Powerful Official Illusions. (Or: Pancake Theory, my Ass!)

“What the eyes see and the ears hear…the brain believes.”  – Harry Houdini

I was recently asked if I believed the Apollo Moon Landing was faked…or if 9/11 was an Inside Job.  Truth is, I was too young to catch Armstrong’s small step and giant leap and I’ve never really researched the subject, so…I cannot say for sure if Apollo 11 was all a hoax (directed by Stanley Kubrick, no less) or not.  And, that Dark Side of the Moon mock-doc”didn’t help either.

However, I was there to witness 9/11 – in almost real time.  And, tbh, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while.  Almost seventeen years, in fact.  Year after year the memorial day comes and goes, and every year I wonder… is this the year I’ll have the guts to do it? To say it?  And every year I lose my nerve and let it pass.  (And the scary way things are going with that Orwellian, Surveillance-Police State clampdown on journos, whistle-blowers and activists…who can blame me.)  But I cannot hold onto it any longer, it’s eating me inside.  I’ve got to get it off my chest even if it kills me – or gets me killed.  I have to break my silence and join the rising chorus of dissenting voices, and tell the whole world what more, and more, and more people are starting to accept…and what I’ve believed all along: They lied.  They lied! 

Like most, I remember exactly where I was that day…when a co-worker walked into the room and said; “Two jumbo jets just flew into the World Trade Center.”  Before I could even process the who and why behind this seismic madness, someone else said;  “I bet it’s Bin Laden.” At the time, I hardly knew who Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda was – except that they had something to do with some “terrorist” group in “some Mid-Eastern country.”  I also heard rumors that he was linked to the bombing of the WTC back in ’93.  ( Or was he..?)  And then, while we were sitting there…watching those smoking towers, boom – it happened.  CNN and other mainstream media channels started broadcasting Bin Laden’s mug far and wide – before a forensic investigation had even been begun.  (Is that how it normally works?  If there’s a murder anywhere in the world, even mass murder, do the authorities immediately broadcast a picture of the main suspect, before the investigation, and tell the whole planet; “It’s this guy!”??  Actually, if the Skripal Saga or Kavanaugh case are anything to go by…yes, they do.)  Somehow, this all felt… coordinated.  But…it was only when I watched…not one, not two, but THREE towers implode…globally, symmetrically and at free-fall speed…that something turned over inside me and I knew, I just absolutely, positively, intuitively knew…that what I had just seen could not possibly happen.  Not THREE…not that way and not that fast.  And NOT because of a fire on a few floors.  No way.  Just no…fkn…way!  And, apparently…I wasn’t the only one thinking that at the time.  Safe to say, the world has never been the same since that day.  Neither have I.  That’s the day I began to pay more attention to the news…and the wars.

Since then, I can’t tell you how many heated pub, party and dinner-table arguments I’ve had about 911, where – especially after a few drinks – I gradually turn into something resembling Annie fkn Wilkes in MISERY…that scene where she loses her shit over the ending to an episode of Rocket Man, and hollers;  “This isn’t what happened last week!  Have you all got amnesia?  They just cheated us!  This wasn’t fair!  “HE DIDN’T GET OUT OF THE COCK-A-DOODIE CAR!”  For Annie, it was Rocket Man.  For me…it’s 9/11.  And these arguments usually end with me being dismissed as a conspiracy-theory nut, or being shouted down with something like; “Are you serious..?  You’re actually suggesting that somebody in the American government conspired to kill thousands of their own people like that??  For what..?  An excuse to go to war??  Are you fucking insane?  Bullshit!” 

Yeah…I guess that is pretty far fetched.  I mean, for rogue elements within the Deep State or Shadow Government to be complicit in something like that…they would have to be nothing less than…deceitful, megalomaniac, homicidal, warmongering, mass-murdering,  nature-culling, earth-killing, profiteering, Luciferian psychopaths (with a penchant for paedophilia).  Perish the thought.

Before we go any further, let’s stop and ask ourselves… 

Why go on and on and ON…about 9/11?

