Moscow rejected that accusation as false, and the US has shown no proof of “Bountygate” to date.
  2. The Taliban went on record and dismissed it as FAKE NEWS (and an attempt to spoil a peace deal).
  3. (HaHaHaHaHA!)  Are we supposed to believe…the Taliban weren’t already trying to kill American soldiers?  Since the US illegally invaded their country 19 years ago…based on lies?

. . .

Yet, lying, warmongering politicians like Biden, and their propaganda bullhorns, like CNN and MSNBC, are still pushing that bullshit narrative. On the flip side, we’ve got former CIA deputy director, Michael Morell going on record and calling for Russians (and Iranians) to be killed in Syria. (And now he’s on Biden’s short-list for the position of CIA Director.) I don’t see too much disgust or protest coming out of western MSM for those kinds of remarks. Safe to say, US-Russia relations are about to nosedive under Biden…maybe that’s why the leaders of Russia and other countries were initially silent on his win.

Aren’t we getting a little tired of this?  Aren’t we way beyond bored with this yet?  The lies?  The provocation?  The shit-stirring, warmongering, bullshit propaganda?  I know I am.  Probably Putin (and China, Iran and Venezuela) too.  Yes, I for one, am done with this fkn laughable farce.  I just cannot stomach this fucking crap any more, and I will not keep my mouth shut about it for one single solitary second longer. I have to say something…so let me say this: 

Are you fkn retarded, ‘Murica..? 

Or just brain-washed into imbecility? Has all that fast food and popping pills dumbed you down to mud level? Did you actually, genuinely believe, for one second, that Trump was a Russian spy? A Kremlin agent? A Putin puppet? Seriously…? And does anyone…and I mean ANYONE of minimal intelligence among you (apart from Hillary Clinton, of course) actually believe that Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are Russian assets? Does anyone seriously believe the Russians “hacked” the DNC and US elections and put Trump in power? Apparently…the majority (of Americans) do. But then more than 50% of Americans also believe Julian Assange belongs in jail. Some even believe Assange himself is a Russian “tool“.

As Boris Johnson pointed out to Sergei Lavrov (quoting Massie – who taught it to Reagan) there’s an old Russian wisdom proverb which says: Trust, but verify. Someone should have shown that quote to the American people before they began swallowing that bullshit “RussiaGate” narrative pushed by the radical Dems – and their sock-puppet, mainstream media. Because, some people out there, millions of them apparently, are clearly not paying attention to current events. That, or they’re just irreversibly dumbed-down, thick-as-pig-shit stupid. And, believe it or not, it’s not just your stereotypical, dim, backward, back-water, deep south, sibling-screwing, redneck hilly-billy that believes this shit. No, it’s also the far-left…the so-called democratic, liberal intellectuals; the self-appointed, virtue-signaling, “woke”, cancel-cult. People like Joe Biden, Kamila Harris, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Adam Schiff. And, dare I say, the BLM movement. You see them speaking out against these endless wars and Russiagate? You see them coming out in support of Assange? No. We call that…Hypocrisy. Sadly, even so-called intellectuals and liberal, bleeding-heart artists like Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner – among others – are buying into this Russophobic narrative…and went as far as to produce a video propagating it.

. . .

And where is the evidence for Russiagate? That’s right. To date we’ve seen ZERO…not a SHRED of fucking proof that Trump is a Putin puppet or Russian spy. And, if there were any doubt, the Mueller Report came along and confirmed what many of us already knew, and officially killed #RussiaGate – DEAD in the water. (And let’s not even go anywhere near that embarrassing grilling of Mueller before congress – in what has been appropriately described as “abuse of the elderly”.) Despite Mueller’s report, the overwhelming facts, the pathological Trump-haters suffering from chronic TDS doubled down, nay, tripled down, on the Russia collusion theory. Remember how poor Rachel Maddow was almost in tears when she learned that the Mueller Report yielded nothing but a nothing burger? Maybe they were tears of embarrassment…because, just a few weeks before the release of the Mueller Report, Maddow was accused of fearmongering when she resurrected an old blatant lie that discredited the Washington Post back in December 2016, after they falsely reported that the Russians hacked a power utility grid in Vermont. When it emerged the Post’s story was fake news they were forced to retract. Yet, Maddow maliciously and irresponsibly resurrected that lie and got eviscerated for it.

Go further back, and the accusations against Russia get more and more ridiculous.  In fact, let’s do that. Let’s revisit and scrutinize some of the long list of charges…the ridiculous lies and western propaganda that’s been leveled and slung at Russia over the past, oh I don’t know…decade?  And, while we’re about it, let’s sift the peanuts from the shit. Let’s debunk those lies, once and for all, with the facts.

  1. Russia annexed Crimea.  Wrong. Most of Crimea voted to be assimilated into Russia.
  2. Russia is meddling in Ukraine.  Not according to most Ukrainians.  Just like Crimea, most of the population are Russian loyalists who rejected the fascist, illegal government of Poroshenko who came to power after a US-backed coup (something  Obama has practically admitted) overthrew the democratically elected Yanukovych. The excellent doci, UKRAINE ON FIRE produced by Oliver Stone covers this comprehensively.
  3. Russia have, according to a report released by the UK government, been meddling in Brexit and UK elections.  Really?  Because, according to that dishevelled PM (who clearly uses the same hairdresser as Worzel Gummidge), Boris Johnson, there was (how did he put it?  Oh yes…) “Nothing.  Nyet.  Not a sausage”, I believe was the academic, political response.  No proof or evidence.  So…what’s this bullshit about Russia buggering with Brexit?
  4. Russia tests weaponized satellites.  So what?  There’s a second Cold War underway, you know.  Are Russia not entitled to a sophisticated military – in the face of naked NATO aggression?  While we’re about it, two words from Donald Trump: Space Force.  I don’t see much push-back from the US public and media on that one.
  5. Russia backs corrupt dictators and regimes – like Gaddafi, Assad and Iran.  Who says they’re corrupt, despotic, tyrannical dictators?  The Imperial Colonial West?  George Bush? Dick Cheney? Bill & Hillary Clinton? Mike Pompeo? John Bolton? Donald Trump? Joe Biden?  Who the fuck are they to judge?  Unlike the US which acts like a hammer and sees every fkn problem as a nail, Russia has a different view on the world.  Let’s not forget that Russia always backed Nelson Mandela and the ANC, whereas the US/West once considered them terrorists.  Look how that turned out.  One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter…remember?  (Just ask South Africa, Ireland, Afghanistan and Palestine…to name a few.)
  6. Russia backed Assad in chemical attacks.  False. No evidence found.  In fact, Russia warned us that the rebels were going to stage a chemical attack – and they did. Thanks to the excellent works of journos like Vanessa Beeley, Whitney Webb and BBC producer, Riam Dalati, we now know that the “chemical attack” in Douma (which, lest we forget, was the justification and motivation for the illegal airstrikes on Syria by the US, UK and France) was staged by the rebels – probably with the help of terrorist allies, the White Helmets – and (forcibly) covered up by the OPCW.  
  7. Russia are funding and arming Libyan warlords.  Yeah, that’s just what the nation who helped Assad wipe out Isis terrorists would do…fund and arm other terrorists…instead of finding a peaceful solution. Last I checked, Putin was calling for a ceasefire in Libya. Btw, this is the same guy who brokered a peace deal between Syria, Turkey and the Kurds, and the same guy who just brokered a deal between Azeris and Armenians. (Some kinda warmonger, huh? Goddamned peacenik!)
  8. In February, 2019, the NYT published a smear piece claiming that “Corruption is in Russia’s DNA, as it is in Mr. Putin’s.”  Can you believe that shit..?  Do we even need to critique a xenophobic, warmongering, groundless utterance like that? What would BLM or Antifa say about a comment like that…if it were made about PoC?
  9. Russia is a threat to world peace – according to that other toilet-paper tabloid and (NATO) propaganda mouthpiece, The Atlantic.  With articles like this and this they’re clearly helping to stir up more of that ol’ Russophobic hysteria – again (the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Salemesque Mc Carthy witch-hunt of the ’50s.)  Now ask yourself; who is starting and perpetuating all these wars in the Middle East and North Africa?  Russia?  Who has more than 800 military bases across the globe?  Russia?  Who wants to spend more than a trillion dollars upgrading the US fucking NUCLEAR ARSENAL??? (And, while we’re here, hands up anyone out there who thinks THAT’S a good fucking idea?)  Is it Russia? Nah, they spend a fraction of the US military budget on their defense weapons and still come out technologically on top.   So, think…and judge for yourself as to who is actually a greater threat to world peace here.
  10. And no one in western MSM batted an eye-lid when, back in early 2017, former US National Intelligence Director, James Clapper claimed Russians aregenetically-driven to be untrustworthy.  Can you believe that shit?  Now, again, let’s try a little experiment; let’s go through the NYT & Atlantic articles, and Clapper’s remarks, and replace the word “Russians”, with the word “Jews” or “Blacks” or “Africans” or “Muslims” or “Mexicans” or “Arabs”…and see what happens?  Hey, let’s replace the name Putin – in the MSM propaganda / slander machine – with names of leaders like Mandela, Obama, Omar and Harris…and see what happens.  The radical, far-left, posturing, virtue-signalling, call-out-culture, wokist libtards…would lose their fkn shit!  But, hey, when it comes to racism or xenophobia or discrimination towards Russians?  Well, that seems to be just fine by them.  Ironically, it was the NYT who, in January 2019, accidentally killed the Russiagate story.  Maybe that’s why they’re now scrambling to undo the damage done…to their handlers; the Bipartisan Establishment and the MIC.
  11. The Russians weaponized Pokémon GO…and a fkn Facebook App.  Yeah, I love those last two…throwing everything but the fkn kitchen sink.  I would take the time to debunk that one, but…I don’t want to insult your intelligence.

