Lollipop Wars – Part 2

In Part 1, we revisited seven of the major wars that have unfolded since the signing of that “Never Again” Armistice back in 1918 – some of which started as far back as the late 1800s.

Which brings us to the Middle-East…and the endless wars that characterize the Middle-East “Crisis” today.  Yes…that great, big, raging, fucking WAR…in the Middle-East.  We need to talk about how we got here!  How did we get here?  What is the origin of this War on Muslims?  Where did it all begin?

Well…how far back you wanna go?

Now…I’m no journo, historian or political analyst; I’m not Woodward or Bernstein, Hersh or Hedges, Beeley or Webb, Blumenthal or Lavelle.  So, I’m no expert on the Middle-East, I hardly know the difference between Hamas and Hummus.  Or, Hezbolla and Houthis for that matter.  But I do know this: for some reason, the wars (especially in the Middle-East) NEVER… FUCKING…END!  And what’s going on in the Middle-East is fkn confounding and confusing – and that’s putting it mildly.  Baby, it is a sprawling, freakin’ spider-web of tribes, sects, factions, proxies, factions-within-proxies, proxies-within-factions and other vested interests and armed groups, spread across the entire region.  It is one big complicated quagmire.  (Which, I think, is exactly how they like it…makes it tough to follow.)  In this never-ending conflict, we’ve got Sunni vs Shiite vs Alawite vs Druz vs Kurd vs Turk vs Christian vs Jew vs Palestinian…with Russia, Turkey and their allied forces getting in on the action, and the US gate-crashing the party.  We got booming MOABs and prolific poppy production in Afghanistan.  We got Isis and other jihads in Mosul.  We got a hornets-nest of extremist rebels and full-on civil war in Libya.  We got Assad & Russia fighting Isis, al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front and other US/Western-backed jihadi extremists in Syria (moderate rebels, my ass).  And, we’ve got the US-backed Saudis blowing the most impoverished country in the region, Yemen, back to the stone-age.  And that’s just a taste of what’s happening over there right now.

Whenever it started, the end is nowhere in sight.  

I know what most of you are thinking;  “Oy vey, who can follow THAT shit?”  Who’s got time?  And more importantly…WHO CARES?  (Which, exactly the attitude from us that they are counting on:  Who…cares?Truth is, nobody.  Nobody in the west, that is.  At least, not enough to make a difference.  It’s just a bunch of brown-skinned folk over therrre on the far side of the planet, why should I give a shit?  Too confusing.  Who’s got time.  Who cares!  You see, the shrewd warmongering politicians know full well that your average, burger-munching, beer-swilling, gun-totin’, game-show-watching, yankee-doodle, diddly-eyed Joe…has trouble following anything more challenging than an episode of Kardashians or Jackass, so there’s NO fucking WAY…they’re going to be able to follow (their country’s hand in) that sprawling cluster-fuck conflagration that is the Middle-East today…let alone give a shit.  (“Go back to bed, America…your government is in control.”)  So, here’s a short crash-course that sums up the Middle-East crisis in 10 minutes (albeit from one perspective) to bring you up to speed.  If you want a lengthier, more academic analysis, there’s this.

See..? Very confusing. 

To anyone who knows precious little about the history of the Middle-East (like me), it appears as if the “crisis” in that region started to heat up around the same time the (first) Cold War began to cool.  But, sadly, relations in that part of the world have always been kinda strained, going all the way back to – oh, I don’t know…the founding of Israel?  The establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?  Sykes-Picot?  The Crusades?  Whatever it was, what happened in 1991…and again in 2001…only made it worse.

Speaking of…maybe now would be a good time to pause, and jump back nearly a century, to 1916, when WW1 was midway…and another treaty was being drawn up – two years before the signing of the Armistice – and that was the Sykes-Picot treaty.  That’s when Britain and France, anticipating the fall of the Ottoman Empire, took it upon themselves to redraw the map and borders of the Middle-East.  A move that still has violent, bloody, rippling repercussions to this day.  That treaty, many argue, is where all the trouble in the Middle-East really started.  (Well, that and the Crusades.)  