Seriously, why go on about it?  I mean, it’s been 17 years.  Why not just take the advice we sometimes give black people about slavery, colonization and apartheid and just…”get over it.”  (Except The Holocaust, of course.  That one we mustnever forget.”  Right…Israel?)  Maybe it is time to stop revisiting and questioning 911 and just let it go (especially since some politicians – like David Cameron – are calling for a clampdown on “extremists” who question the official version of 911).  So, why go on and on about it..?

Well, here’s one good reason…

Ever heard of..THE GWOT?  The Global War on Terror?  You know, that endless war that’s been going strong for about…17 years now?  (Don’t worry, it’s mostly happening in the land of brown-skinned folk called the Middle-East).  Yes…that “War on Terror.” (Which, if we’re honest, actually seems to be more like a war on Muslimsbecause these US/NATO wars have killed more than four million Muslims and displaced millions more).  Anyway, remember how it all started?  That’s right…9/11.  The attack on the World Trade Center was the moral, legal “justification” for the WOT, which started with the US-led Invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 (and they’ve been there ever since – 17 years and counting).  And then came the follow-up war; the illegal US-led Invasion of Iraq in 2003 – which was justified by more lies, about WMD Then, in 2011, it was the illegal overthrow and murder of Gaddafi and destabilizing of Libya (where, in case you missed it, slavery and human trafficking recently made a big comeback).  Of course, currently, we have the illegal ongoing US interference in Syria and the US/UK/Israelbacked, Saudi-led genocide in YemenAnd just about all of it can be traced back to and “morally justified” (in the eyes of the US government and their allies) by 9/11 and the GWOT.  

I believe Noam Chomsky calls it “Manufactured Consent.”

Now ask yourself one simple question: Is the world a better, safer place since 911 – thanks to the WOT?  Yeah..?  Tell that to the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and the US , UK and France, – to name a few.  The other night I was watching BORAT…that scene where he’s at a Rodeo in Salem,Virginia…and he’s getting ready to sodomize the US national anthem.  But first, he gave a klunky little speech where he said; “Can I saywe (in Kazakhstan) support your War of Terror.”  And, it went clean over every hillbilly head.  He got away with it.  He’s a very clever man, that SBC.  

Also, ask yourself…are we more FREE since 911?  If you think we are, then you’ve obviously never heard of the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the FCC, FISA and the Surveillance-Police State.  

Let’s just cut the crap…

It’s been more than seventeen years….and umpteen US-led wars, invasions and interventions around the globe since 9/11.  Where are we at – with the truth?  Specifically, what is the official explanation for the collapse of the towers?  Are we still going with the 9/11 Investigation Commission Report?  FEMA? NIST?  Pancake Theory?  Really?  Seriously..?  Hasn’t that been overwhelmingly debunked?  Again?  And again?  And again?  

Look, there are basically two kinds of people on the planet right now:

  • Those who want more war in the world, and those who don’t.
  • Those who believe global warming and climate change is a threat to humanity, and those who don’t.
  • Those who swallow all that western, anti-Russian propaganda crapola, and those who don’t.

And…those who believe the official explanation for 911, and those who don’t. 


No, that’s an understatement.  In case I haven’t already made myself clear, allow me to be more specific.  Let me go on record and put my head and c*ck… on the guillotine block…of public opinion, right now, and open myself to whatever blowback may come…and declare unequivocally, unreservedly and unflinchingly…exactly where I stand on this matter.  Now, I’m no physicist, engineer or academic.  I’m also no explosives or demolition expert.  So, maybe I’m not exactly “qualified” to comment on this subject, right?  Wrong.  Because, like George Carlin said; “I got this real moron thing I do, it’s called thinking.”  And, where I’m coming from, you DO NOT need to be Einstein, Hawking or Bill Nye the fkn Science Guy…to know that it is not only highly unlikely (where the odds run into millions) but it is categorically, scientifically, physically IMPOSSIBLE for…not one, not two, but THREE fkn SKYSCRAPERS…to come down THAT WAY (globally, symmetrically and at free-fall speed) because of “a FIRE”…all on the SAME…fucking…COCK-A-DOODIE DAY!  That…shit…cannot…happen!  No way in Hell.  No sah!  No siree, Bob.  Negatory, good buddy.  Impossible.  Scientifically…impossible!  You got that?  Are we crystal clear?  THAT is where I stand…and any obfuscation or false “evidence” or lofty “scientific” theories to  the contrary coming from so-called  “credible sources” will NOT flip me.  I don’t give a shit if the Government, or NIST, or a varsity full of MIT geniuses say otherwise.  (Because, like John Pilger said;Official” truths are often powerful illusions.)  I’ve made my decision, and my decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into, and I will maintain that position…all the way to the grave. 