And that’s just some of the ridiculous, groundless accusations against Russia we’ve seen coming out of the west over the past few years. And they show no signs of letting up. I mean, just the other day we saw how the UK Education Dept is teaching British teens that “Putin is evil.”

. . .

Are we learning yet…?  It’s called demonization.  This is how they do it.  And they’re ALWAYS doing it…to some country…or some leader, somewhere.  If you doubt that, you’re obviously not staying abreast of current affairs.  Just ask Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, Iran, North Korea, Bolivia and Venezuela…to name a few.

Man…ol’ Putin must be silently thanking China…and Venezuela and North Korea and Iran…for taking some of the heat and attention off this renewed Russophobic, McCarthyite, Red-Scare 2.0 campaign (or is it 3.0?) that the yanks and their lackey bitches are pushing. Because, let’s face it, there’s a tendency coming out of the west these days to accuse everybody from Trump to Kanye to the Easter Bunny of being a fkn Russian Agent. For instance…did you know actor, Bob De Niro not only frequently VISITS Russia…but also (shock & horror) actually owns RESTAURANTS in Russia? Traitorous, pinko, dego bastard! And…and…did you know Clint Eastwood was actually once caught on camera THINKING in Russian?? (In his defense, it was while he was stealing a mind-controlled Russkie super-jet for the yanks). Still, don’t trust your friends…or neighbors…they’re probably all vodka-drinking, borscht-eating, caviar-smuggling, sneaky fkn Russian Agents.

Oh, and, of course…if America should slide into civil war before Trump steps down? Blame Russia.

Time to nip this one in the bud, once and for all.

Ready? Here it is:


Got that..? Not coming. Not for you. Not for me. Not for our Yankee Doodle Dandy…across the sea.

Oh, I know the bipartisan establishment, the deep state, the shadow government, the neo-con and neo-liberal war/chicken hawks in that swamp on Capitol Hill, in the corridors of power in Westmonster, in the boardrooms of Brussels and the war rooms of the Pentagon…are telling you different – people like Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams, Obama, Schiff, the Clintons and Biden…to name a few. But, before you just go ahead and believe them, check out their track records…and you’ll realize they’re all nothing more than corrupt, lying, psychopaths, with a penchant for war-mongering and mass-murder…who are clearly hell-bent on dragging the whole planet into the motherfucker of all world wars with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea- among others. (Isn’t that clearly obvious to you by now?) And the thing is…after 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Vault 7, Julian Assange, etc, etc, etc…why the fuck would you want to trust them on this – or anything else?

From where I’m sitting, there are basically two kinds of people on the planet right now:

Type A: Those that actually believe all the shrill, hysterical, anti-Russian, Russophobic, warmongering propaganda constantly wafting from the west and their puppet media.


Type B: Those that don’t.

In other words:

A) Gullible, amnesiac, brainwashed, jingoist, war-happy, zombie idiots…all of whom are clearly suffering from a nasty dose of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and SPS (Stupid People Syndrome) mixed with a retro-viral dose of RSS (Red Scare Syndrome).


B) The rest of us.

And those who are Type A? I’m betting, ten pounds to a pinch of shit, they are the same people swallowing all the lies and propaganda about Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, China…and Julian Assange. And they’re probably the same people who genuinely believe there is a distinct difference between the Democrats and Republicans…or Biden and Trump. Suckerrrs. One born every minute…and two (parties) to take ’em.

Back in October, 2016, Vladimir Putin himself obliterated the Russiagate conspiracy with one, simple, common-sense question; “Is the US a Banana Republic that Russia could so easily hack and influence the outcome of a presidential election?” Hacked by Putin’s personal chef, no less? Who really believes that shit? (Probably the kind of people who believe this shit.) Most Americans may be stupid…but surely they’re not THAT stupid. Or, as Dr. Ichak Adizes said in an interview; “I don’t think (intelligent) people really believe that (Trump) was a Russian puppet. A Russian spy? President of the United States?? It is so far-fetched. I think that the Mueller Report is a very good sign of the strength of the American system.” Well put, Doc. But then, most of us with logic and reason already knew this. (Although…I’m not so sure about that “strength of the American system.”) And yet…we still have oodles of US politicians repeatedly regurgitating lies about Russia hacking the US elections and putting Trump in power. Lies like this and this and this

Boy, that Putin must be part Bond villain, part octopus, part shape-shifting reptile…to pull off all this shit all over the planet – simultaneously. All by using nothing but his powers of mass-hypnosis…and a few Facebook ads. I mean, to brainwash the American public into voting Trump to power? MAN…a stunt like that makes David Copperfield, David Blane and the Four Horsemen look like cheap, children’s party magicians.

In September, 2020, the NYT published yet another article about Russian interference in US elections, alleging that there is now “proof” that the Kremlin setup an online “network” and website to support Trump.  (Yawwn) So what?  Yeah, that’s right, sowhat?  Can’t Putin and the Kremlin have favorite dogs in this presidential fight?  Me?  I would’ve gone with Jill Stein or Tulsi Gabbard (even though, tis pity, Tulsi too is a Whore!), they may have their faults, but they’re still infinitely better choices than Trump or Biden.  Sadly, the rest of dumb-assed, brainwashed, amnesiac America on the left and right (rednecks and libtards alike)…don’t seem to think so.  What is it with you, ‘Murica? Why do you never seem to learn? Why do you keep falling for the same, stupid, clearly contrived choice between… Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber? I saw a comment on the net the other day where someone wrote, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 100 times…I must be American.” See? The whole fkn world is laughing at you, American Idiot.

You know…I never thought I’d ever have something in common with Donald J. m’fkn Trump – and I don’t just mean (consensual) pussy-groping. (Yeah, believe it or not…SOME girls actually DO like having their pussies groped – with their permission, of course. It’s kinda half the reason why girls have pussies and men have hands…in the fkn first place!) But, what I mean is, I too believe that peace and trade with Russia…would be better…than war with Russia. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m right on this one…pretty sure that good relations between Russia and the US would be more favorable for world peace, than, say… another cold or outright real war. Don’t ya think? (Duh!). But maybe someone should tell that to the rest of the Trump administration – particularly warmongers like Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Mattis, Abrams…and the rest of the neocon war/chicken hawks in the Capitol swamp. Clearly…they did not get the memo. No, not that memo, we covered that one. I’m talking about the other memo. Y’know…the Peace-is-Better-than-War…memo. Despite Trump’s campaign promises that he wanted better relations with Russia, his administration seems to be going in the opposite direction. Which is a pity, because Trump could’ve been America’s last chance at rapprochement and peace with Russia. It doesn’t look likely to happen under Biden.