Fast forward to 1991 when, as the Yugoslav wars were kicking off in Europe, so was the first Gulf War.  (Because two wars are more difficult to follow than one.)

8) GULF / IRAQ WAR (1991)

GW 1 - Iraq

By now, it’s no secret that the US installed, armed, funded and supported Saddam Hussein back in the 1980s, and turned a blind eye when he used US-supplied chemical weapons against Iran, the Kurds and his own people.  It was only when he invaded Kuwait – giving him control over 20% of the world’s oil reserves (sound familiar?) that the cozy relationship between the US and Saddam soured.  In retaliation, President George H. Bush initiated Operation Desert Shield on August 7th, 1990 dispatching troops to Saudi Arabia.  All they needed now was a pretext and justification to “manufacture consent” for a full-on invasion of Iraq.  And then, wala, it came…in the form of a Kuwaiti teenager named Nayirah.  On October 10th, 1990, this 15 year-old girl testified before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, telling great, big, whopping porky-pies about Iraqi soldiers storming a Kuwaiti hospital, pulling babies out of incubators and leaving them on the cold floor to die.  Her story, initially corroborated by Amnesty International, was proven to be blatantly, flagrantly false.  Nayirah, as it turned out, was the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, Saud Al-Sabah, and she had been coached and coerced to give that testimony.  But, by the time the world found out and gave a shit it was too late, the invasion of Iraq was well underway.

On January 16, 1991, Bush announced the start of Operation Desert Storm, a military operation to expel Iraqi forces that were occupying Kuwait.  For several weeks, the U.S. led a coalition of more than 20 nations that sent almost one million troops to the region.  Saddam Hussein promised it would be “the mother of all battles” but, as wars go, this one turned out to be somewhat of a nothing burger – at least for the coalition forces.  After Iraq failed to meet a January 15th deadline to remove its troops, the coalition began a five week campaign of bombarding Iraqi targets, including the city of Baghdad.  They followed up with a ground invasion in February that ultimately led to Iraq’s withdrawal from Kuwait and the establishment of a ceasefire within five days.  Coalition casualties were in the hundreds while Iraqi losses ran into thousands.  Ok, so it wasn’t much of a real war, especially for the coalition (because, as Bill Hicks pointed out; “A war is when two armies are fighting”).  For some reason, the coalition  controversially, allowed Saddam to remain in power.

But, were they finally done?  With Iraq?  With all the wars?

Dream on.   

Looking back…that First Gulf War turned out to be just a dress-rehearsal for the next, bigger, badder, Second Gulf War that was still to come.  Or, as we’ve come to know it…

9) GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR (2001 – Present)

Sept 11 Photo Package

Like Borat said, this one should be renamed the Global War of Terror.  (Or at least, a crime against humanity.)  Back around the same time when the Yugoslav wars were winding down, the GWOT was ramping up.  And the first domino to fall: Afghanistan.