And I KNOW…I’m not alone on that one. 

Yeah, don’t take my word for it.  Ask these guys.  I’m no expert, they areA&E are definitely one of the more credible sources and analysts out there.  So, when they (and many other academics and experts) call bullshit on that bullshit theory, I believe them.  Not just because they say so.  I believe them because their detailed, comprehensive, critical analysis syncs up perfectly with what my eyes, intuition, logic and limited knowledge of the natural laws of physics are already telling me.

Thing is, we’ve got many, many credible, legitimate, experts, academics and other interested parties arguing for – and against – the official explanation.   And just when one theory finds traction, it isdebunkedby another.  So…who to believe? 

How about…we start by cutting some of the noise and smoke and mirrors surrounding that event and narrow it down.  Forget about all the tough-to-prove and easy-to-debunk “conspiracy theories”.  

Forget about…

I could go on and on.  

But, let’s forget about all of that and focus on just one thing: The Towers.  

How they went up.   How they came down.  And some of the hardcore facts and physics directly connected to them.  All three of them. (Yes, three.  Did you forget?  A third skyscraper (that was NOT struck by a plane) also came down that day – the same way as the other two.)

There are certain hard facts related to 9/11 and the WTC

that cannot be refuted, disputed or debunked.

Let’s begin, way back in…

England, 1686:  English mathematician & physicist, Isaac Newton publishes his three laws of motion in the “Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis.”  It’s the Third Law of Motion that concerns us here:

When one body exerts a force on a second body,

the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude

and opposite in direction on the first body. – Isaac Newton

Here’s a little crash-course animation to help you get your head around this mind-boggling A-101 physics concept – that we were all taught in primary school.  Keep it in your pocket, it’s going to come in handy later. 

Now let’s jump forward, nearly three centuries to…

New York – 28th of July, 1945:  It was a Saturday morning that Minoru Yamasaki and the rest of the city would never forget.  When it happened everyone thought that the Japanese had staged a kamikaze attack on the Big Apple.  At 9:49 a.m, a B-25 Bomber, piloted in thick fog by one William Smith, accidentally crashed into the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors.  Fourteen people were killed, including Smith.  The damage created a 5m × 6m hole in the structure, but…the building…did not collapse.  Repeat, the building…did not collapse.  Not partially.  Not a little bit.  Not at all.  (And this was a building that was inferior in design, engineering and integrity to the twin towers.)  What’s also important about that day is how the disaster planted a seed in architect, Yamasaki, and inspired a critical design decision that he would make years later – when he was commissioned to collaborate on the titanic project that was…the World Trade Center. 

New York – August 5, 1966:  Ground breaking on the WTC begins.  Here is a little taste  of what went into building those monoliths of concrete and iron.  Observe how the steel beams were FIRE-PROOFED to be highly resistant to intense heat.  Here’s another clip, note what they say at 4:34: “If part of the floor is falling away, it will not result in a total collapse of the floor.”  Apparently, Yamasaki – inspired by the bomber crash of ’45 – set out to design and build a skyscraper that was virtually indestructible, and he and the team ran tests and simulations that indicated the towers could easily withstand – not only one, but several impacts by jet planes.  Construction Manager, Frank De Martini described the WTC foundation core as a honeycomb structure of steel, “this intense grid” and compared it to the mosquito netting on your screen-door.  He said; “the jet-plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting.  It really does nothing to that netting.”  Ie; The structure surrounding the impact will holdThis was backed up by WTC Structural Engineers, Leslie Robertson and Charlie Thornton.