After all, Trump’s predecessor, Obama, “The Messiah”, and his neo-liberal PC police, the Dems (who, in case you haven’t noticed by now, clearly talk left and walk right) had their chance and blew it. Remember back in March, 2009, Hillary Clinton’s faux-showy little reset button ritual with Sergei Lavrov?

And…what happened? Not too long after that she was taking a different stance on Putin and Russia, and it was back to the good old Russophobic, Russia-bashing and baiting, as per usual. Especially when it suited her fear/war mongering rhetoric and groundless accusations on the campaign trail.

Since that bogus “reset” ritual, the US and their UK/Euro and NATO allies seem to be working VERY hard to ensure that there’s no peace between the West and Russia. In fact, I would go so far as to say they are brazenly pushing very hard forwar with Russia. And China. And Venezuela. And Iran. (And the jury’s still out on North Korea.) And they’re not shy, or trying to hide their blatant, brazen, Russophobic prejudice either – given the barrage of anti-Russian propaganda and outright lies coming out of the west lately. Like, take Germany, for instance. In June, this year, German Federal Prosecutors accused Russia of assassinating Georgian National and former Chechen rebel commander, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in August, 2019. Russia denied the accusation and responded by expelling German diplomats over the dispute. More recently, German doctors and the Navalny campaign team accused Russia of poisoning Alexei Navalny with Novichok…in his water bottle. Yet, he survived. In fact, all it did to Navalny was give him a stomach cramp and the runs. And, in no time, he had recovered and was seen smiling and posing in photos on Instagram. This, after allegedly being poisoned with Novichok?

Alexei Navalny recovering nicely after alleged poisoning by Novichok

With the latest accusations that the Russians poisoned Navalny, I have to say…I saw something like this coming. Many of us did. When we watched them lay the groundwork and backstory for (what I would call) manufactured plausibility – with that other Novichok event…the fkn farcical Skripal poisoning saga. (How soon we forget…some of us.) ICYMI, on 4th March, 2018, British media reported that a former Russian/British double agent, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia had been poisoned by what turned out to be a military-grade nerve agent…called Novichok. Thankfully, as with Navalny, the Skripals survived. But…think about that for a moment. Novichok, a nerve agent so deadly, one drop kills 100 people. Yet, it didn’t kill the Skripals or Navalny. (Man, those KGB-trained GRU assassins must be sleeping or drinking too much vodka on the job. That, or they need to get a more potent brand of “deadly” chemical nerve agent, because…this Novichok-lite shit…ain’t working.)

From the moment the Skripal “poisoning” incident was first reported, I watched the whole sick soapie unfold, live. First, I watched British intelligence and investigators on the case state; “Let’s allow the investigations to unfold to their natural conclusion before we point fingers.” (Now go try and find that clip on Google or Youtube.) Then, on 12th March 2018, I watched Theresa May deliver a “statement” to Parliament on the Skripal incident. My take on that “statement” pretty much echoes the sentiments of Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova; it was a fkn “circus show.” A political circus. Except, in this circus, there was only one act – by one troupe – and the whole act consisted of everyone in the troupe, including Theresa May, just slapping their cocks on the table – repeatedly – for the entire show. It was like something out of fkn Animal Farm meets The Crucible.

. . .

It started out with May, echoing police investigators, stating; “As a nation that believes in justice and the rule of law, it is essential that we are led, not by speculation, but by the evidence.” She added, “Let’s not make any assumptions until we have all the facts and evidence.” And that…quickly descended into (something like); “Ooh, you just wait and see how we’re going to deal with Russia, because we already KNOW that they’re guilty.” Actually, I believe the exact phrasing was; “The government has concluded that it is highly likely that Russia was responsible for the act against Sergei and Yulia Skripal.” That’s right; “highly…fucking…likely.” Theresa May…and her sycophants… just took it upon themselves to immediately implicate the Russian government – before any investigation had been conducted or proof presented – because they believed it was highly likely that Russia was involved. Yes, apparently, that’s all it takes these days. Fuck international rule of law and diplomatic due process, “highly likely”…is proof enough. Watching that preposterous “parliamentary” session was like watching a McCarthyite frenzy, a Salemesque witch-hunt and a Red Scare jamboree…all rolled into one. It was fkn frightening to behold – considering that this was Great Britain, 2018, and not Soviet-era Russia…or Apartheid South Africa.

And then…what does the UK (and some of their allies, including the USA) do? Before they’ve presented ANY proof or evidence that Russia was behind the Skripal attack, they evict dozens of Russian diplomats from Britain. Think about the ramifications of that. Because, between the illegal, unsubstantiated sanctions on Russia (which alone constitute an act of war) and this theater of the absurd…the west has effectively declared war on Russia.

Even a child, or at least a first-year law student, could see this for what it is (and yet very few – especially in western MSM – pointed it out). We were watching centuries of human rights and laws – including Magna Carter, Bill of Rights, due legal process, habeas corpus, international rule of law, jurisprudence – all being thrown out the window, on a whim. (And this, long before the illegal arrest and imprisonment of Julian Assange.) Effectively, in their response to the alleged attack on the Skripals – by blaming Russia, without first completing the investigation – the UK/US and their sycophant allies effectivelyrendered international rule of law and diplomacy null and void. Or as Russian envoy, Vassily Nebenzia put it to the UN (quoting the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland), Sentence first, verdict afterwards”.

. . .

Watching this farcical fiasco, I remember thinking…now why the fuck would the so-called democratic, bastion of human rights, rule of law, civility and good manners, “Great” Britain…do this? Surely they know they can’t get away with violating international law like this – before an investigation has been conducted and without ANY proof that Russia was actually behind the poisoning? Why would the UK go so far? Sure, it dovetails nicely into the anti-Russian hysteria they’ve been spinning for the past few years, and sure, it blemishes Russia’s imminent FIFA tournament (and the looming Russian presidential election), but this latest move by the UK (and the west) was an extreme violation of international law and protocol. Surely they must have anticipated the backlash? Theresa May and her cabal, for all their faults, are well-educated, intelligent people…supposedly. Right? Why would they suddenly scramble to violate international law and diplomatic due process like that? Did they really think they’d get away with it? It was almost as if they – the UK/US and their western allies – didn’t give a shit who believes them. Because, even if they turn out to be wrong, no one is going to do anything about it anyway. No one is going to hold them to account. (Just ask Tony Blair.) And, by the time the truth comes out, it will all be too late; the great war with Russia (and her allies) will be well underway…or over.

And then it hit me. That’s exactly it. They, the UK (and their US/western allies) clearly don’t give a fuck about international rule of law and protocol. Lest we forget, this is the same country who gave Blair a free pass – despite growing nationwide calls for him to be prosecuted for war crimes. This is the same country who joined the US and France in illegal fucking airstrikes on Syria. This is the same country who buckled to their US Master’s bidding and violated international law and human rights when they illegally dragged Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and off to Belmarsh. So clearly, the elite, neoliberal establishment – as personified by the UK and other western governments – don’t care what we think. They couldn’t give a fuck. You okay with that…? They just don’t care about the consequences because there will never be any. Just like there were none for the genocidal war crime based on a lie that is the invasion of Iraq in 2003. In case you haven’t noticed, the main players and perps in that war; the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair – to name a few – are all walking around, free and breezy, and even being praised, lauded and awarded, despite being complicit in war crimes and mass murder. This…while a journo/publisher is presently in a maximum security prison, being tortured for…exposing war crimes. Let that sink in.

Are we learning yet…?

What should deeply concern all of us is this; if a country like the UK – who supposedly cherishes democratic principles, human rights and rule of law – can go that far in violating international law on the Skripal case, while simultaneously provoking Russia into war, then…what else do they have planned, down the road?