GWOT 1 - Afghan

Using 9/11 as a pre-text and justification, the US invaded Afghanistan – for allegedly sheltering Bin Laden and al-Qaeda – in what was called Operation “Enduring Freedom.”  (Can you believe that shit? “Enduring Freedom“?)  Despite the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, for some reason, the US did not go anywhere near Saudi Arabia.  (If you’re wondering why, and want to know more about that chummy US/Saudi relationship, it’s summed up succinctly in the opening credits of The Kingdom.  Here’s a hint: it’s all about the Black Gold.)  To date, we’ve seen no actual evidence or proof that OBL and AQ did in fact perpetrate the attacks on the WTC, unaided – without, say, the support or allowance of the US Deep State / Shadow Government, and their allies.  We’ve also still seen no proof that OBL was actually assassinated when they said he was, because, for some reason, the US government doesn’t want us to see a photo of his corpse.  Just like we’ve seen no proof yet that the US actually killed Baghdadi.  Again.  (Btw, look out for a false-flag “blow-back” incident in retaliation to the alleged killing of Baghdadi.)  Eighteen years after 9/11, despite Trump’s campaign promise to withdraw the troops, they are still in Afghanistan.  That’s right, after he came to power, Trump walked back his pledge to end the war in Afghanistan and, for some lame-assed reason, decided to remain there instead – indefinitely.  Then, in April 2017, Trump dropped a MOAB on Afghanistan.  (Hardly surprising since Trump’s role model is Richard Nixon, who famously said; Bomb the bastards.)  Incidentally, poppy cultivation and heroin production in Afghanistan – which was at an all time low under Taliban rule – has once again spiked to an all time high under US occupation.  Fancy that.  (Well, why take billions from the treasury to fund these wars, when you can take it from the very drug trade you claim to denounce?  A drug trade that’s killing your citizens in their thousands).

And, it didn’t end with Afghanistan, did it?  Between 2001 and present, using 9/11 and the GWOT as a justification, we’ve seen one (Muslim) Mid-Eastern & North African country after another being attacked, invaded, destabilized or targeted by the United States and its allies.  Almost as if…they were ticking off countries on some kind of check-list…or memo.  (Did you get the memo..?  We’ll get to the memo, later.)

Next domino in the GWOT to fall?  Iraq.  Again.

9b) GWOT: 2nd INVASION OF IRAQ (2003)

GWOT 2 - Iraq

Based on the lies that Saddam Hussein had WMD and was sheltering Al-Qaeda, the US and their “Coalition of the Willing” decided to finish the job they started back in ’91, and invaded and bombed Iraq in March, 2003, in Operation Shock & Awe – also called Operation “Iraqi Freedom”.  (Again with the bullshit “Freedom“.)  This “war” lasted only 21 days and killed nearly half a million Iraqis.  Saddam Hussein was eventually found, convicted and hanged for war crimes, but when it surfaced that the accusations about Iraq having WMD and harboring terrorists was all a blatant lie, it made that invasion totally illegal by international law.  Which means all the corrupt, warmongering, politicians involved are ostensibly mass-murdering war criminals…who should’ve faced prosecution and jail by now.  But, just like our slippery-as-eel-shit Tony Blair, they probably won’t.  (It’s scandalous how few US/UK politicians spoke out in protest to that illegal war, one of the few to do the brave, honorable thing was British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook.)  And if you want to get an idea how deep the deception went in swaying public opinion to support that illegal war, ask this lady.  Or this couple.  As for the fallout and “unintended consequences” from the Iraq invasion?  Well, apart from the fact that it destroyed Iraq and destabilized the region, it also led to the rise of Isis in Iraq and Syria.  So, was it all worth it?  And the damage to Iraq and the Middle East didn’t end with the Bush and Clinton administrations, did it?  No.  After he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (partly because of his opposition to the Iraq war), President Obama went on to bomb 7 countries during his term – including Iraq.  (They don’t call him “The Drone President” for nothing, you know.)

After Afghanistan and Iraq it seemed the US and the world finally had their fill of wars because between 2004 and 2010 there wasn’t really another major one.  At least, not in the foreground; none that the majority of the white, western world would give a shit about.

And then, lo…in early 2011…the hawkish, western governments hell-bent on destroying and exploiting the Middle-East were given a gift – out of the blue.  (Or, was it planned, instigated and coordinated from the start by agents like NED – as they’re doing right now in Venezuela, Hong Kong and Bolivia?)  And this gift, which spurred and “justified” further US/western intervention in the region came in the form of…

The Arab Spring

When it first broke and set off like a bush fire across North Africa and the Middle-East, among the countries seriously affected were Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  Unfortunately, the utopia of the Arab Spring and its promise of liberation and democracy soon morphed into a region-wide conflict that now gives new meaning to the words “Arabian Nights”.  While the overthrow in Egypt and Tunisia were prompt, in countries like Libya and Syria it backfired.  And that’s when the west had their justification to get involved and do what they do best; interfere.  The US and their allies were quick to support Spring protesters in certain countries who were attempting to overthrow their “despotic” and “tyrannical” rulers.  That’s why we saw western leaders like Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy immediately pledging support for the rebels in their push for democracy – particularly in Egypt, Syria and Libya.