Now let’s revisit the double strikes – and triple collapse – of that day.

New York – September 11th, 2001.

8:46 a.m:  Flight 11 flies into the North Tower, WTC 1.  It strikes the building, head-on, between the 93rd and 99th floors.  Fifteen floors remained intact above the impact point.  

9:03 a.m., Flight 175 flies into the South Tower, WTC 2.  It strikes the building obliquely at an angle between the 77th and 85th floor.  Twenty-two floors remained intact above the impact point.  More angles of the South Tower strike are here, here and here.  


Now, let’s walk through it simply and logically, as if we were explaining it to a child.

The South Tower (WTC 2) was struck second, at an oblique angle and most of the fireball clearly blasted out of the side of the tower instead of within the building – unlike the first strike on the North Tower which was head-on and penetrated deep into the structure.  Whatever heat remained after the  South Tower strike may be hot enough to incinerate furniture and human flesh, but not (as many, many qualified experts have already argued) fire-proofed steel girders – encased in fire-proof concrete.  We clearly see that the plane did not knock out an entire floor on the South Tower, only part of it.  Now, remember the little construction video you watched earlier?  Remember the part where they said: “If part of the floor is falling away, it will not result in a total collapse of the floor.”  Yet, despite this – and the fact that the South Tower burned for less time than the North Tower – the South Tower came down first.  


9:59 a.m.: After burning for 56 minutes, the South Tower collapses in 10 seconds, killing 600 workers and first-responders.  Here’s another angle.

10:28 a.m.: After burning for 102 minutes, the North Tower collapses, killing 1,400 people.  Here’s another angle.

Now, let’s pause for a moment, to remind ourselves of Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

When one body exerts a force on a second body,

the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude

and opposite in direction on the first body.

Right?  And, as you can see, after the impacts – before the double collapse – more than 70% of BOTH towers was still intact and standing.  Right?  So, right there, with both towers, you’ve got a SMALL mass ”exerting a force” (pushing down) on a LARGE mass.  Right?  And, in that scenario, Newton’s Law basically dictates (in layman’s terms):

A SMALL mass

CANNOT completely CRUSH 

a LARGE mass

into POWDER.


Don’t mean to sound condescending, but…are you grasping this?

See, with the Pancake Theory, they’re saying that the fire from the impact melted all the fire-proofed steel girders on one floor, which caused that floor to collapse…and that caused ANOTHER floor to collapse, and then another, and then another, and so on, and so on…all the way down.  And all…at FREE-FALL SPEED!  However, Newton’s Law – when applied to this situation – stipulates that even if several floors collapsed above the damaged floors the rest of the structure WOULD STAND.  Because, embedded in Newton’s Third Law is one undeniable scientific property of physics: Resistance.  The very first thing the collapsing SMALL mass would encounter on the way down is massive, unflinching resistance – in the thousands of tons of perfectly intact steel and concrete LARGE MASS that is propping up that building and PUSHING BACK.  And that RESISTANCE would’ve been sufficient to at least frustrate, SLOW or even STOP the total collapse of the building.  Yet, some “authorities” on the subject still dispute that simple logic.  I watched a TV interview with one supposed “expert” promulgating the Pancake Theory.  He said; “You must understand…that big block of building above the damaged floors is thousands of tons, it’s like a whole Titanic pushing down.”  Yeah…but there’s a BIGGER block of at least 2-3 Titanics, end-to-end, pushing BACK.  Which block is bound to win? 