Well…we didn’t have to wait too long to find out.

By blaming Russia for the Skripal “poisoning” and ejecting Russia’s diplomats, the UK and their allies were sending a clear message to Russia – and the world – that they, the West, are cutting all ties with Russia. And now, looking back, we can see that, by demonizing Russia like this, they were also laying the precedential groundwork for what was to come with the Navalny poisoning – among many other charges and accusations. It was just one bullet in a coming volley; just a step in a grander scheme. They were reacting like this because they were creating context and plausibility for the next accusation that would be fired at Russia down the road.

And then it came. In Syria.

. . .

As early as July 2017, almost a year before the Skripal incident, Russia warned the world that they had evidence that another chemical attack by the extremist (“moderate”) rebels was imminent in Syria. And then it happened…on 7th or 8th April, 2018, with the so-called “chemical attack” in Douma – the second big “chemical attack” since Ghouta, 2013. And the US – including Trump himself – were quick to blame Assad, Iran…and Russia, and quick to push through another illegal airstrike against Syria. Yes, airstrikes…based on hearsay. And, again, before an investigation had been concluded or any facts presented. As it turns out, those airstrikes were motivated and justified…by lies. After the strikes on Syria by the west, the Russians announced that they have proof that the Douma video was staged – most likely with help by the White Helmets. And then in February, 2019, BBC producer, Dalati dropped a bombshell confirming it. (Heck, even Roger Waters knew the White Helmets were full of shit – long before western MSM acknowledged it – and he made no bones about it.) And we recently witnessed Grayzone’s Aaron Mate give testimony before the UN exposing how the OPCW were pressured by the US to cover up the fact that the Douma “attack” was staged. Which, in case there was any doubt, definitely makes the western airstrikes against Syria illegal under international law. Yet, the western mainstream media keep pushing, over and over again, the now debunked narrative that there was a chemical attack in Douma perpetrated by the Assad regime – with full support by Russia. They just keep looping that lie, despite it being exposed.

Are we learning yet…?

When the Skripal story first broke and British parliament started pointing at Russia, Conservative MP, Edward Leigh asked the question: “Who else would have the motive and the means?” Apart from Russia…? Well, I could hazard a guess. Maybe, just MAYBE…it’s the same people that are beating the drums for war with Russia? (And Syria. And Iran. And North Korea. And China). Again, with the big question. In these perplexing cases, you have to ask the big, ancient, Roman question: Quoi bono? Who benefits? Well…guess who? The same people that are demonizing Russia on multiple fronts – attacking their policies, their alliances, their athletes and their media. That’s who. The same people that want to make Russia look bad, look like the aggressor and a threat to world peace. That’s who. The same Russophobic Red Scare Brigade…in that swamp on the Hill. That’s who. The kinds of people that profit from war – with Russia, or anyone else. That’s who. So, who the fuck can blame Lavrov when he says, “Our friends in the west blame us for everything that goes wrong on the planet.” Comrade…that’s putting it positively mildly…and politely.

With the Skripals, there are two possible scenarios here:

The first scenario (highly unlikely), is the Russians – with Putin’s blessing – did it. They attempted to eliminate a (British) double-agent who sold their country’s military secrets to the west. (Although, it would be uncharacteristically stupid of Putin to pull something like this a few weeks before the upcoming Presidential election and a few months away from the big Fifa soccer tournament in Russia. And remember, this is a guy, Skripal, who had already been thoroughly debriefed by Russian intelligence before he was involved in a spy swap between the Russian and UK governments in 2010. They had no further use for him. There was no need for Russia to risk international condemnation to whack him this late in the day, with so much at stake. It would be political suicide. And Putin may be many things…but I sincerely doubt he’s that stupid or short-sighted.)

The second scenario (probably more likely), is that this is a golden opportunity for agents of the west (CIA, MI6, etc) – those old Russophobic, commie-hating, cold war relics and sacred cows – to carry out the attempted assassination themselves, and then blame it on Russia. That’s exactly what I would do…if I were some hotshot, hothead spymaster in the Pentagon or CIA…with the power to authorize a black op like that. It’s a GOLDEN opportunity. It has a psychological link to: a) other alleged assassinations blamed on Russia, and b) chemical warfare – the kind Saddam Hussein was falsely accused of, and the kind Assad (supposedly supported by Russia) was falsely accused of. Problem is, whoever tried to kill Skripal “botched” it. And Kremlin and CIA assassins seldom botch this kind of simple op, something like this is a cakewalk for them. And remember, we’re talking Novichok, a nerve agent so powerful one drop kills 100 people, yet it didn’t kill the Skripals…or Navalny. Why, it’s almost as if…they didn’t want to kill them, just create an incident. And if Skripal had died? I’m guessing the attitude of the real assassins would be something like…“C’est la vie, baby. Collateral Damage. He’s not really one of us, anyway.”

. . .

Let’s just spell it out for what it is. By immediately blaming – without proof – the Skripal “chemical attack” on the Russians, and then following up that politi-theater with cutting diplomatic ties, it set the scene and laid the groundwork for what was to come. By reinforcing the old, cliched, xenophobic stereotypical portrayal of Russia as the trouble-making ogres of the world makes it so much easier for the west to manufacture consent and sell the lies still coming down the propaganda pipe. Like the one about Russia backing Assad in using chemical weapons against his own people. Or the one about Putin ordering the attempted assassination of Navalny.

But…funny how the Skripal poisoning scandal should come hot on the heels of Putin’s potent Powerpoint presentation. You know, the one where he showed off all the new, hi-tech, state-of-the-art, hyper-sonic weapons now in Russia’s arsenal? And why shouldn’t he? He’s got NATO playing war games on his border and destabilizing his neighbour, the Ukraine. The very least he can do is respond with a show of military might. Again, I say good for you, Vlad the Impaler. Gear up. Why should only the US have a trillion-dollar weapons program? Of course…Putin’s little show & tell presentation made the western MSM and every warmongering, neo-con warhawk on Swamp Hill wet themselves…especially at the revelation of those hyper-sonic missiles that zig-zag and slalom across the planet – at several times the speed of sound. And, predictably, their knee-jerk response was to accuse Putin of warmongering. When all he was really saying (to anyone who is actually listening) was; “Don’t push us. We’re not Iraq. We mean business. And now we have hyper-sonic gear in the rear.” And then, boom, a few days later, up popped the Skripal poisoning saga. Pretty serendipitous, huh..?

. . .

Are we learning yet…?

Think about this…think about how the same gleeful Trump-haters accusing him of colluding with Putin…are the same people who are eerily quiet when Trump tweets threats about launching missiles at Russian troops in Syria. And when Trump goes ahead and illegally fires Tomahawk missiles into Syria – twice in one year – a move which clearly makes the Russians’ job (of eliminating terrorists like Isis) more difficult, those same Trump-haters are, again, eerily quiet. They don’t, for instance, point out, “Now why would Putin’s pal do that? Why would he create a quagmire in Syria that makes Russia’s job of killing terrorists like Isis more difficult? We must have it wrong, Trump is clearly not Putin’s puppet after all.” And that would be a good question; why would Putin’s puppet make Russia’s work more difficult in Syria by bombing Russia’s ally, Assad? Instead of bombing the terrorists that Russia and Syria (and, supposedly, the west) are fighting? Why the fuck would Putin’s stooge do that? And yet, despite overwhelming evidence for impeachment of Trump for these kinds of war crimes, the Democrats want to impeach him for…a fkn phone call???

For me, the Russophobic alarm bells started ringing long before Skripal or Douma. I first took notice when certain politicians in the US, like John Mc Cain and John Kerry, started referring to a major alternative news broadcaster, RT as a “propaganda bullhorn” and a “foreign agent”; calling it Putin’s propaganda network, or the Kremlin’s brainwashing tool. And other such xenophobic, jingoistic, warmongering, propaganda shite. By this stage I had been watching RT for about 10 years…and for most of those years I had wondered why the US/West establishment wasn’t scrambling to shut down or block this station, because – as John Lansing, CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors put it; “The Russians are eating our lunch at information warfare.” (In other words, Russian media – particularly RT and Sputnik – are kicking western mainstream media ass.)