The western governments also used the opportunity that came with the Spring chaos to settle some old scores…starting with Muammar Gaddafi.

9c) GWOT: LIBYAN (CIVIL) WAR (2011 – Present)

GWOT 3 - Libya

Gaddafi has always been pretty high on the west’s shit-list; they considered him to be a sponsor of terrorism.  (Which begs the question; why would the world’s most famous freedom-fighter, saintly Nelson Mandela, hold Gaddafi in such high regard?)  In March 2011, responding to Gaddafi’s brutal crackdown on Spring protesters, the US and their NATO allies launched military action against Libya in operations Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector to enforce UNSC Resolution 1973.  They imposed a no-fly zone over the country, tightened sanctions, and fired over 110 Tomahawk missiles at Libya – and Gaddafi.  In seven months of bombardment, more bombs were dropped on Libya than on Europe during WW2.  Think about that.  The US and their allies then armed and supported anti-Gaddafi extremists and Jihadists affiliated to Isis and al-Qaeda.  (Yes, the same al-Qaeda that attacked America on 9/11 and triggered the whole fkn GWOT in the first place.  Don’t you find that surprising?  Disturbing?  Not if you consider the old adage; “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”)  On the 20th October, 2011, Gaddafi was found, dug up, tortured, sodomized with a blade and executed by the US-backed NTC.  Today, Libya – once the most powerful economy on the continent – is now a basket-case, a hornets-nest of Jihadists clashing in an endless civil war, where slavery and human-trafficking has made a big comeback.  And this happened to Libya, an African country, under the watch of America’s first “black” president…of African descent.  Let that sink in.

The forced regime-change strategy was so effective in Libya, they tried to use the same playbook in Syria…but it didn’t go quite as well.

9d) GWOT: SYRIAN (CIVIL) WAR (2011 – Present)

GWOT 4 - Syria

As the “Arab Spring” spread throughout the region, the US and their allies made like they did with Gaddafi, and used the opportunity to demonize yet another “despotic tyrant” (who doesn’t come along quietly and play ball with the west), President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.  However, that strategy didn’t wash with the majority of the Syrian people who support Assad to the hilt.  Seeing what happened to Gaddafi, Assad doubled down on the violent uprisings and, on 6 March, supposedly overreacts to protests which culminates in 15 teenage schoolboys being detained, tortured and one of them killed.  After Assad responds to the violent public backlash with another brutal crackdown, defectors from the military formed the anti-government FSA, the nation was split and Syria slipped into civil war.  Western governments wasted no time declaring Assad to be an illegitimate leader, and called for him to step down – or be replaced in yet another US-backed forced regime change.  They then supported, armed and funded the FSA – and what they call “moderate rebels” (and what the rest of us call extremist, jihadist,  terrorists) – and used them as a proxy army in their attempt to overthrow Assad.  In August, 2013, the US/UK contemplated airstrikes against Syria, but congress and UK parliament voted against it.  Despite this, President Obama went ahead and did it anyway.  On September 10th, the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11, he authorized airstrikes against Isis militants.  Back then, Donald Trump tweeted several times in protest against bombing Syria.  But, he soon changed his tune after he came to power, and bombed Syria – twice.  Both times illegally by international law.  (Good grounds for impeachment right there, Democrats: war crimes.  As opposed to say…a fkn phone-call?)