Still finding this too complex to grasp?  Here’s a meme that sums it up perfectly:


Look, we’re not saying those buildings could not have come down at all from those impacts (well, I kinda am), but I AM reiterating – in the strongest possible terms (along with thousands of others, including qualified, reputable experts) – that those THREE buildings could not have come down so QUICKLY and SYMMETRICALLY in a GLOBAL collapse…because of a fire.  We’re talking jet fuel, right?  One of the most flammable substances in the world?  Have you ever played with petrol (gasoline) and matches as a kid?  Ever seen how fast that stuff burns?  The first thing to “vaporize” on impact (the way Flight 77 apparently did) would be most of that jet-fuel.  Whatever remained long enough to burn the wooden floors and furniture would be scorching…but not foundry-hot enough to melt a honey-comb mesh of REINFORCED, FIRE-PROOFED STEEL.  Also, once the fire has consumed all the wood, furnishing and stationery, what does it then use for fuel…concrete and metal?  I don’t think so.  According to A&E, there was certainly not enough heat (smelting temperatures) to melt ALL the steel beams necessary to weaken the entire floor.  

To labor the point.  If the buildings had crumbled in a haphazard, random, delayed, uneven, stage-by-staggered-stage kinda way, then…mayyybe you could buy the Pancake Theory.  But, no one – not the Official 9/11 Commission, nor the ghost of Albert Einstein himself is going to convince me that those buildings could fall the way they did – as fast as a brick dropped from the roof of one of those towers – because of a fire and “Pancake Effect”.  Never.  You don’t have to be Newton to know that cannot happen.  Yet, they…convinced most of the watching world that it could…and did.

Again, don’t take my word for it.  Watch physics teacher and Newton specialist, David Chandler explain how the collapsing towers violate Newton’s 3rd Law.  Now, between Newton’s Law and Chandler’s explanation I’d say we need go no further.  Because, right there…we have scientific, mathematical proof that those towers could not have come down that way.  Not from that kind of impact, and not because of a fire on a few floors.  

Fact of the matter is, there was no time – during the collapse – for Newton’s Law or any resistance to take effect.  Because, as the crumbling rubble was piling up on top…the floors below were blowing out – with a noise that sounded like “a million firecrackers” – according to eye-witnesses, Dean Coutsouros and Frank Sweeney.  Several veteran NYC fire-fighters were caught on camera saying the exact same fkn thing;  “Floor by floor, it started popping out. BoomBoomBoomBoomBoom.  Detonated….as if they planned to take down the building.”  Structural engineer, Nathan Lomba (who specializes in buildings and their response to stress) said, as he watched the twin towers collapse, he thought to himself; “Something is wrong with this picture.  How did the structures collapse in near-symmetrical fashion when the damage was clearly not symmetrical?”

And then…there’s the baffling case of Building 7, the third tower.

Or, as Richard Gage puts it; The Smoking Gun.

5:20 p.m: WTC 7 collapses in 6.5 seconds at free-fall acceleration.  It was not hit by a plane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the twin towers.  That’s right.  No plane.  No impact.  No fireball.  And yet…according to the “official” NIST & FEMA investigation reports it came down at FREE-FALL speed – just like the twin towers.  And, all because of…another fire???   The NIST report claims: “Debris from the collapse of WTC 1, which was 370 feet to the south, ignited fires on at least 10 floors in the (WTC 7) building at its south and west faces.  The heat from the uncontrolled fires caused steel floor beams and girders to thermally expand, leading to a chain of events that caused a key structural column to fail.  The failure of this structural column then initiated a fire-induced progressive collapse of the entire building.”

Really..? And that fire caused the whole building to implode and sink symmetrically – like sand pouring through a soda straw – into its own footprint in the exact same way as the collapse of the twin towers?  Sound plausible?  Believable?  Not to me.  And not to David Chandler.  No, he suggests it’s more likely that the collapse of WTC 7 had something to do with the DOUBLE EXPLOSIONS that can be heard just before the building came down in a manner consistent with…CONTROLLED… DEMOLITION.  Just like the twin towers.

Stop and think about this for a second (even though you’ve probably heard it many times before – but just in case it hasn’t sunk in yet).  Until 9/11/2001, never…EVER…in the history of skyscrapers has there been a case where a building has collapsed – globally, symmetrically and at free-fall speed – because of a fire. Never.  Not even after several floors of Grenfell burned for 60 hours.  It’s never happened with any  skyscraper before that.  Not this one.  Nor this one.  Nor this oneNever.  It only ever happened on ONE day when – not one, not two, but THREE fucking buildings came down…in the exact same way.  And that day was September 11, 2001.  Uncanny…don’t you think?