And then…it started to happen. The slander and demonizing started seeping out of the west and their sock-puppet MSM. They were finally getting off their asses and now suddenly scrambling to block, discredit and destroy RT by any means possible. Gee…I wonder why.

. . .

It started with toxic jibes by the likes of Mc Cain and Kerry and others, and descended into personal attacks, by that cocky, arrogant, machismo little prick in the state department, John Kirby (who clearly has a nasty dose of short-man-big-gun syndrome) on RT journalist, Gayane Chichakyan. Then came more attacks by US/Western politicians and media branding RT as Putin’s propaganda tool. And then…on 23 Nov 2016 (get this…you just won’t believe this…) the EU Parliament voted to declare Russian news outlets, RT and Sputnik as “dangerous tools of hostile propaganda” on par with terrorist groups like Isis. Can you believe that shit? That move alone should have set the planetary alarm bells ringing. Finally, in November, 2017, RT was forced by the US State Dept to register as a “Foreign Agent” – a fact that lethal journo-comedian, Lee Camp will never let us forget. (Just think about that for a second. An American Journo/Comedian, living in America, reporting on American news…is branded, by the US govt…as a foreign…fucking…agent. George Orwell, Hendrik Verwoerd, and Josef Stalin must be giggling at this from their cold dark graves). Soon after that, RT’s press credentials and passes to briefings on Capitol Hill were withdrawn. So much for freedom of press and transparency in government, huh..? Welcome to the United States of Soviet Amerika, folks.

More recently we’ve seen RT banned from the UK’s Media “Freedom” Conference (no sense of irony there), RT banned in Latvia and Lithuania, and British ministers calling for RT to be banned in the UK. And, of course, we’ve seen Bojo slamming Corbyn and other British MPs for exercising their God-given free will and constitutional right to appear on RT. Yip, this is the Brave New “Free” World, peeps.

Now…ten years ago…if you had told me that a legitimate news outlet like RT would be demonized by the West and made to register as a foreign agent in the US, or that we would see literally thousands of alternative news, media and voices shut down by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, I would tell you you’re full of shit – and remind you that the USA today is not communist-era Soviet Russia. And yet, here we are. It’s the Cold War and McCarthyism all over again…with a big dose of Orwell’s 1984 thrown in. So much for “Land of the Free”, huh..? So much for the 5th Amendment. So much for our constitutional human right to freedom of speech, expression and information.

. . .

Now do yourself a favour… and go and watch RT for a week or so. And take a good hard look at most of their journos and anchors, notice their names, listen carefully to their accents. Are they all Russians?

No, you’ll see people like…

To name just some of the most prominent shows and hosts. Take a long hard look at that list. See any pesky, sneaky fkn Russians there? Notice how most of the anchors, journalists, presenters and guests are in fact NOT Russian? Sure, there are a few Russians employed too, but…what do you expect? The channel is a Moscow-based broadcaster called…Russia Today.

. . .

So why this passionate hatred for Russia, from the West?  Whence comes it?  Communism?  The Soviet era?  Or further back?  Apparently, it goes back centuries between England and Russia.  And, of course, America today is just an extension of that Anglo empire (that’s why it’s called the Anglo-American empire).  We’ve watched for decades how capitalistic, western society has always feared and despised the communist East and demonized them every chance they got…but why?  Why this relentless fear and hatred?  Is it strictly about greedy, opportunistic, entrepreneurial, industrialist capitalists fearing socialism and communism? Does it stem from jealousy that comes with knowing that it was, in fact, Russia who played the lion’s role and made the greatest sacrifice in defeating the Nazis and liberating the concentration camp prisoners?  (Despite Hollywood’s best, decades-long efforts to rewrite history on that one.)  Or, is it – just like most bullies – they don’t like contenders… and feel threatened by another big kid on the playground, who could match or defeat them…if they ever went toe-to-toe.

To get a sense of how far back this anti-Russian hysteria goes, and why (and, if you’re too lazy – like most, including me – to do any real research on the subject) then watch a little movie with Kevin Costner about the Cuban Missile Crisis…called 13 Days. There’s a scene where Dean Acheson (Len Cariou), former Secretary of State and architect of the American Cold War strategy of “Containment” is trying to convince President Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood) to attack Cuba and the Russians – with nukes, if necessary.  While everyone in the room listens to him with rapt attention, his very presence overshadowing the room, he makes his position very clear on where he stands when it comes to the Russians. 

He says…

Acheson: “For the last fifteen years, I have fought here at this table alongside your predecessors in the struggle against the Soviet.  Gentlemen, I do not wish to seem melodramatic, but I do wish to impress upon you one observation with all conceivable sincerity.  A lesson I have learned with bitter tears and great sacrifice.  The Soviet… understands only one language: action.  It respects only one word: force.” 

Sound familiar?  Kinda echoes Clapper’s comments…and the NYT and Atlantic articles…don’t you think?  Then, after that little Russophobic tirade, Acheson makes his point – the point that all warmongers ultimately push for. 

He says…

Acheson: “I concur with General Taylor.  I recommend, sir, air strikes…followed by invasion.”

. . .

Something about that scene and those words by Acheson is familiar; it reminds me of old apartheid South Africa…when some white folks would make similar derogatory generalizations about black folks. You know the kind. Now (again) take that speech by Acheson and replace the word Soviet with Black or African or Arab or Jew…and then run it past Facebook or Twitter…see what happens.  Acheson’s speech personifies EXACTLY the kind of xenophobic, Russophobic, warmongering, mass-murdering mentality we’re dealing with right now…from those war/chicken hawks in the Deep-State Swamp…on Capitol Hill.  They hated the Russians then, and they still hate them today.  And they’re going to have their war with Russia, to prove, once and for all, who’s the biggest bully on the block…and who’s got the biggest cock.  Even if it means obliterating the whole fucking planet in the process. Why..?  Why would they do that?  I mean, who the FUCK would want war instead of peace with Russia??? Or China? Or Iran? Well, short men, with small cocks and big guns, of course.  That’s who.  Power-hungry, warmongering, jingoistic psychopaths.  That’s who.  The kinda guy who embodies the poster child for toxic masculinity.  That’s who.  Men like Bush (Snr & Jnr), Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Blumenthal, Clinton, Bolton and Pompeo…to name a few.  That’s who. Men like Biden. That’s who.

To understand the propaganda game they’re replaying today you’d have to have lived through part of the cold war, you’d have to remember it…or at least, like me, remember at least some of what you were taught about it. You’d have to be old or learned enough to know about the Salemesque, McCarthy led witch-hunt by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) back in the 1950s.  Many good people, including harmless “bleeding hearts and liberals artists” had their careers and lives ruined by this inquisition.  Hollywood went on to make several good films about that black period, including Guilty by Suspicion, Good Night and Good Luck, and Trumbo.

. . .

Today, the US and other Western countries, particularly the NATO alliance seem keen to forget or sweep the Soviet role in WW2 under the rug. They seem to want to downplay their sacrifice. But it wasn’t always like that. There was a time when the Americans revered Russia’s contribution in the war. Go and look up a love letter of a documentary to the Russian people by Frank Capra, about the phenomenal strength and fortitude of the Russian people during the siege by Germany, and the extraordinary sacrifice they made in pushing back and defeating the Nazis. Where is that respect and acknowledgement from the US today?