The first airstrike by Trump on Syria was on 7th April, 2017, when, in direct response to unproven allegations of a sarin chemical attack by Assad’s government on its own civilians, Trump approved strikes against Syria and fired 59 Tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea into Shayrat Airbase.  On 2nd February, 2018, Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis went on record and admitted; “The U.S. has no evidence to confirm reports from aid groups and others that the Syrian government used sarin on its citizens.  We have other reports from the battlefield from people who claim it’s been used, we do not have evidence of it.”  Really, Jim?  Well, without evidence of a chemical attack – and considering we’re talking about a sovereign country, where the US has no jurisdiction and no right to be there in the first place – that makes your president’s missile strikes on Syria pretty much illegal by international law.  Right, Jim..?  Which means Trump should be clapped in irons, prosecuted and jailed – along with his war-criminal predecessors.

Then, on the 14th April, 2018, the US did it again; launched another illegal airstrike on Syria, this time with support from NATO allies, France and the UK.  And what was the justification for the second strike?  ANOTHER alleged “chemical attack” by the Assad regime in Douma on 7th April.  An “attack” that turned out to be a staged false-flag event executed by those UK-backed media darlings and friends of Jihadi terrorists, the White Helmets – with help from the BBC.  In case there was any doubt, a fact-finding report and a leaked memo from the OPCW in May, 2019, confirmed that the official story about the Douma attacks was false.  Then, in October, 2019, a report released by the Courage Foundation found gaping holes in the OPCW’s investigation into the chemical attack in Douma.  Which, again, makes the second round of air strikes against Syria by the US, UK and France illegal under international law.  (So, clearly the US of A and their allies have long since stopped giving a fuck about international rule of law.)  It was only after Russia got involved in supporting the Assad regime that the Jihadists were defeated (which Trump then tried to take credit for) and the war began to wind down.  (Or has it?)  More than 200 000 people have been killed in the Syrian war to date, and more than 6 million displaced.  Sadly, the situation does not appear to be improving.

And the anarchy that arose from the Arab Spring didn’t end with Syria.

9e) GWOT: YEMEN (CIVIL) WAR (2011 – Present)

GWOT 5 - Yemen

Like Syria and Libya, Yemen’s civil war began with the Spring which forced its long-time authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to cede power to his deputy, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.  The transition failed, the country began to deteriorate and battles broke out.  In 2014, Houthi Rebels and Saleh loyalists occupied the capital of Sanaa and then tried to occupy the whole country, in 2015 Hadi was forced to flee to Saudi-Arabia – who then got involved against the Houthi militia.  Since then, the Saudis (one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the region), along with eight other mostly Sunni Arab states, have been pounding Yemen (the most impoverished country in the region) back to the stone-age – with weapons supplied by the US, UK, France and Israel.  Among others.  On the campaign trail, Trump promised to stop selling weapons to all and sundry, to stay out of foreign wars, and to stop trying to topple foreign regimes.  Well, in May, 2017, he sold a $110bn worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia (who he once accused of being complicit in 9/11) which they are now using to massacre the people of Yemen.  As of October, 2018, the war has claimed tens of thousands of lives, displaced millions, with at least 14 million now facing famine and disease.  The situation in Yemen has been described by the UN and Amnesty International as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world seen this century.  Let’s hope that this latest peace deal between government and separatists finally brings an end to that war.

And some of these Mid-Eastern countries I just mentioned?  Were on the list: the memo.  Remember the memo?  Did you get the memo?  General Wesley Clarke’s memo?  Yes, that memo.  If you recall, it outlined how the US purposefully planned to knock over 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran.  Well, they may be over-schedule (by about 12 years) and over-budget (by about a trillion dollars) but, buddy-boy, they are on course.  The only country on that list that is not in the US cross-hairs right now (yet), is Lebanon.  But then…Lebanon is right on Israel’s border, right?  And Lebanon is the base for Hezbollah, Israel’s enemy… right?  (Ooh, and look what’s  happening in Lebanon right now.)  Give it time.  Operation Hornet’s Nest is not done yet.  Neither is Operation Gladio.  (And they don’t practice ops like Jade Helm for nothing, you know.)  If Clarke’s memo, and the state of the Middle-East today are anything to go by, they are going to have their war with Iran…and there’s fuck all you and I can do about it.  (Or, is there…?)  So, don’t talk to me about the “Law of Unintended Consequences”, Clarke’s memo clearly proves, without doubt, that these people knew exactly what they were doing – from the start.  It was all…planned.