In short:  Pancake Theory, my ass!

Even NIST don’t buy that bs.  Heck, even TRUMP didn’t buy it.

Yet, some folks have got the nerve to try and hoodwink us – again – like with this PM “report” released in August 2017, claiming to forever debunk the “conspiracy theory” regarding WTC 7.  How stupid do they think we are?  Like Chandler says; “Most people are not stupid. Most people can recognize the difference between a demolition and a natural building collapse with nothing more being said.  If you have never seen the collapse of Building 7 you might also stop and ask yourself why the mainstream media did not repeatedly show you this most bizarre event as it did the Twin Towers.”

Maybe the answer to that last question has something to do with the boo-boo made by the BBC when they announced the collapse of WTC 7…about twenty minutes before it happened.  (Oops, somebody strayed from the script!)  They are yet to explain that one.  And this is not some concocted conspiracy theory sucked out of David Icke’s ass, this is documented, recorded.

So, if it wasn’t fire and Pancake Effect,

how could those 3 towers collapse…so fast?

As Chandler and other experts have already pointed out – the ONLY time buildings come down quite that way is by…controlled demolition.  And, surprise-surprise, we’ve got at least 60 structural engineers crying; “DEMOLITION!”  This is what the experts at A&E say: “Much of the public, including a considerable number of architects, engineers, and scientists, do not accept the official explanation.  Among those who reject it, the most common explanation is that WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 were destroyed in a procedure known as “controlled demolition,” whereby carefully placed explosives or other devices are detonated to bring down a structure in a desired manner.  September 11, 2001, aside, every total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise building in history has been caused by controlled demolition.” 

Did you see that?  The highly qualified, impartial, academic experts mentioned the dreaded conspiracy-theory D-word: Demolition.  Controlled…Demolition.  And, who else has been crying Demolition?  Dutch demolition expert, Danny Jowenko.  Ever since he appeared in the 9/11 “conspiracy” documentary, Loose Change, Jowenko has been telling anyone who would listen why it is impossible for those three towers to come down the way they did – without controlled demolition.  That is…until he was tragically killed in a mysterious car accident in The Netherlands on 16th July, 2011.  (Btw, if anything happens to me, you know where to look).

More evidence of controlled demolition?  The existence of active nano-thermite material found in the dust and rubble at ground zero.  What is nano-thermite?  (I didn’t know either, I had to look it up.)  It’s a composite developed for the military and used in propellants, explosives, incendiary devices and pyrotechnics.  You see, these days…they no longer demolish buildings with the kind of dynamite or TNT used by Wile E. Coyote against the RoadrunnerNo, these nano-thermite charges are less like dynamite and more like rapidly, intensely heating chemicals that can melt steel to liquid, in seconds.  That might explain why, just before 9:52 a.m on 9/11, molten metal was seen pouring out of the north-east corner on the 80th floor of the South Tower.  And why WTC Engineer, Leslie Robertson, and several fire-fighters found “a river of steel flowing” on level B-1.  And why FDNY Captain, Philip Ruvolo recalled (with several other fire-fighters seated next to him), “molten steel, running down the channel rails – like you’re in a foundry, like lava.”  Normal fire does not do that to reinforced, fire-proofed steel.  Nano-Thermite does.  Now watch Architect, Richard Gage explain why the existence of thermite and molten steel in those collapsed towers is proof of controlled demolition.

But, if demolition charges were used that day,  who placed them?

And how?  When would they get the opportunity?