Ironically, it was Hollywood that also massively contributed to the Red Scare propaganda. (And, by the looks of it, they’ve rebooted their War Propaganda Department.) Since the beginning of the Cold War, the USA – particularly their MSM – has done a GREAT job of demonizing the Russians. Because, with Hollywood, they had the most powerful and sophisticated, brain-washing, mind-programming propaganda machine in the world; a spellbinding tool way, way, WAY more powerful than Putin’s supposed “farm” of alleged hacker-trolls. Think about how many Hollywood movies we’ve seen that paint the Russians and communists as a sinister, mad-dog nation, hell-bent on ruling or destroying the world. From Bond villains to the Kurgan, to Boris the Blade, and beyond. Lest we forget, every Hollywood Vietnam movie effectively demonizes Russian-backed communists. And, of course, we saw one Tony Montana tell us that he fled communist Cuba because he was sick of eating octopus three times a day. With few exceptions, like Doctor Zhivago, throughout the Cold War Hollywood, would have us believe that every Russian man was a grim, brain-washed, dead-eyed, meat puppet, and every Russian woman was a butt-ugly, muscle-bound, bearded circus lady – something like Rosa Klebb or Mother Russia in KA2. Thankfully, the internet…and Russian Bride-for-Sale websites…have changed that perception.

. . .

But then, for a brief patch, in the 80s Hollywood began to ease up on the Russia-bashing and started to humanize Russian characters. Somewhere between Will Hurt in Gorky Park and Schwarzenegger (in one of the roles he was born for) as the tough Russian cop in Red Heat, and Pete Stormare’s unhinged, spanner-wielding Cosmonaut in Armageddon, Hollywood started to make us realize that even commies have mommies too. (And, to answer your lyrical question, Sting…I’m pretty sure they do.) For a while, during the 80s and 90s, we realized that maybe the Russians are not the cold, inhuman, borscht-eating, vodka-drinking, mad-dog nation that we always thought they were.

Sadly, that phase of humanizing the Russians for a while was short-lived. It wasn’t long until the US and their Hollywood propaganda machine were back at demonizing their old Cold-War enemy. I just re-watched Clint Eastwood’s Space Cowboys again recently, and…who’s fault was all of it? The whole crisis? Who fucked up? You guessed it. The Russians. The Russians are back on the boogeyman play-list…and lately they’re popping up fkn EVERYWHERE! Which is sad. Because, what we really need between America and Russia right now…is a little more of that solidarity we saw between Ridzik (Belushi) and Danko (Schwarzenegger) in Red Heat.

. . .

Now, let’s ask the big question…about the man himself: Vladimir Putin. Madman? Or Grand Master? What’s the real deal with this guy? What do we, in “the west”, really know of him? If the western, establishment, their NATO allies and their propaganda echo-chamber MSM are to be believed, Putin is a deluded, despotic tyrant “out of touch with reality“…and a threat to world peace. Yeah, to them he’s some kind of hybrid between grizzly bear, chess-playing octopus and shape-shifting demon. The ultimate Bond villain. Personally, I’ve never met the comrade, so I cannot speak with any authority to his character, or what’s going on in his head. Although, I can’t deny having a certain measure of respect and admiration for him…the man shows remarkable restraint in the face of perpetual, naked, western and NATO aggression. Don’t you think..?

Thanks to Oliver Stone’s excellent series of interviews with Putin I got to see other fascinating, enlightening and sobering facets to the guy, and there are many brag sites that list his achievements, hobbies and interests – which range from mastering at least two martial arts, and speaking at least three languages fluently, to tracking and tagging polar bears and shooting whales with crossbows (for science). Apparently, he’s also an excellent Formula One racing driver and ice hockey player. And…I could have sworn I saw or read somewhere that, in his spare time, Putin frees wildcats from snares…but that seems to have disappeared off the net. When I search for it, a bunch of anti-Putin articles and videos pop up instead. (Like I said in my last blog, from jungle to nursery.) In fact, finding anything positive about Putin and Russia on the net for this blog has been like trying to pick gnat shit out of pepper. Yip. Pro Putin articles on Google are as rare as rocking horse shit. Whatever his background and hobbies, the one thing the West knows well…Putin doesn’t mince words…and he doesn’t let himself or his country get pushed around. That’s what pisses them off.

. . .

And where does the democrat’s caramelized, Manchurian Candidate “Messiah”, Obama, his foreign policy advisor, and that corrupt, warmongering, mass-murdering cunt, Hillary Clinton get off comparing Putin to Saddam Hussein…and Hitler? This, coming from the people who backed the killing of Gaddafi, the destruction of Libya, and the arming of terrorists in Syria? This, coming from a guy (Obama) who receives the Nobel Peace Prize at the BEGINNING of his presidency – partially for his anti-war stance on Iraq, but mostly for (let’s be honest) being the first black US president (before he’s done a single fkn thing of substance in the oval office), and then…proceeds to bomb SEVEN FUCKING COUNTRIES! Really earned that Peace Prize, huh? Just like he earned that reputation as “The Drone President.” Safe to say, Obama will go down as one of the greatest mass murderers in history – along with most of his predecessors. (He is pretty much already seen that way in some circles.) Just like GW Bush, GH Bush, Bill (and Hillary) Clinton, and so on, and so on, and so on…going all the way back to Truman. So, from where I’m sitting, compared to Obama and his legacy…Putin is a fkn saint. In fact, I would say it’s you, Obama, who has more in common with Saddam than Putin. Ah, but then…Saddam hasn’t killed or displaced as many people as you. So, maybe you have more in common with Hitler…than Saddam?

Fortunately, despite the US and their allies bending over backwards to paint Vladimir Putin as some kind of deluded, mad-dog despot, the majority of the world – including some western countries – are not buying it. Maybe it’s because they don’t see Putin invading, bombing, destabilizing and intervening in multiple, black/brown-skinned, impoverished, defenseless countries all over the Middle-East and North Africa. If Putin is guilty of anything…it’s not playing nice with the west, and not buckling to their pressure. The guy is clearly un-fkn-flappable. But he’s certainly no despot or tyrant. Sure, he walks like a cowboy – with a KGB swagger – and talks like a hard-liner…but then why wouldn’t he? When the west have thousands of nukes pointed at his country and continuously demonize him and Russia every chance they get. Why should he roll over and play dead?

. . .

I can’t say when it was exactly that I started seeing Putin and Russia in a different light…but one of the swaying moments was the time when Vlad looked the whole of NATO in the eye and asked a damning question…a question that gave me chills. He asked them; “Who give you the right to murder Gaddafi?” (Now go try and find a copy or clip of that speech on the net. The closest you’ll get is this. ) See, until that moment I didn’t really see it as murder. I saw it as “neutralizing” a despot, or “overthrowing a tyrant” or “bringing democracy and freedom to the Libyans.” Anything, but murder. But, murder it was. Not only of Gaddafi, but of the tens of thousands of Libyans – and counting – who have been killed in the civil war that’s raged there since.

Okay, so maybe Gaddafi was no angel…unlike, say, Bush or Obama or Biden or Clinton or Trump or…(excuse me…just threw up in my mouth a little bit there..). But if the west genuinely had a legitimate criminal case against Gaddafi maybe they should’ve used that western lapdog, the ICC to charge and prosecute him for war crimes against humanity? Or, if they wanted to go illegal and extreme, I’m sure they could easily concoct one of their notorious Black Ops…and send Special Forces or Green Berets or Marines…or one of those hot-shot SEAL teams to just go in there and snatch Gaddafi? (Kinda like the Israelis did with Eichmann.) And bring him to justice, and have him face some kind of war tribunal – like Hussein? Instead of having their death squads find and dig up Gaddafi, gang rape him, sodomize him with a bayonet and then shoot him? (Is it any wonder that more and more countries are now withdrawing from the ICC? They seem to have become redundant.) And where is Libya today? A basket case. A Jihadi hornet’s nest of terrorists and civil war, where – in case you missed it – slavery and human-trafficking has made a big comeback. So, tell me…is Libya today better off without that “tyrannical despot”, Gaddafi..? I think not. And I’m pretty sure that roundabout now…most Libyans would agree. The Western NATO powers who killed Gaddafi and destroyed Libya (you listening, Barack, Hillary and Biden?) should be deeply embarrassed and ashamed by Putin’s pointed, damning question: “Who gave you the right?”

. . .