So far, the so-called “Global War on Terror” has killed at least 4m people, most of them Muslims.  Which makes it more of a Global War on Muslims…don’t you think? 

Now, some of you may argue;  “Wait a minute, Libya, Syria and Yemen were civil wars, and Iraq was about WMD and AQ.  None of them have anything to do with the GWOT.”  Really?  On the surface it may appear that way, but go back and check;  Saddam was accused of harboring terrorists, Gaddafi was accused of sponsoring terrorists, the US bombed Syria to (allegedly) target Isis terrorists, and the Houthi rebels in Yemen are considered by the Saudis to be as good as a terrorist group (and the US may soon choose to see them in the same light).  Remember, with Obama’s signing of the NDAA back in 2013, America basically gave themselves the right to declare war on anyone, anywhere in the world…all in the name of the GWOT.  The memo was the mission, 9/11 was the excuse, and the GWOT was the justified response.

And that pretty much brings us up to date.

That’s 9…count them…NINE major wars in the past century alone.  And that’s not even all of them.  We haven’t touched on many of the other clandestine, western-backed, invasions, coups and proxy wars that have spanned the globe over the past century.  And sure, some of these “conflicts” may qualify as big wars (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen), while others were more like minor battles (Gulf War 1), but still…can you see it?  Huh?  Do you see the obvious, awful pattern?  That’s right…


By Monte Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons

And I see no signs of them letting up.  Just look around you…where are we at today?  What new wars…and rumours of wars…are on the horizon?  Well, that thumping you hear?  That’s the sound of the same, neo-con, war hawks – like Bolton (before his warmongering ass was fired), Pompeo, Pence and Abrams (yip, don’t forget about him) and other mass-murdering politicians – beating the war drums for (you guessed it) ANOTHER FUCKING WAR!!!  (Can you believe that shit?)  That’s right, despite Donald Trump’s promise to “stop toppling regimes”, here we are, watching his administration target Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia – among others – and bombing countries at unprecedented levels…again.  Not to mention that the U.S. itself (and many other countries around the world right now) seem to be sliding towards civil war.  Thus, I get the nauseatingly familiar feeling that more wars…based on more lies…are coming.  Wait…did I say coming?  Heck, some would argue it’s already here.  Even His Holiness, the Pope has said that we are already in a “piecemeal” Third World War.  It’s called Mission Creep.

Are we learning yet?

So, which new Great War will be Number 10? 

Iran?  Russia?  China?  North Korea?  Venezuela?  Cuba?  All of the above?

And don’t be fooled by the big, broad, theatrical displays coming from the US war machine “pulling out of Syria” and “pulling out of Afghanistan”.  Watching that smoke ‘n mirrors charade, I wondered when the other jackboot was going to drop.  And then it did.  Sure, they’re pulling out of Syria – and going straight into Iraq.  Again.  (Which, lest we forget, is right on the border of Iran – the last country on Clarke’s memo.)  And, as it turns out, they didn’t exactly pull out of Syria completely, they left about 500 troops behind to…uhm…“secure the oil.” (Shhh, Big Don…you’re not supposed tell people that!  This whole war is meant to be about bringing freedom and democracy to the poor citizens of Syria, remember?)  But it’s not about Syria, is it?  It’s about Iran.  A country that Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia are positively gagging to attack.  Ask anyone who plays chess…about sacrificing pieces and losing the battle…to win the war.  We’re being played, folks.  Again.  They are going to have their war with Iran, and probably their coup in Venezuela too (just like they’re doing in Bolivia right now), and they don’t give a fuck what you and I think about it. 

