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Fake News.  It’s being called the salient issue of the century…because it raises the big, critical question: Who is bringing us the objective, impartial, non-biased, irrefutable facts on the ground – the “truth”?  And who is feeding us a line of propaganda bullshit?  Do we trust the corporate-owned, government-controlled mainstream media weapons of mass distraction?  Or, the “alternative” news and their wacky “conspiracy theories”?

Was the Moon Landing a hoax?  Was 911 an inside Job?  Is the west funding terrorists?  Are the Russians really a threat?  Is climate change and global warming even a thing?  Is the Trump era just a bad planetary fever-dream?  Do Aliens walk among us?  Are we in fact being manipulated by the Illuminati? And, most importantly…given all the wars, poverty, inequality and division in the world right now, who genuinely gives a flying F**K…about Brett Kavanaugh and the Kardashians?

Let’s find out.  Let’s dig deep, sift the facts, and…


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