People ask me why I’m so pro-Russia and Putin.  I’m not. Well, I kinda am…but only in the way that I’m pro humanity.  What I am, however, is pro peace and anti war…as any halfway sensible individual would be.  (Duh! Am I alone on this?)  But, newsflash folks…we clearly do NOT have sensible, rational, even-keeled, humanitarians and peaceniks in power.  No.  We obviously have greedy, corrupt, entitled, lying, warmongering, mass-murdering PSYCHOPATHS…in power.  Have you not picked up on that yet? Are you not learning yet..?

Same goes for Trump.  I’m certainly not a Trump supporter (and that’s putting it politely), I would’ve gone with Gabbard, Stein or Sanders.  I disagree (and that’s putting it mildly) with most of his policies.  However…I don’t give a SHIT…about his TWITter bluster, his moronic vitriol, or his pussy-groping comments.  What I DO give a shit about is his policies…and his flip-flops – like his turnaround on Afghanistan and dropping the MOAB on that country, or his two illegal airstrikes on Syria, or his  Draconian, Orwellian, anti-humanitarian immigration policy.  But that doesn’t mean I’m about to toss the baby out with the bathwater…just to appease a few libtard snowflakes and Antifa psychos, by beating on Trump every chance I get either. (Besides, it would feel like picking or beating on a mentally stunted child). 

We need to acknowledge the facts and give a little credit where it’s due.  If it’s a choice between war or peace with North Korea, Russia or Iran…I’ll take peace.  And if takes an orange, quaffed, bombastic, pussy-groping, racist/sexist/Islamophobic/homophobic toxic idiot…and a KGB-trained, ex-commie, iron-fisted, tyrannical, despotic dictator to achieve that?  If it takes two “undesirables” like Trump and Putin to make that peace happen?  Then…so be it.  I’ll take it.  We’ve had suave, charming, career politicians and US presidents who talk left and walk right for decades…how did that work out?  What peace did they bring to the planet?  Zilch. Far as I’m concerned Trump and Putin…couldn’t possibly do any worse.

. . .

Hey, maybe I’ve got him all wrong. Maybe Vladimir Putin is no Mother Teresa. Maybe he is a bit of a Draconian, hard-assed dictator (although, Oliver Stone doesn’t seem to think so). Maybe you do need to be a teensy-weensy bit no-nonsense, authoritarian and iron-willed to rule a cold, hard, big-assed fkn country…like Russia. (From what I’ve seen and read, the Russian mafia make the gangsters in Scorsese movies look like Mamalukes.) But, from where I’m sitting…Putin is the least of our global threats. In fact, he seems to be one of the few adults in the geopolitical room – along with the Chinese. You see, while the west is still bullying and upsetting the hell out of one country after another – including US allies – Putin is quietly making moves behind the scenes, strengthening diplomatic and economic ties with many of those countries, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The way I see it….if Putin really did “hack” the DNC..and influence the US election? If he really did brainwash the entire US population – using nothing but his RT “propaganda” network, his powers of mass-hypnosis and mind-control, and a few Facebook Ads…to put Trump in power? Well, then, I say…good for him. I say, Go, Vlad The Impaler. Go! Давай, товарищ! (Hope I spelled that right.) If he has indeed setup an entire hacker-troll farm that is manipulating the entire US population? Way to go, Vladdie baby! Why..? Because, all is fair in love and war…remember? And we’re back in another Cold War, 2.0…right? And if Putin is too smart for the inept, molly-coddled, piss-poor politicians you voted into power? Well, then…too bad for you, ‘Murica. You chose…poorly. Maybe you should try voting in a better class of leader in future?

Thing is, what most people (especially Millennials) are too young, dumb or naive to realize, is this: The US…and Russia…have been “hacking” each other for fucking DECADES. Since the beginning of the Cold War, in fact. Except, back then it wasn’t called hacking, it was called ESPIONAGE and COUNTER-ESPIONAGE…and INTELLIGENCE and COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE…and INSURGENCY and COUNTER-INSURGENCY. Or, quite simply…spying. Remember these guys? Well, the whole US-Russia spy game during the cold war played out something like that. And they, the spooks and spies in the CIA and KGB, have been doing it…and enjoying it – this grand chess game – since it all started. In truth, it never really ended. And now that this new Cold War has just re-heated, with the dial turned all the way up to 11, there are lots of old (and new) CIA spooks out there rubbing their hands, and knocking back vodka martinis, and chuckling and conspiring…and they’re saying things like; “We’re back! New Cold War? It’s on again, baby! And this time…we’re gonna fix the mistakes we made in the last one.”

. . .

But it’s not Putin you should be worried about.  It’s Trump. 

In his short term in office Trump has done more damage to the planet than Putin has done since the start of his political career.  Here’s one good example:  No sooner had this “pandemic” broke, when Trump (and the EPA) used the opportunity to relax environmental laws, giving corporations carte blanche and zero accountability for fucking up the planet – for profit.  Lest we forget, Trump also canned the WH Pandemic Early Response program, three months before the outbreak. And, while Putin’s skipping around the planet forging stronger trade (and other) ties with various countries, Trump is following in the grand ol’ US tradition of destroying relations with as many countries as possible – including America’s allies.  It was Russia that cleaned up America’s mess in Syria- when they helped the Assad regime flush Isis from Syria (and Trump tried to take credit for it).  It was Putin who brokered that deal between Syria, Turkey and the Kurds (and Trump tried to take credit for it).  Fact of the matter is, Putin keeps extending the hand of friendship and reconciliation and the US and their lackey bitches keep slapping it away or biting it.  Why just recently Putin proposed extending the nuke and WMD treaty, and, predictably, Washington rejected it. So, who’s the peacenik and who’s the warmonger here? Who’s the bigger threat to world peace? And, of course, it’s not Russia invading, bombing or destabilizing one Middle-Eastern country after another, is it?  It’s not Russia who colonized multiple countries in Africa, and has military bases all over that continent, is it?  In fact, in contrast, Putin just held a Russia-Africa Summit to strengthen ties with several African countries.  (Which should get really interesting since China and the US are also pushing for influence in Africa.)

Speaking of Africa…

I must confess, my reasons for not jumping on the Russophobic train, and, in fact, being very wary of this Red Scare rhetoric coming out of the west – again – are also personal. Born and raised in apartheid South Africa, I was programmed and conditioned to despise “Communist” Russia all my fkn life. I was also raised to hate Gaddafi, Arafat, Castro and Mandela…because they all supported “the terrorists. But, most importantly, I was raised to hate the root of all communist evil; The Soviets. The Russians. Why? Well, mostly because America and the rest of the colonial, imperial, capitalistic west…told us to. But that wasn’t the only reason…

You see, they, the Russians – I was told – were the reason why we had to support apartheid. And, the communists, I was told, were the reason why I was being forcibly conscripted into the army for National Service for two years (where I broke both my fkn legs during training). The communist Russians, Chinese and Cubans, I was told, were the reason I had to do my bit to fight against the influence of (what the apartheid government called) “Die Rooi Gevaar” (The Red Threat). Communism, they said, was pushing into Africa and sowing seeds of discontent among the otherwise peaceful, subjugated “natives” and giving them bad ideas about socialism, communism and (eek!) democracy. Un-fkn-acceptable, back then. Yes, the communists, you see, were inspiring our “indigenous peoples” to rise up and demand a more socialist, egalitarian society and economy. Horror of horrors! And the communists, don’t you know, were “inciting” black South Africans to attack and overthrow the capitalist, imperialist, racist, fascist white minority…in a bloody onslaught. (Kinda like what’s happening in slow motion right now.) Yip, Die Rooi Gevaar was giving rise to a new terror: “Die Swart Gevaar” (The Black Threat) – which was an existential threat to the white, colonizing “settlers.” and their western, privileged, capitalistic way of life.