A few months ago, kick-ass journo/comedian, Lee Camp asked a pointed, pertinent question: “Does anyone, in the fuckin’ world, believe the TRUMP administration is really worried about sick (Venezuelan) children?”  Or, do you think that maybe, just maybe, they care more about the largest oil reserves in the world – which just happen to be in (you guessed it) Venezuela?  And…do you really believe anyone in the US Govt, particularly the war hawks give a shit about the children of other oil-rich nations, like Iran?  Or Afghanistan?  Or Iraq?  Or Libya?  Or Syria?  Or Yemen?  Do you think they care that the Russians do in fact love their children too?  Of course they don’t care, clearly.  Not if precedent is anything to go by.   And considering that some of these countries targeted by the US are aligned with Russia and China (and other BRICS countries), it means, if they do go to war with one of them, other parties will be pulled into the conflict.  Again.  And that, ladies & gentlemen, could give us our third and most devastating World War.

And we keep letting it happen.  Fuck the lollipop metaphor, the US/NATO war machine is more like a serial killer that keeps being caught in the act.  And the rest of humanity, particularly the US tax-paying public, is like a justice system…with total amnesia…that keeps allowing the killer to walk free – on a technicality.  They keep getting away with it, because we…keep…letting them.   We NEVER remember, we ALWAYS forget.  Generation after generation, war after war, we forget.

Quick question:  Who in their right, rational mind actually wants more war?  I don’t.  Do you?  I’m guessing….if you’re a somewhat sane, civilized, intelligent, compassionate and humane human being, then the answer is a resounding No!  Well then…you must be asking yourself the same big question I often ask myself: Why?  Why do all these wars continue?  Who the hell DOES actually, willfully want MORE fkn war?  What kind of maniac would actually want to see another World War…and why?  To answer that question more fully, maybe we have to first ask another question – an ancient, reliable Roman question: Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Who benefits from all these wars?  Who benefits from every Tomahawk missile that is fired into Syria?  From every round fired from every rifle in every conflict?  From every bomb dropped?  Who benefits?  Follow the money and you have your answer.  It’s not like we weren’t warned.  Back in 1961, outgoing president Dwight D. Eisenhower delivered that now familiar speech, cautioning us that the Military-Industrial complex was getting out of control.  JFK gave us a similar warning in his speech to the ANPA, on 27th April, 1961.  And yet, here we are. 

And how do they, the warmongers, and their the MIC war machine, keep getting away with all these wars? Well, who’s going to stop them?  You?  Me?  Our leaders?  The very politicians we voted into power to do just that – end all the wars and misery?  Nah, they’ve all been bought; from Reagan to Trump, Thatcher to May, and beyond.  No matter what they promise on the campaign trail, when they come to power, nothing changes.  So no, the politicians are not going to end all these endless wars, they’re all clearly fucking corrupt and now serve the MIC, not the people.  (Ok, most politicians, not all.)  The sad irony is, we, the people, could – through our collective power – end all these wars, tomorrow, but we don’t.  Think about it…how many people around the world are really turning out in their masses and calling for an end to all war?  Or a unilateral ban on all the nukes?  People like Medea Benjamin, Lee CampAnswer Coalition, Roger Waters, the Rage movement, the Million Mask March…to name a precious few.  Not many.  Not enough.  THAT’s why they, the elitist war hawks and their MIC war machine are so confident they can get away with it, because whoever is watching and giving a shit are too few in numbers to do anything about it.  The warmongers will never be held accountable while the silent masses sit back and do nothing.  If ever there was a time for an anti-war movement that makes 60s America look like Ghandi’s passive resistance, it’s now.