Well, here’s one possibility…

According to database administrator, Scott Forbes, who was working for Fiduciary Trust on the 97th floor of the South Tower, the Port Authority of New York informed his company that there would be a “power down” on the weekend of Sept. 8 and 9, 2001.  This would mean that all power was off in the top half of the South Tower for most of the weekend…and all security cameras and security door locks were non-operational for about 36 hours.  He also said, “There were guys in work clothes with huge tool boxes and reels of cable walking around the building that weekend.  Remember, there were no security locks on doors or security cameras, so access was free – unless a door was locked by a manual key.  Seeing so many ‘strangers’ who didn’t work at the WTC was unusual.”  The “maintenance” work was supposedly part of an upgrade to internet service in the building.  No one has explained why this work required a complete cutting of electricity.  Forbes wrote to the Port Authority and to the 9/11 Commission to bring his suspicions about the power down to their attention.  He never received any acknowledgement of his letters, and no mention of any of this made it into the 9/11 Commission Report.  Turns out, the company that had the contract to provide security for the World Trade Center and United Airlines and Dulles International Airport at the time (which were also breached on 9/11) was the same company; Securicom (now called Stratesec).  And…who was in charge of that company?  One of the directors from 1993-1999 was George W. Bush’s younger brother, Marvin Bush.  The CEO from 1999-2002 was Bush’s cousin, Wirt D. Walker III.  Although these facts have been “explained” they’ve never been denied.

And if you think THAT connection is interesting, this next one is a billion-dollar doozy…literally.

In July, 2001, six weeks before the attack, WTC developer/landlord, “Lucky” Larry Silverstein signed a 99-year lease worth $3.2 billion on four buildings at the site – including the twin towers.  He insisted on a curious clause wherein he would be released from any financial obligation in the event of a terrorist attack…but he still had the right to collect on insurance claims.  After the destruction of the WTC, Silverstein won nearly $4.6 billion in insurance payouts.  Kinda serendipitous for Silverstein…don’t you think?  (Cui bono?)  Even Snopes cannot dispute that one.  Silverstein then tried unsuccessfully to sue for double the payout because he lost both towers.  (Can you believe that shit?  Dunno about you…but I would’ve been happy with the 4.6 bill.  But then I’m not greedy fkn Larry.)  Other questions about the Silverstein connection still remain.  Like…why would he be looking at designs for a new Building 7 one year before the attacks?  And, exactly what did he mean that day by “pull it”..?

Seen enough..?  And these are just some of the facts related to 911 and the WTC…tip of the iceberg.

In conclusion:

Why go on and on about 911?


One.  We were told from the very beginning, seventeen years ago, that the US and its coalition of allies launched this GWOT because a “terrorist” group called al Qaeda attacked AmericaRight..?  And the coalition invaded Afghanistan, and Iraq, for allegedly “sheltering the enemy”, al-Qaeda.  Right?  So, we’re absolutely positively clear that the big, bad bogeyman in this theater of war is a terrorist organization called al-Qaeda.  Right?  Well, then…why the fuck is the US (illegally) in Syria right now, fighting side by side with affiliates of known terrorist groups – including (you guessed it) al-fkn-Qaeda!?  What was it all for?  The GWOT.  All that taxpayer moneyAll those bombs (still being) droppedAll those murdered, destroyed and displaced lives and familiesMillions of them.  (Most of the victims – not terrorists – but innocent bystanders.)  And all for what?  It obviously wasn’t to defeat al-Qaeda – and if it was, they failed…because after seventeen years of US occupation in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda and the Taliban are stronger than ever.  And the same people now funding and arming these enemy “terrorists” are the same warmongering hawks calling for MORE war (“military interventions”) against Syria, against Iran, against Russia and Venezuela…among othersAre we learning yet..?  Or, as anti-war activist, Media Benjamin yelled – while she was being dragged out of the Hudson Institute last month;  “How did the war with Iraq turn out?  How did Libya turn out?”  