Yes, the sacred institution of free-market capitalism, and racist white nationalism, had to be defended at all cost…in a Border War spanning more than two decades. The National Party were terrified that the commie-backed Angolans and SWAPO in Namibia would get a foothold in those countries, and be in a stronger position to overthrow the apartheid regime and bring communism to South Africa; an unthinkable nightmare for white South Africans – and the rest of the capitalist, “free market” west in those days. (Funny how white South Africa back then didn’t realize that the racist, fascist regime of apartheid was arguably a far worse reality for black South Africans, than communism was for the Russian people.) But, we weren’t alone. Our staunch allies, the governments of America, Britain and Israel – among others – were firmly in our camp against the communist threat. While I was growing up, we heard slogans coming out of America (and the Hollywood machine) like; “Kill a Commie for Mommy” and “Better Dead than Red.” The possibility of nuclear war between Russia and the USA was imminent and ever present to the extent where, in school, they made us watch American Civil Defense films like “Duck and Cover.” So, yeah, back then, South Africa, USA, UK, Israel and the most of the western world were all on the same page when it came to communist Russia.

And look how that turned out. After all that? After all those miserable years of fascist, draconian apartheid, after a 23-year Border War…what happened? That’s right. Apartheid was finally abolished, and that so-called “terrorist”, Nelson Mandela, and his communist-trained ANC party took control of South Africa. All that war…all those deaths, prisoners and lives ruined…all that fear and hatred for “communists” and “terrorists”…added up to zero. All for nothing. The “war”…was lost. So, yeah… when it comes to being told who I should hate? Let’s just say, once bitten, twice VERY shy. I’m not getting caught by that warmongering propaganda…that sends young men to their doom…for parasitic politicians and war hawks…ever again ( Especially now that I’ve officially seen the Emperor’s naked butt.) And yet, in South Africa today, I see some of my fellow countrymen are jumping back on the old Russophobic Red Scare trainagain. Which is quite pathetic, because SA is a BRICS country. We should be standing with our Russian allies, and speaking out against all this western, imperialist, colonial-style, Russia-bashing…that constantly emanates from the west like stench from a dump.

So why? Why the ongoing hostility towards Russia? Why the new Cold War and Red Scare reboot? Well, apart from the age-old, historical, Russophobic, commie-hating reasons? It should be quite obvious by now: Money.

All wars are bankers’ wars. Including civil wars.

That’s right. The west’s perpetual provocations against Russia is not only fueled and motivated by pure hate and hegemony. It has another purpose: Profit. You see, the west – particularly the western war machine known as the Military-Industrial-Complex – NEEDS an enemy; a global threat. They need to keep demonizing Russia (and China, and Syria, and Iran, and Venezuela, and North Korea) because they, the weapons manufacturers and arms dealers, and the politicians, lobbyists, media and countries they control, need a perpetual, evil, existential threat to scare the shit out of the rest of us – in order to justify those exorbitant budgets they extort from the taxpayer…for war. As Brian Becker from the ANSWER Coalition put it, “…the main priority for the US military in the coming decades is not terrorism, it’s for major power confrontation with Russia and China. To do that…you have to really paint the adversary as an adversary. That way you can take the people’s money, hard-earned tax dollars – which could be used for housing and healthcare and education – and shovel it over to the defense contractors.”

So, yeah…they need a Boogeyman. And, as we’ve established, Hollywood is a great tool for creating Boogeymen. In the cowboy westerns, it was the red-skinned savage injuns. In WW2 movies it was ze Germanz. In Laurence of Arabia it was the swarthy Arabs. In many a Vietnam flick it was “zipperhead gooks“. In Wild Geese it was African Simba savages. Throughout the cold war it was cold, soulless commie devils. And we’ve just had two decades of demonizing (and slaughtering) Arabs. Now it’s the Russians’ turn again. (And China. And North Korea). But it wasn’t only the Hollywood machine that was spinning all the propaganda…even the elite, intellectual, literary types were getting in on the action. Remember how the CIA duped some of the world’s top writers into a cultural Cold War? And then, of course, there’s Operation Mockingbird.

Anybody who has paid any attention to the MSM propaganda coming out of the US in the past few years, or watched that Russiagate Congressional hearing last year, can see that the US is firmly back in another McCarthyite Red Scare frenzy. And it’s gotten so bad, that, in some circles, merely defending Russia, or speaking out against possible war with Russia, will get you stifled, demonized or ridiculed.

And I have to tell you…it is downright fkn…FRIGHTENING…watching people – including intelligent friends and family – being brain-washed and spellbound into swallowing this renewed, Russophobic, Red Scare hysteria (and just about everything else the neo-lib establishment and their MSM are dishing out). I know people, good people, who believe every fkn thing the US government tells them, including everything coming out of that fake news, Trump-bashing, warmongering, echo chamber, CNN…while simultaneously dismissing everything coming from RT as Russian propaganda. Can you believe that shit? They haven’t learned a single fucking thing since Vietnam, Gulf War 1 & 2, and the GWOT. Haven’t learned a thing since 9/11, WMD in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Haven’t learned a thing since the arrest of Julian Assange. Not a thing. And when I bring up any of this, including defending Russia, at the dinner table or braaivleis? I get to watch certain family members turn into something resembling Donald Sutherland’s character at the end of Body Snatchers.

Thankfully, not everyone – who counts – is buying into this resurgent Russophobia. In March, a US Judge ruled to drop the prosecution of a Russian company accused of meddling in the 2016 US elections. It’s a good sign and a small step. Then, another judge ruled out Trump’s collusion with Russia in hacking the DNC. And, of course, we have loads of international intellectuals, celebrities, politicians, musicians, artists and other good, solid, critically, forward-thinking, truly liberal, moderate, progressive, democratic voices appearing on impartial, objective, criticallythinking, alternate news/media outlets…like RT.

So, let’s be clear…take it from someone who’s been down this road, and knows. Russia…are not the big, bad, existential, boogeyman threat we’re being told they are (neither are China, North Korea or Iran). But that doesn’t mean the Russians will play ball or suck Yankee Doodle Dandy dick either. Unlike Blair, Cameron, May, Macron and Merkel – to name a few lackeys and bitches – Putin will not be pushed around…by the US or anyone else.

Yet, the western establishment and their MSM are relentlessly trying to convince us that we should be suspicious of Russia…and trust the USA? What a joke! More like the other way round. Anybody…who still believes ANYTHING…coming out of the White House and State Dept…and their corporate, sock-puppet, propaganda bullhorn, mainstream media…needs to have their fkn head read. Do yourself a favour and believe NOTHING the (US) government tells you.

Don’t take it from me, search your feelings…and ask yourself; when the same western governments who invaded Afghanistan and justified it with lies, who invaded Iraq based on lies, who illegally murdered Gaddafi and destroyed Libya based on lies, who tried to illegally overthrow Assad based on lies, who armed and supported jihadi terrorists and then lied about it, who armed and supported the Saudis in their genocidal war against Yemen and are proud of it, who illegally dragged Assange to jail, who are pushing for a war with China and Iran, who are pushing for regime change in Bolivia and Venezuela…are the same people telling us that Putin is a tyrant and the Russians are a threat to world peace…should we believe them?

You be the judge.

While you’re about it, pay careful attention to these latest Russophobic events – like what’s happening right now over the Ukraine crisis. And before you believe the bullshit propaganda spin coming out of the western, sock puppet, stenographer media, check out the alternate point of view coming from credible sources like this and this and this. And when you do, keep in mind what happened with Navalny. And the Skripal saga. And bullshit like Bountygate. And dozens of other groundless accusations the West hurled against Russia.

Because, after the great, big, red WW3 has come and gone, people will look back – in their attempts to figure out who started the war and how – and confuse fake news and propaganda with the facts. And this blizzard of fake, Russophobic, propaganda coming out of the neoliberal western establishment – from Skripal to Douma to Navalny and beyond…are going to be used as plausible “precedent” to pin the blame…on the Russians. (And China. And Iran. And North Korea. And, who knows, maybe Turkey too.)

Yip. This is how they do it. Demonization. Don’t buy into it. Do NOT swallow that crap. Research. Read. Study history. Watch a little RT.

And relax, folks. Take a deep breath…and repeat after me:

The Russians…are NOT…coming.

Oh, they’re coming to the war, alright…they’re just not coming to the party.

This one’s for Russia, with love.

Disclaimer: Although every attempt has been made to verify the sources, links and information in this blog, CTC and the author cannot guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any of the links and references.

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