The UNSC was established to ensure that never again would humanity be taken to another great (world) war.  How’s that looking so far?  In the past year alone we’ve seen the US (and some of their allies) undermine the UNSC, walk away from the UNHRC and ICC, and back out of nuclear deals with Iran and Russia.  Which basically means the USA are clearly wiping their “unique, exceptional”, entitled, elitist, imperialist, jingoist asses… with international rule of law and our hard-won human rights.  This, while.. simultaneously picking a fight with just about everybody on the planetary block, while clamping down on journalists, publishers and whistle-blowers, while beefing up their nuke arsenal (including those new “low-yield” mini-nukes), while pushing to put lasers and armies and WMDs in space, and while developing batallions of military (killer) robotsGetting the picture?  (Orwell, Huxley and Philip K. Dick must be chuckling at us from their cold, dark graves.)  These are not good signs, people.  Not good for the safety and security of the planet.  That’s too much fire-power in a few corrupt, megalomaniac, psychopathic hands.

So, when the same lying, warmongering politicians who have brought us many of these wars (particularly, recently in the Middle East) again tell us that we have to go to war against yet another weaker country that can’t fight back (like Iran, Venezuela or North Korea) and they need our consent and support, what do we tell them?  Do we swallow their bullshit propaganda reasons and support yet another illegal war – again?  Or, do we finally grow a pair and tell them to go fuck themselves?

Put it this way…(and staying with the serial-killer metaphor);  Imagine you are out alone one evening, strolling through a park…and you come across a man, covered in blood and clutching a blood-soaked hammer.  His belt is unbuckled, his zipper is down, his dick is out and goopy.  Behind him on the grass lie five half-naked women, all beaten to a pulp and bleeding from every orifice.  Before you can even process what the fuck happened, this guy is in your face, screaming; “THESE WOMEN ARE EVIL AND HAVE TO BE STOPPED!”  While this is going down, you hear footsteps, high heels, coming up behind you…and you turn to see another three women strolling down the path, innocently laughing and chatting to each other.  And then, this same guy rushes them, screaming; “WATCH OUT, THEY’RE GOING TO KILL US!”  And starts whacking these 3 women on the head with his hammer.  And no sooner has he concussed them, when he’s on top of of one, raping and sodomizing her limp form – right in front of you.  And all the while he’s screaming, “WE HAVE TO STOP THEM, THESE BITCHES ARE FUCKING DANGEROUS!”  What would you think?  Who’s the real threat here…and who is the victim?  Do you believe what hammer man says?  Or do you believe your own eyes and judge him by what he does?  Now, think of those first 5 women as…Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.  And think of the next 3 women as…Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.  And that hammer-wielding maniac…is the Pentagon.  

Get it..?  

And now that you get it…what are you going to do about it?  Take to the streets in protest?  Badger your local representative to stop all the wars and ban all the nukes?  Send 1000 chained politicians to the bottom of the ocean?  Sounds like a good start.  If you do…I’ll be right by your side.

But seriously, what can we really do about it..?

Maybe the answer lies in Doug Liman’s brilliant, underrated film, Fair Game – about the persecution of Joe and Valerie Wilson who defied the Bush administration in their opposition to the (2003) Iraq war and paid the price for it.  In a closing scene, Joe Wilson (Sean Penn) tells a lecture hall full of idealistic students; The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few.  We are strong, and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers his or her duty as a citizen. Whether it’s to report a pothole at the top of your street, or lies in a State of the Union address, speak out!  Ask those questions.  Demand that truth.  Democracy is not a free ride, man.  I’m here to tell you.  But, this is where we live.  And if we do our job, this is where our children will live.” 

So, do your duty and us all a favor (especially you, ‘Murica, get off your lazy obese ass) and vote these imperial, genocidal, warmonger fuckers out of power – once and for all.  Send them a clear message: We don’t want your fucking wars!  Full stop.  Tell them, Never Again!  And this time, we mean it.  

Because…if we just keep giving them their lollipop wars…it’s we, the people, who are the ultimate suckers.

Wake up!  These wars are against us.

The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” – George Orwell

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, see that ye be not troubled:

for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. – Matthew 24:6


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