Two.  Back in December 2011, while you and I were revelling and seeing in the New Year, President Obama and congress were pushing through the NDAA – along with thousands of new “security” laws.  Laws…that give the US government the unprecedented right to arrest or snatch (rendition) anyone, anywhere in the world – including Americans living on American soil.  They can nab you, take you back to Gitmo for some tenderizing, hold you indefinitely in detention, without legal representation and without trial (kinda like the old Soviet Union and Apartheid South Africa) and all merely on the SUSPICION of terrorism.  In effect, these new laws do away with ancient, pesky, wishy-washy, liberal, bleeding-heart, long-standing, legal procedures (that took centuries to put in place), like  jurisprudence,  due process and habeas corpus, etc (just ask the Russians or Brett Kavanaugh or Julian Assange).  And these new  weaponized laws have been very effective in shutting down, demonizing or jailing journalists, whistle-blowers and other dissenting voices  – like Assange, Norton, Manning, Alex Jones, David Icke and Max Blumenthal – to name a few.  (Notice how the same politicians telling us to just shut up and accept the “official” 911 report are the same state players who are progressively encroaching on more and more of our civil rights and freedoms?  It’s only a matter of time before dissent, criticizing the government and questioning 911 will equal “terrorism”. Watch.)  And, what is the US government’s “justification” for tearing up and pissing on your most fundamental, hard-earned human rights?  9/11…and the GWOT.  

Three.  Now that the US has officially withdrawn from the UNHRC, and totally dismissed the ICC, and recently ditched the JCPOA and Amity Treaty with Iran, and abandoned the INF treaty with Russia, they are increasingly – as Consortium News put it; “Thumbing their nose at the constitution and law.”  (Or, as I would put it; wiping their imperial, exceptional asses with our hard-earned rights, and international rule of law.)  And, it’s going to get harder and harder to hold to account the US government (and their partners in crime), the Military-Industrial-Complexand all the other warmongering, mass-murdering, war-hawks responsible for all these illegal wars and crimes against humanity.  They’re getting off the hook, scot-free.  Just ask Tony Blair, he narrowly dodged prosecution, back in 2017, for war-crimes against Iraq.  But, at least Tony had the decency, humility and humanity to offer a sorrowful apology to the nation – and the world – for his involvement in that illegal war…that killed nearly a million Iraqis.  So, we can rest assured that he has learned his lesson…right?  Wrong.  One year later, in true war-hawk form and tradition, Tony was back in the genocidal saddle calling for illegal airstrikes on Syria.  Are we learning yet..?   Because, clearly some of our “leaders” are not.  And, if we don’t keep questioning 911 and the GWOT, war criminals like our Tony are going to perpetuate these endless, illegal “military adventures” – with impunity.

Four.  If the Pancake Theory is false, and the controlled demolition theory is true, then…that means explosive charges were placed in those buildings before the attack.  And if that’s true…then we’re obviously talking about a treasonous, mass-murderous inside job – perpetrated by rogue or deep-state actors within the US government.  And if that’s true…then the official explanation for 911 is, to quote Jim Garrison in JFK; One of the grossest lies ever forced on the (American) people.”  And that means that the prolonged genocide perpetrated by the US and its allies – in the name of the GWOT – in that “quagmire” of conflict that is the Middle-East today, was ultimately “morally justified” by a mass-murdering lie…(kinda like the assassination of JFK, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the ensuing Vietnam War).   And, if there’s even the slimmest possibility that homicidal saboteurs within the US government were complicit in a false-flag op (or knew about the attack beforehand and allowed it to happen) and then lied about it, in order to justify an endless, illegal, trillion-dollar, genocidal, third world-war – starting with the Middle-East – then…that’s a problem.  Don’t you think?  That’s a big deal!  (A bigger deal than, say… teenage Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged, drunken, titty-groping?  Or, Trump’s pussy-groping comments?)  And the truth is worth getting to the bottom of, digging up and exposing to the caring world.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

Five.  Finally, they made us believe what our eyes, intuition, logic, common-sense and the basic laws of physics told us could not happen.  And we bought it.  We bought that lemonAgain And, by believing them, without knowing for sure…we collectively, silently consented to what followed.  (To be fair, we were threatened.)  And we have been complicit – in our silence – in that War of Terror ever since.  And, maybe, just maybe…we have a moral, ethical obligation to the thousands of innocent victims killed on 911…and the millions of innocent Muslims slaughtered and displaced by the GWOT (that most of the western world don’t seem to give a shit about)…to question the flawed, “official” reason why all those people had to sacrifice their lives.  So that…like slavery, colonialism, apartheid and the holocausts of history…we never forget.

Maybe it’s our only shot at absolution.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.

It was their final, most essential  command.” – George Orwell, 1984

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